Don’t miss out on great and unique graduation cards. We are filling our orders now so you can have them ideally by the first of May so you have plenty of time to sign, seal and deliver them to friends and family.

March 7th is the date planned for our fun night shoot. Our Class of 2015 models will be highlighted thru the summer with this shoot. Join us and have a great time, along with the best in senior portraits.

Family Portraits

February 18, 2014

Here is a recent family portrai project. We love the look of these portraits as well as the convenience it open up to when families may not be able to get together for one session. This family was on the ball and did call all in one session, so we were able to save them some cots of multi sessions.

The timeless look here is something any family will treasure for a long time. Call us if you are interested in a family portrait! Our warm studio makes it so we don’t have to gamble on the weather.


We, the Harrington’s, now broker for business and social services we all use daily. Internet, cellphone plans, cable and satellite programming, as well as merchant services and more! You can call Steve for questions and when you are ready for updates to these plans you use every day! 435-452-1952 Chances are we can save you some money too. All from home. We work with companies like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, DirecTV, Dish, Vivint, Comcast, HughesNet… etc.

We pride ourselves on integrity  as small business owners. It’s what keeps people coming back to us in all of our business ventures. If you’ve dealt with us before, chances are you know this. :) Thanks and call us if you need any help.

Thank you for having us at the Valentine’s all. The images will be emailed this week, possibly into next week. We took a lot of pictures! We will announce when we have them all emailed. Chances are some will end up in your spam filter, so check there first before contacting us about where your image is.


Thanks again! It was a great evening. We would recommend going next year if you missed out. The music was great!

Call and book your Saturday Appointment today! We are only doing this 1 day and there are limited time slots for this day. 435-452-1952

Have you ever wanted ‘just one’ really nice portrait of you and your sweetheart?
We are here to create the perfect, painless Valentine’s gift for you. If you are a couple,
you qualify!  So if needed, find a babysitter and come create a great studio
image. Images are color-corrected and enhanced which the ladies love,
in a brief 20 minute session that the men will love too.

This is also perfect for engaged couples!


We are starting our Class of 2015 campaign. Join us now!! We are working on a makeup and hair day in February.. Part of the fun and perks of being our spokesmodel!

We will be calling and gathering our first group of class of 2015 models starting this month. We will be having a fun night of makeup and hair stylists and portraits in February. 435-452-1952 Browse our blog for samples from the past years. We only do this once a year for the girls and guys who sign up early. Do not miss the opportunity for this fun session. It’s a perk only SHP spokesmodels can claim! Talk to your friends now and start the referrals coming in! 

We need models from all over the area, including Logan, Brigham, Ogden and all of Northern Utah. We also love our Southern Idaho girls from Malad, Preston.. etc.

Every year we change it up and do something different, contact us and join us!

We do this in January and February for a few reasons.

#1 – It’s cold, we are bored and have cabin fever and want to play! What better place to play than in a warm studio? We are hoping this is a fun break for you too!

#2 – We like to start with fresh images of the incoming seniors! You are our stars and we like to start early!

#3- We are already planning for our destination photo-shoot in June. We need models, the models with t5 referrals get to go. Ask any of our past models who have went on our destination shoot with us, we have a great time! We turn out amazing pictures!

#4- We like to play and experiment with new ideas. We need models for this!

Here is the model application. Class of 2015 model application Make sure you read it, and understand it before you fill it out. Remember we are in Garland, Utah. We put that on the application but get a good number of girls who fill it out that live nowhere near us! We’d love to take your senior portraits, but I’m guessing the trip would be a deal breaker for some! :)

So anyway, Bring on 2014! Bring on the Class of 2015. We are excited and grateful to be doing this job we love. Our favorite thing is to make you look good and make you feel good about yourself.  Let’s get started!

Are you still reading? Check this out! The first 10 sign-ups get a complimentary 11×14 in their senior portrait package! We will star it by the first 10 applications and go down the list, so fill out your application today!

Questions and comments can always be texted or called to 435-452-1952




Thanks for coming! Digital files will be mailed out within the next few days. Remember this next year~ Santa offered to come back again! We must have had some super good kids!

5307 5315 5325 5330 5342 5344 5350 5352 5355

We have a fun night planned with Santa.

So here’s the thing, maybe you are one of those who likes standing in line for 3 hours to get a snap shot of Santa at the mall or at the random gathering. Or maybe you are the kind that is more than happy to spend a little money on a terrific picture with THE Santa Claus at our studio. We are here for you!  If you know us, you know we won’t disappoint with this picture.

Digital copy emailed to you. Price is $19.99 plus tax, but keep reading… Help us spread the word so we can keep the cost down, we will reward you with a discount…

If you share this on Facebook and/or tag our cover picture on Facebook, you will get a special pricing of $14.99 (+ tax)

Walk-in’s are welcome but an RSVP text to let us know who is coming and how many to prepare for would help us keep it running smoothly! 435-452-1952

We will have a treat for your kids. We will also be having a prize drawing for a free family session fee valued at $99.


Monday, December 23rd, 2013

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

at our Studio: Steve Harrington Photography

87 N 200 E  – - in Garland


Remember to click on our Facebook cover picture to tag. Remember to Click “share” below this post on Facebook to spread the word.



Here is the set up we will be using for pictures. Add cute kids and Santa on Monday night!!






Savings are for 1 day only! (We have it open early for our blog readers! You can buy from now through Monday!)  Buy now and use for your next family session with us! We have set a limit on this sale, so buy now before they are gone.

Immediate family session fee: $20.13                             


Bring in the extended family fee: $35.13.

You are saving yourself up to $70 on this family session sale. This is the sale on the session fee, which is the fee you pay for the day we take your pictures. Prints are separate.

Minimum orders will still apply. 

The minimums are $150 print order for immediate family. $300 minimum print order for extended family. Digital files are available as add-ons.

It’s a sale for session fee, you don’t have to get your pics taken this day. We made it easy to reserve your session at this price by using the link down below. This is yours to use whenever you want to, hopefully sooner than later!

Call us if you have any questions. 435.452.1952

Our studio will fit large families that gather for the holidays.


ALSO!! A last minute addition to our Cyber Monday Sale::

Exclusive Engagement Sale for 5 lucky couples.

$150 for 1 (local) location, whether it be studio or outdoors,  for 1 hour and 8 retouched digital images.

(And of course, the fine print: ) ) Cannot be combined with any other special or substituted in any way. Sales are final, no refunds.

Session Types

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