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Our deadline is approaching Thursday for our modeling contest. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click the link to the contest on the upper right corner of the blog.)

Call Steve at 435-452-1952 if you need more information. But hurry, because effective 11:59pm, May 1st, the contest is over.

We will announce the winners in May sometime, once we have the judging completed and scores tabulated. More information will be posted as it’s available.



Little Lady Lala had her first birthday! Mom brought her over to share some cake with us in celebration. She finally figured it out but at first she was like, “Eww, this is messy!” I heard her say it even.

Do I even need to tell you whose child this is? She has her dad’s facial expressions down perfectly! I seriously laughed at her raised eyebrow the whole day. What a funny little lady! We had a blast and she didn’t even make a huge mess to clean up. Can’t complain about that!

Here are some samples of her portraits. First one is before she got to the cake! The second one pretty much sums up what she thought about getting messy.

Happy first birthday, Brighton! And many more! XOXO




Jared – Senior

April 26, 2008

Jared has his senior session with us and brought along a few toys. Good stuff here!

Thanks for coming to us, Jared. Steve will be getting in touch with you soon!




Kasey – Senior

April 24, 2008

Kasey came and hung out with Steve for some senior portraits recently. Here are some samples of his session.

Thanks, Kasey, for spending time with us. We hope you were impressed with our tour of the big city. We’ll see you soon and congrats on your pending graduation!




Bonnie and Brian are getting married on May 31st. We will be there!  Here are some samples of their studio session. We will be taking Bonnie’s bridal portraits today, as a matter of fact! But for now, enjoy some of our favorites.





April 21, 2008

Ike’s farewell was last week. I’m a little tardy on blogging about it, but here are some samples from his missionary session recently. And of course he needed some images with his little BFF, Gehrig.

Stay safe Ike, we’ll see ya on the flip side!




Alyssa made a little road-trip to come see us for her senior portraits. Here are a few samples.

Thanks Alyssa and Mom! We will be in touch soon!




Server bugs…

April 20, 2008

We had some issues with our server Saturday, if you didn’t notice. The blog may need a little mending so if you see some quirks, we are working on it!

The countdown has begun and we are gearing up to pick our models. The response has been a positive one! Call us today if you need details to qualify!

For those who are already on our qualifying list, we will be calling you sometime this week to schedule some test shots for the judging round.

Keep an eye on the main post in our blog. We are adding details there as we gather them.

The link is on all over the main page here, or click this link:

Here is the Bear River Softball team for 2008.  Dang, it was chilly on this day! But hopefully they’ll be able to play in some warmer weather now. Thanks for calling us and good luck with your season!  We have no doubt we’ll see you at the top!


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