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We have something big, HUGE, in the works. Watch this following link with care. You’ll find all the details on this page:

2009 Modeling Contest – Phase 2

Which is located on the upper right of the screen or under our “Notions” page to the right of the screen.

We are still finalizing all the details, but for now:

-We need ONE Senior Model (with parent or guardian) to do a little traveling with us in November.

-One of our Seniors of 2009 will qualify by getting their senior portraits taken with us before school starts.

-We will pay for the Model’s room and travel. (Which basically tells you right there that you have a good chunk of your senior portraits already paid for!)

-You must have a flexible enough school schedule that you can miss some days of school.

-You must be prepared to stand with us in front of approx 200 photographers and do your thang. As well as spend a day with us with a smaller group shooting on the streets as our main star!

-You must not be afraid of flying, because —– we are going to Nashville, Tennessee!!!

We’ve been asked to go speak at a photography seminar in Nashville about our Senior Portrait biz, and we are taking someone with us!!!

This will be truly an experience of a lifetime and only Steve Harrington Photography clients are eligible! We like to think we treat our clients well. How can this be topped?

We will be picking our winner ASAP as we need to get airline and accommodations reserved. Like I said, we are still working out the details so all of the above is subject to change, but one thing is for sure: we are taking a model with us!

Do we have your attention?? Soooo, who wants to go?!?!

Call Steve @ 435-452-1952 to get the low-down. All seniors of 2009 who have already had their portraits taken by us are eligible too, FYI.

We had the pleasure of taking Taci Shaffer’s portraits for her Miss Utah High School Rodeo reign. We will also being designing her tear-sheets for autographs. She’s onto Nationals soon to be held in New Mexico. Utah has been a dominant force in the past, so we wish Taci the best of luck to continue the tradition!

Thanks, Taci! You’re a doll! We appreciate you taking the long trek from Logan and the fun road closure. We are flattered! Plus, we’ll see you in August for your senior portraits! Bring a horse if you have one. *wink*

Good lucki!!










We just got home from our  3 day workshop in Salt Lake City.  30+ people from around the country came to get schooled on Senior Portraits.  We will be posting about it more as I go through the images.  But I wanted to make sure and post our group shot, and images of our models, Brittany and Kylee. They were the highlights of the show. You girls are amazing. Thank you so much for working so hard to make us look great in front of a crowd of professionals. It was sooooo hot that day and you didn’t complain once! You two are incredible! Thank you. More images will be posted!



Chantel was on the ball and had us book her months ago! So she qualified as our first official Class of 2009 Senior! We had such a great time! Chantel was perfectly prepared and brought everything she wanted included in her senior portraits, including her car. She did our indoor/outdoor session and we wore her right out! (No, not really. Maybe a little?) She was a terrific sport and a natural poser. We have some really fun images here.

Thanks Camille and Chantel for spending part of your lives with us! We will be in touch soon. But for now, here are some teasers!



We spent the day with Ryan and Stephanie. First we met them at the SLC temple then came back to Garland for their reception. Fun day!

Congratulations to the happy new couple!! We’ll be in touch!


Shaylee –

June 11, 2008

Here are some of lovely Shaylee’s images I’m finally posting. Thanks, Shaylee and mom. Have a wonderful summer!



Recent Favorites –

June 7, 2008

Here are some recent favorites of ours.  Thanks for looking!

Shelley –

Steve Harrington Photography



May 31st happened to be the best day for a wedding! The sky quit drizzling for one day and turned out to be the perfect day for Bonnie and Brian’s outdoor ceremony.

This was a beautiful, elegant wedding. We loved being there. Congratulations to the newlyweds! We’ll be in touch.


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