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We are being a bad, busy, business this week! We’ve got our hands full all day out in the new studio, covered in paint – just in time to hose down and welcome our sessions. Then we sit down at the computer at about 10pm – which is a little late to return calls. Our phonecalls have piled up this week, which bugs us to no end that we aren’t returning your calls promptly. I imagine we have at least 1 or 2 people checking our website to see if we are still alive. *waves* Yes we are still alive! We’ve got your messages, we promise we’ll get to you within the next few days! Thank you for your patience. If you get bored, bring a paintbrush and come join the party!

-Shelley and Steve Harrington

Help us congratulate the newly crowned ladies for the Golden Spike Rodeo – 2008

Tara Hooley – Queen

Breanne Nebeker – 1st attendant

Taylor Thompson – 2nd attendant

You’ll be seeing them during the Box Elder County Fair and Rodeo held in Tremonton, Utah

Here are their autograph tearsheets they will be signing and handing out.

Congratulations, girls!


Wow, it’s been a great few weeks. We have plenty of images to be posting for the next little bit. Our spare time has been sunk into getting our new studio up and running. Steve is out there now prepping it for paint, then he has to come clean up for an incoming senior session. So I assume we’ll be up to our ears in paint this week. It’s not being built nearly fast enough! We are very anxious to wrap it up and get ‘er done. Swing by and take a look sometime. We can’t wait for the end result!

This time of year is always wonderfully busy for us, we have happy seniors, we have incoming sports teams, we have school squads, we have rodeo royalty, lots of family shoots, and we are wrapping up all the spring weddings we shot – just to name a few. Dont forget we are also preparing to finish up a current contest where we will be taking a local senior to Nashville! Check the button up top if you haven’t heard of this one yet. As soon as this week is over, we will have a formal set deadline. We will be treating it the same way as our last contest. You have to be a 2009 senior, and we have a panel of judges set up to pick our winner for us. You need to be calling Steve ASAP if you are at all interested in this, don’t miss out.

I need to update our gallery on our website soon too, so be checking for that!

But onto the next clients –

Hagen and Janessa came in for senior portraits. Boyfriend and girlfriend – how cute! *smile* We had a great time with them and turned out some nice portraits, some with both of them as well. Hagen was a great sport with all these women around him!

Thanks for coming in you two. Steve should be calling you soon. Maybe he already did? Our communication level has went way down this week. LOL So anyway… Thanks again!




We have been glued to the NHSRA website this week to see how Taci fared on her quest to be the National HS Rodeo Queen. — SHE WON!! WOO HOO!!! We are sooo freaking excited for her, we just about can’t stand it. We left her a voicemail and everything to congratulate her. She must be a little busy, she’s not answering her phone! LOL

Awesome, just awesome!!!

Here are some links of interest if you want to read about her competition:

Daily Times – New Mexico

Salt Lake Tribune Article

Here is the autograph tearsheet she took to sign for her fans. Looks like we need to update that title. WOO!!!!

Congratulations Taci!! We know how hard you worked for this. It is so satisfying to see you at the top!


Brodee – Senior

July 25, 2008

Cowboys play football too. Who knew? Brodee wears many hats – A country boy who also plays for the Bear River High School Football team. This makes for some good senior portraits! We did him an indoor/outdoor session and I’m showing you 2 of my favorites from the session.

Thanks to Brodee and Dani. Good stuff here! See you soon!



Recognize these guys? I swear they are almost famous! Here is their photo shoot we did with them. We were excited to do this, we had a great time! You can check out their music on Myspace :

Starting in the Dark  Go show them some comment love!

Good luck on your journey to fame, gang!

Your fans – Shelley and Steve







Laura – Senior

July 21, 2008

Laura (and mom) came in for her senior session. They did our studio session. Fun stuff! Thank you Laura for spending a morning with us, you’re a sweetheart! See you soon!



Gehrig’s Picture Day

July 21, 2008

Gehrig came back for some pictures.  I think Steve told me they were for his #3 birthday. I hope I’m right – I can’t believe he’s 3 already! Wow! He’s well acquainted with Steve by now, and knows when he comes to see us, he’ll be getting his pictures taken. He makes it way too easy on us.

So here’s to Happy number 3! Keep smiling, little guy!



We just got news from our recent entries for WPPI’s international print competition. We are thrilled to share that we got 4 Accolades of Excellence! Our favorite part about this competition is that we did really well in 3 different categories: Children, Bridals and Seniors. Thank you to Brennan, Jessie, Sarah, and Princess LaLa for giving us such great subjects to work with! We are proud to show you our 4 meriting images.

-Shelley and Steve Harrington





Stephanie is from Box Elder High School and traveled on over to get her senior portraits taken by us. We are so happy she did! She was totally prepared and brought a lot of fun stuff like; her dad’s cowboy hat, her favorite stuffed bear, her books, and her laptop. She is this years Yearbook editor for BEHS. So we played with that a little.  We also did some outdoor shots too, for the complete package.

Great images here! We are working on them now, Stephanie and we will be in touch soon. Thanks to you and your mom. It was a good time – and, by the way, you are naturally photogenic, in case no one ever told you that! WOW!

Steve Harrington Photography



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