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We were thrilled to have the Box Elder High School Cheerleaders come to us to have their squad portraits and individual portraits taken by us. We had them in the new studio, with room to spare!

Thank you to all the bees that spent the day here, we are almost ready for you to come in and view your individual portraits. We plan on creating a slideshow of headshots for the blog too, so keep watching!

A special ‘shout-out’ goes to Cjani for organizing this for us. You did a great job, thank you!

Thanks again, everyone! It was too much fun!

-Steve and Shelley

Steve Harrington Photography



Nicki – Senior

August 29, 2008

Another senior face to share! This is Nicki. She came to us for an indoor/outdoor session. She wrangled up a Corvette for the afternoon even, she’s got connections! Here are 2 samples from her session.

Thanks, Nicki. We appreciate you! Steve should be giving you a call within a day or two.



Here’s Markell! She’s a little shy, hopefully she’ll come out of her shell someday soon. She’s a cheerleader, and a senior, at Bear River High School. You’ll be seeing a lot of her around here for awhile since she’s one of our Senior Models for the Class of 2009. She likes us. She sends us texts and everything! I’m not really sure what they say, or if they are meant for someone else, but they seem of a friendly nature. ?

We adore you, Markell. Even if you have elbows that bend backwards and freak me out. Steve is mostly OK with it, and I’ll adapt.

Here are some samples of Markell’s official senior portraits, even though we’ve bothered her a few times before these.

And stay tuned, we have a long list of faces to post in the days to come!

Peace out!



Matt – Senior

August 25, 2008

Matt gets special recognition because he came all the way from Farmington to have his senior portraits taken by us. That’s just cool. He did an indoor/outdoor session with us, complete with guitars and a jacked up El Camino. That’s just cool.

Thanks Matt, and dad, for coming all the way up here to spend the afternoon with us. I think you’ll be happy you did! We will be getting in touch with you this week.

Thanks again!



Mr Shaw – Senior

August 22, 2008

I was absent the day that gangstah Shaw came in for his senior portraits, so I’m winging it. I have no stories to tell, darn. We just finished prepping his images, and I *can* tell you, he’s a handsome dude! His mom and dad makes pretty kids! We also photographed his older sister, Jessie, a couple of years ago for her senior portraits. I saw her at the fair, but didn’t get the chance to say hi. (Hi, Jessica!)

Here’s a sample of his indoor session he did with us. Thank you, sir. We will be calling you soon.



Degan’s Family –

August 20, 2008

Here’s the Rigby family. We spent an afternoon with Criston and her boys. We had a hard time getting out of there as Jeff was having way too much fun. He’s a natural in front of the camera, born to model.  And bribe Degan with deer and chocolate covered grasshoppers, and he’ll come around too.

Here are 2 of my favorites of the session.

Thanks, you cute family. We’ll be seeing you soon!



Riley – Senior

August 20, 2008

Riley, here we are! Did you think we forgot about you? *grin* We didn’t!

Riley is a Senior from Box Elder High School. She was on the ball and called us months ago! We were very happy to finally meet her. It felt like we knew her once she finally came in. She brought some fun things to her senior portraits and we turned out great images!  She’s a soccer player who also likes being a girly-girl. We did an indoor / outdoor session. Here are a couple of examples from the day.

Thank you, Riley! Thanks to your mom as well. We will be in touch with you soon to bring you on in! The new studio is pretty much done, *woo-hoo* ! You’ll get to stretch your legs in there.



Camille – Senior

August 14, 2008

Cute Camille! It was such a pleasure having her in for her senior portraits. We were familiar with her already from some of the sports images we’ve done for her in the past. We LOVE when you all come to us when it’s time for senior portraits. These sessions always turn out so well!

Camille had an indoor/outdoor session with us. This 4.0 Senior happens to take a beautiful picture too! Here are two of my most favorites from the session.

Camille, good luck in your Cross Country season! Thank you, to you and your mom, for coming in! We will be in touch with you very soon!




The boys wrapped up their part of the  new studio today! They packed up their toys and went home! What I’m suppose to do with Steve now, I don’t know. He was out there every day, helping and distracting Al, Matt, Scott, Mart and whoever else came along.

It looks so amazing! We are very happy people right now and can’t thank them enough for taking these ideas in our heads, adding their expertise, and making it a reality!  We would recommend these guys 1000% to anyone. We are totally thrilled with their work! They do it all – you can contact them at 435-257-3617.

We have a few things left to finish up before we can officially open the doors, but we are almost there! We will be photographing the Box Elder High School Cheerleading Squad here on Friday and the Bear River High School Color Guard on Tuesday!

Thanks again guys, you are the best!

-Shelley and Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography, Garland Utah

The National High School Rodeo Queen. How cool is that?! Taci needed new portraits now that she’s wearing a new crown!

We will also be doing her senior portraits soon too! Watch for some samples.

Congratulations, Taci! You’re amazing! We hope you have the time of your life!





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