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Cjani’s Portraits

September 29, 2008

Cjani is a junior at Box Elder High School and she’s became our little buddy, as we’ve seen a lot of her in the past year between cheer portraits, portraits with her sister, and now some junior class portraits. Isn’t she pretty?

(And a shout-out to Krista, in Alaska.)

Thanks Cjani! See you and your mom later on today! W00T!




Here are the soccer girls for Bear River High School Bears. Good luck with your season this year and bring home the trophy!

Thank you to Coach Wilcox for calling on us again. We think your team is the best!

Steve and Shelley Harrington
Steve Harrington Photography – Garland, Utah


Cute little Evan came in to celebrate his first birthday with us. He was so much fun and a happy little ball of energy! I’m sure all that sugar didn’t help calm him down any. What a sweetie!

(If you are wondering what our “Cake the Baby” sessions include, please call! They are a priceless memory and we love doing these!)

Happy First Birthday, Evan! And many more!



Here is the list of the images we sent in for the Bear River High School Yearbook. There are a couple of names *not* on here that we have talked to – but if you haven’t talked to us recently, and your name isn’t on this list, you need to call us ASAP!


-Shelley and Steve

Steve Harrington Photography

  1. Breanne M
  2. Brittany B
  3. Brodee B
  4. Camille P
  5. Chantel K
  6. Christopher J
  7. Dayna C
  8. Derek S
  9. Dusty P
  10. Hagen G
  11. Janessa L
  12. Josh C
  13. Kylee F
  14. Laura K
  15. Nicole C
  16. Jessica C
  17. Markell W
  18. Nicki W
  19. Gentry W
  20. Sharee B
  21. Danny S
  22. Carly T

Carly – Senior

September 23, 2008

Adorable Carly was in for her senior portraits. Needless to say, she has some really terrific senior portraits here. Carly did the ‘big whammie’ session, which included our set/indoor/outdoor session. We didn’t run into any critters, but we found a really cool sticker bush that could eat human flesh. There were deer and cows nearby too, but they weren’t up for the photo op.

A big thanks to Carly and Erin for coming to us! We had a great time!


Steve Harrington Photography




Lisha – Senior

September 23, 2008

 Lisha got all excited when I told her to watch our blog, because she’d be on here soon. *Waves to Lisha* – Yes dahling, this means we are ready for you to come in!

Lisha came to us straight from Clearfield. Thats a long trek! Thank you, thank you! We appreciate your faith in us. I think you’ll be very happy with your senior portraits.

We had a great time and here are a couple of previews!

Thanks again and Peace! Steve will be calling you.




Our final model highlight for the Class of 2009. This is Gentry. She’s just so darn cute and we’ve had a lot of fun getting to know her this year. A special shout-out goes to her grandparents, because I love them. *wave*

Thanks for all your help, Gentry. We will be ringing you this week.  Stay cute!




Baby Butler

September 20, 2008

I’m going to get in trouble here because I have no idea how to spell Beckham’s name, so lets see how badly I did. Kami will let me know. So Mr Baby Butler came in for his first official photo shoot and he was a champ. Kami and Coby didn’t waste any time starting a family as I clearly remember last October was their wedding. We were there photographing the event. We have proof.

Beckham is sooooo CUTE! And he was such a good baby!  So without further delay, here is the prince himself. These are a couple of my most favorites, and it looks like they were Kami’s too. I love when that happens.

Thank you, Kami. We always look forward to you and your fam coming over. And Steve really likes his hi-lighter flower thinger you gave him. (Where’s mine?!?! I kid.)




Murphy and his Fam –

September 18, 2008

Ryan and Christyn came back for some family portraits with their new baby. Christyn is *not* bored anymore! Murphy is a hilarious handful that liked to chew on toes and denim. This dog has famous blood in him, or something. (They will have to retell that story to me, I don’t get out much. *teehee* ) But he’s obviously talented, as his favorite hobby is skateboarding. I’m serious. I’m half tempted to go get some video of it and put it on here. We love that dog.

And by the way, check out Christyn!! She looks HAWT!! Congrats on the weightloss, girl. You look maHvelous!! And you’re still as sweet as ever, so that’s a perfect combination!

Thanks to all three of you!

Here’s Murphy’s debut on our blog:





Jessica is probably the most familiar face on our website. We’ve had her on our front page more than anyone else. We can’t help it, she’s so cute! And she’s been coming to us since her sophomore year for portraits. Needless to say, since she’s so comfortable with us by now, her senior portraits are some of the best! We’ve called her in a few times for various projects and she’s always willing to help us out. We just really like this girl. Jessica is beautiful and sweet and it was a pleasure to do her senior portraits.

Thank you Jessica, have a great senior year!




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