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We just received the nicest email from a stranger in AR. We see people hit our website in a worldwide basis and always wonder what brings them here. Sissy was kind enough to take the time to correspond with us, and make our day!

Here is the first email she sent us. We asked for her permission to put it on our blog under our “impressions” area.

I love your site & frequently visit just to view your stunning images.  So many tell the story without words.  That’s the beauty of them all I suppose.  The stories behind the eyes and the way you capture them….. simply beautiful.  I draw great inspiration from your portraits.  I love the
music too, often I just come to your site to listen to your music in the background of my daily grind.  Who’s the artist & the name of the #1 song? I LOVE IT ALL!” – Sissy M. from Arkansas

Thank you, Sissy. Your kind words mean more than you know.

And to answer the question about the music, we’ve been asked about that song a few times. We bought that song on a royalty free music site just for our website. The singer’s name is Austin Willacy and the name of the song is Four Leaf Clovers.  We have a few of his songs. He’s very talented.

Thanks again!


Jessica – Senior

October 7, 2008

I suppose you could call Jessica the Queen Bee, and you’d be totally accurate! Jessica is from Box Elder High School and was recently crowned the Homecoming Queen. That’s cool. She’s also the cheer captain and she has a trampoline skill we were unaware of. Jessica just came in tonight to pick out her images, ( I’m a bit behind on posting images on the blog, I usually do that before they come in. ) And she got herself an album that will rock her world once she gets it. We can’t wait to get it put together. We have samples in the studio for anyone that wonders what I’m talking about.

Here are 2 images from her session. She did an indoor outdoor session with us, complete with her crown, her little green bug and a harley. We love prepared seniors!

Thank you to Jessica and her family for coming North to visit. We appreciate you very much and can’t wait to get your album delivered to you!

Stay cute and have a great year!



Taci’s Senior Portraits

October 4, 2008

Taci. You know her, The National High School Rodeo Queen!? Yes, we are tight with her. *grin* When Taci isn’t ruling the rodeo world, she’s a typical senior at Skyview High School. In between her busy schedule, we did her senior portraits recently. Gorgeous stuff here. This girl looks and carries herself like a moveistar. And she happens to be nice too. You can find more images of her around here in her rodeo gear if you dig around the blog and website. We just received a really nice testimonial from her mom. (Thank you!) I’m putting it over in our “impressions” area of the blog.

Thank you ladies, it’s been so nice getting to know you. Taci, have a fun senior year! I’m sure that won’t be a problem though!




The Christensen Family

October 2, 2008

Janet brought her crew in not too long ago for some family portraits. We now have plenty of room for families in the new studio, so we are glad to crown them as our first family here! These girls like us, but I’m not so sure they boys do since modeling isn’t their gig, BUT they were good sports! *grin*

Janet is always commenting on how she wants something ‘different,’ and we like to think we are different (? haha) – so hopefully we followed through for her and the fam. They are going to have this framed by us in a panoramic for display in their home. Lisa needed some more head-shots done for a pageant, so we did these a few days later. We love these people!

Thanks to all of you.  Stay happy.




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