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Happy Black Friday! We are feeling some of that holiday spirit creeping in and we came up with an offer! This *may* not happen again anytime soon so, read this!

Are you looking for something fresh and fun to stick in a christmas stocking? We are now offering exclusive to our blog readers, gift certificates from now until Christmas 2008.  (These certificates apply to new sessions. Other restrictions may apply. Call us today!)

Perfect for parents or grandparents looking for a gift for their senior, newborns, or growing families.

Christmas Gift Cerfticate Options from Steve Harrington Photography –

  • $100 will get you a $125 gift certificate.
  • $150 will get you a $200 gift certificate.
  • $200 will get you a $260 gift certificate.
  • $300 will get you a $375 gift certificate.
  • $400 will get you a $500 gift certificate. (Best deal ever!)

Call Steve at 452-1952 or 257-0275 for details. We’d be happy to answer any questions for you. Thanks! Happy Holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

We would like to wish you all a fun and festive Thanksgiving holiday! We are truly thankful to all our clients and blog readers! If you are traveling to be with loved ones, stay safe!

Thank you and take care!

Shelley and Steve and family –

Steve Harrington Photography

Recent Family Favorites

November 22, 2008

I just updated our website gallery with family portraits we have taken recently. I’m blogging a few of our favorites before I get behind! Thanks for looking! And thanks to the great families that have visited us this year. We appreciate you!

Shelley and Steve

Steve Harrington Photography





Less than a year ago we were taking Spencer’s senior portraits, and now he’s preparing to head out. Time flies. These are some of our favorite family people here. Thanks Spencer and stay safe wherever you may go!


Steve Harrington Photography


Butler Family

November 18, 2008

The Butler family came to us from Brigham City for a family session and some missionary images for Braden. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks so much for coming to us!


Steve Harrington Photography




Larsen Family-

November 17, 2008

The Larsens came to us from Logan on Criston Rigby’s reccomendation. (Thanks, Criston!) What a cute little family! Something tells me they like the Aggies. I could be wrong.

Thanks for visiting us over here!




Ethan – Senior

November 16, 2008

Ethan is a senior at Bear River High School. We did an outdoor session with him recently. It was nice to meet him, we also did his older sister’s senior portraits a couple of years ago. Great session and  perfect weather! Thank you, Ethan and mom! Tell Heather ‘hi’ from us.

Here are two samples from his session:



We are now incorporating a new section in our blog. This will be specials only available to our blog readers. Call us, mention you read it on our blog, and you’re in!

We are currently spotlighting our business headshot portrait sessions. If you call, book and mention that you read this on our blog, we will discount the Special price to $110.00! Just for our blog readers! This is an insanely low price and we look forward to allowing our readers to take advantage of it!  You can do them on your lunchbreak! Does your current business portrait represent you as a professional? Call us today for details!

-Steve Harrington Photography


Holy cow! What a great time we had last week! Between spending some time with our favorite people in Nashville, presenting in front of them, and getting some really exciting news right in the middle of it!

Here, let me set this up for you, since it’s so much more fun to tell the whole story:

So, we are sitting in Nashville Monday morning, during our first morning of classes. We had a seat in the back with our friends, where most trouble-makers sit. I’m paying close attention to the speaker, as most good students do. Steve is on his laptop, checking his email and I’m sitting to his right, and our buddy, Travis, is sitting on *my* right. Suddenly Steve reaches over me, grabs Travis by the shoulder and does some kamikaze, shoulder-bump, head-butt maneuver with a big grin on his face. I, unaware of the situation – and frankly scared for my safety at this point, look over to see Steve pointing at his email inbox to see that the competition results came in from WPPI’s print competition. Travis got in my way before I could see the results, so I patiently waited for my turn as I knew the email must be good news. I figured it was only a matter of moments before I was slapping Travis around myself with excitement. He’s a good friend that way. *grin*

It was better than I could have imagined!

The Bear River Softball team of 2008 will be thrilled to know, they won again! We took first place in WPPI’s international print competition with their 2008 team shot! The group competition is a tough one too! It can consist of an entry with 2 or more people in the image. The range is huge, and we are extremely thrilled to have won this category!

And Will, we TOLD ya this would be entered in a competition as soon as we saw where we went with it! Guess who took Third Place in the Senior Category?! That’s right, mister! You are indeed a bad-*ss, just like Jake!! (inside joke that Will will understand!) Seniors are our ‘thing’ so we are so happy to take third with one of our favorite guys, THE Will!

We also merited with 2 more prints in the Senior competition with Chantel and Maddie. We are so lucky to have such wonderful clients. Your support really helps take us up to that next level and we are forever grateful!

This also put Steve up to a cumulative point level where he received his Accolade of Photographic Mastery through WPPI. Right ON!! That is a heck of an accomplishment in under 18 months. I’m pretty proud of this guy right now. He’s the man!

So enough from me, onto the images:

  • 1st place – Group – BRHS Softball
  • 3rd place – Seniors – Will H
  • Accolades of Excellence – Chantel K
  • Accolades of Excellence – Maddie





Nashville Continued –

November 10, 2008

It’s Monday and back to the day job! I found a few more pictures to post before I move on. I’m sure I’ll have more to post down the road. Thanks for looking, and I hope your enjoying these. So… if you’re feeling like this is something you want to try, we ARE taking a model to Vegas with us in January. If you missed the announcement – you need to read about it here.

Onto the images!

The first one is me! Shelley! Working on an image during the shoot-out competition.  Steve was one of 5 main shooters in the contest, and I was one of 5 image retouchers. They gave us a short amount of time to shoot and work on an image. They actually broke Steve and I up, and had us working with someone else as they thought we’d have an advantage working together.  But – our two teams tied for first place anyway! HAHA! BooYah! Big prizes, no whammies!

No pressure here! Yeesh! Ever feel like someone is looking over your shoulder?





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