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Update April 16th

The deadline has come and gone! Thanks for your interest, and participation! Our Park City Models will be announced within the next few weeks. If you are reading this and realized you missed our deadline, we will have other Class of 2010 modeling offers available soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks again!

Shelley and Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography


May 7 2009 – {Read me!} We are still looking for models for the class of 2010, even though the contest is over. All you have to do is prepay for your senior session, and you will get exclusive deals through us that aren’t available through the year. Please contact us for details! 452.1952

All seniors of 2010 that enter before the deadline will be our Class of 2010 models – only 3 will come with us to the workshop. The rest will reap the benefits of being early clients by being highlighted on our website and campaigns for the class of 2010.

While you’re here, browse around! Check out our past blog posts as well as our website gallery. You’ll see how we proudly excel at our senior portraits. Here is a slide-show of highlights from our workshop from last year. Is it your turn?


UPDATE: The Deadline for our model contest has been set for April 15th, 2009


It may seem early, but we’ve started the ball rolling and we are beginning our search for class of 2010 senior models. We are putting on our yearly workshop for photographers and we definitely need us some models for June! This year we are hosting it in Park City.

The basics on what you need to do to enter – (You can call, email, or text us 435.452.1952 for further information.)

  •  Be a senior for the class of 2010.
  •  Prepay your senior session with us to qualify.
  •  Be available for the weekend of June 12th, 2009.
  •  Have an available parent to come with you if under 18.

The deadline to enter is still pending, but it will most likely be in Mid April. We will need enough time to bring in each contestant for an interview, have a quick test shot session, and then send the entries into the judges for them to pick our winners.  Keep in mind that this is indeed a contest, and although we wish we could take all of the entrants, there will only be room for 2 girls and 1 guy during our workshop. We leave the final say to our judges.

Spread the word, tell a friend! Last year we know that Kylee and Brittany had an experience they will never forget. This year we plan on giving 3 winners the same experience! And yes! We are looking for a senior guy this year! One of the big requests we had last year was to bring a guy and show how we can make senior guys look “bad-a*s”  Well, that’s what we want – to bring a senior guy and take some “bad-a*s” images of him in Park City. We’re pretty good at that.

I will come back and update this post as information becomes available. Keep checking back, and call us immediately if you are interested!



Feb 10, 2009

We have model applications for you to fill out. Email or text us to request this application.

Steve’s cell for texting: 435.452.1952



 March 5, 2009

We just sent out an email to everyone on our mailing list. Didn’t get it? That means you aren’t on our mailing list! Join it right now! CLICK HERE  All information is kept private, of course.



Portraits for Brandi

January 30, 2009

Brandi came to us from Hill AFB. (How cool is that?!) Brandi and her husband are full time Air Force and it sounds like they haven’t seen each other much lately with their busy careers, so she wanted to get some portraits taken for her main man. She’s a dog handler in the AF. (How cool is that?!) Steve is a former Air Force man, so he was happy to talk about old times.

Thank you, Brandi, for coming to see us. I missed seeing you that day of your shoot but I look forward to meeting you when you come in to see your previews.

– Shelley

2 of my favorites:



Lisa is back for more portraits, only now it’s for something REALLY big! Seth popped ‘the question’ and now they are planning their big day in May of 2009. ( Seth, you’re one lucky guy!) They just came in for their official engagement portraits. We’ll also be working for them on the big day! We are very happy for the cute young couple. They look great together! Congrats!



Mr, Baby Beckham came to the studio recently for his 4 month portraits. I do believe he’s one of the cutest babies in the world! We are working on getting him use to the camera, starting him young – for when he’s famous.

Thanks to Kami and Beckham for hanging out with us. He’s just so handsome!



To our senior clients of 2009 – It’s time to start rolling out the graduation cards you ordered with us earlier in your senior year. This is an early notice, but we will be getting in touch with you around the first week in February. Our list is extra long this year, so – if by some chance your name didn’t make our list – if you don’t hear from us by early/mid February, you will need to drop us a text, call, or email us to make sure you get your announcements with time to spare.

Start making your lists, checking them twice! Make sure you are prepared to order plenty of announcements for friends and family.  Last year we had several seniors who had to reorder more, which runs you extra money if a reorder is needed- which sucks. So be prepared!

Even if you want to text us to confirm you are on the list, that could be nice as well! Let’s do that! –  Text Steve @ (435) 452-1952 to receive confirmation you are on the senior announcement list. Then we will give you a call the first of February to confirm the amount of cards you need, etc. Make sure you leave your name when you text, so we know who we are responding to. We are familiar with your names, but not your phone numbers. <grin>

If you aren’t able to text, email us: for a confirmation.

And of course, if you have any questions – feel free to contact us. Graduation is just around the corner! Can you believe it?


Images from Vegas – #4

January 21, 2009

Here is one of my (many) favorites of Shelise from Vegas. We had a great time with friends, while working on our techniques and skills. Too bad it’s not prime senior season as we are ready to put all these great new ideas to work! The next scheduled senior we see will definitely have an advantage as we are bursting with new stuff and ready to go!

We are also putting our plans in motion for our class of 2010 model contest. We will be hosting another workshop in June, we are tentatively looking into Park City this time. We are going to need 2 senior girl models and this year we are going to find ourselves a senior guy model too! Spread the word. Class of 2010 – it’s your turn. Keep watching, we’re announcing it as soon as we have the dates and location confirmed.

I put together a slide show of more Vegas images. Enjoy!


Stocking Family Portraits

January 20, 2009

Utah has some cute families. We are glad they come to us for family portraits! Here’s an image from their session.

Thanks for coming in!


Looking for the perfect gift this Valentines day that will last for a lifetime ? Young love, married sweethearts, proud grandparents, and anywhere in between – we have you covered! Join us while we offer this exclusive Valentines Day special to our blog and internet readers. A perfect gift for those who want to give the best to their valentine’s: Desk and mantle portraits that will remind them daily about who they love the most!

Contact us today for more information and to set up an appointment! Time is running out! Mention this post when you call, it’s exclusively for our blog readers!

Call us or text us at (435) 452-1952 Or drop us an email:


Here are more images we took during the photography event we attended in Vegas. There were senior models everywhere! Steve had a great time, learning, playing with new tricks and stretching his imagination a little.





More from Vegas

January 14, 2009

The main reason we went to Vegas was for SPA Event. It’s an organization of extremely talented photographers from around the nation. I’ve mentioned this before but, Steve was asked to be one of their fashion shooters during the event. Our job was to photograph one of the winning models that they brought in. This is Kaleigh, from Georgia. We were paired up with her for a few hours. She modeled for us while groups of photographers at the event came to our area and took images of her as well. And just so you know, it does get cold in Vegas! Wow! We had a challenge upon us trying to shoot outside the hotel this day. Kaleigh was an incredible sport and we got some really great images of her.

Being asked to be a fashion shooter for this event, it was an experience we won’t soon forget. The day we did this just happened to be Steve’s birthday! And later on, the whole crew sang happy birthday to him.(I had nothing to do with that, blame goes to some of our SPA buddies.)

Here are some of my favorite images of Kaleigh. Thanks for looking!

red rock

red rock lobby



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