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Kaden is a Rockstar

February 24, 2009

I like Kaden, because he lets me pick on him a little without getting too irritated. I wish I could say the same about his mom. *teehee* jk – his mom and I go way back, so I can get away with saying stuff like this.

So yeah, Kaden needed an updated picture to replace the “smiley face post-it note image” in the family room. I heard all about it. Glad we were here to help him out and divert the family from certain tragedy. We’ll have him back in a year when he’s a senior at Bear River High and we’ll take some bada$$ skateboarding shots for him. I’m counting down the days for that. Those are fun.

Thank you to the rockstar Kaden, and Heidi and friend Nick. See you soon!


kaden portrait

Hey Gang! Just Got Back!

February 21, 2009

We just returned from another huge photography seminar in Las Vegas. Great times and we learned a lot and got even more inspired. There was a LOT of walking!! I swear the convention center we were in was bigger than the whole town of Garland, Utah! It was insane!  We can’t wait to regroup and show you what we learned! We didn’t take any pictures this time, just some snapshots with displays of our images and lots of learning!

We had Miss Bear River Valley, Morgan Roche, in Friday for her head-shots for the Miss Utah Pageant coming up. As soon as I get working on those, I’ll share some samples.

We are also currently campaigning for our Senior Models for the Class of 2010. We are going big this year and have spread the word throughout most of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. We have “seniors-to-be” showing interest as far as Salt Lake City and up into Pocatello. Get your applications in now! Our deadline is fast approaching. Information can be found under “notions” on the right hand side column of this page. —>

I also have other ideas rolling around in my head that I need to put out there. I am currently looking for a collection of names for hair and makeup professionals.  Before I start searching elsewhere, I thought I would put a shout-out to all of our current blog readers if this is your profession. Email me with your (hourly) rates and resume:

Ok, that’s it for now. I have some images of Kaden I’ll be posting within the next day or two, but I’ll probably take Sunday to rejuvenate, so we’ll see you on Monday.

Steve joined the Garland City volunteer fire department last year, and recently we had  the guys in to update the roster/poster in the fire dept. We also gave them the option to bring in their turn-outs and gear in for portraits in them as well. We knew they’d turn out awesome, and they did! Steve just delivered these to the guys tonight. I hope they like them as much as I did!


Jenilee’s Dance Portraits

February 8, 2009

JJ came in for some portraits in her dance gear. She’s a freshman member of the hi-steppers at Bear River High School here in Garland / Tremonton, Utah. Betty was telling us how well they did in region and state! ( Congrats girls! )

So anyway, we enjoyed getting to know JJ and tease her about her broken pelvis. Although it doesn’t sound nearly as funny when I put it that way. LOL  She’s fine,  she just had to work harder at showing us that “attitude stance.”

Here are 2 shots from her session. Very photogenic! This wasn’t hard work at all! Thanks JJ and Betty! Talk to you soon!


Steve Harrington Photography, Garland Utah

JJ Dance portraits

JJ Dance portraits 01

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