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If you were to ask Steve who the most memorable person is throughout the past 3 years, in regards to sports pictures and team shots, I have no doubt he would respond without hesitation: Miss Felicity Jones of Bear River High School. Since the first time we met her, probably her Freshman year, she has given Steve a hard time. I love her for that. <evil grin>

So anyway, heere are a couple of my favorites from the wild child. She’s awesome and we had a great time with her. We’ll miss seeing her around the school after this year, but she’s got bigger and better things to do with her life. Live big, Felicity! Congratulations and good luck at CSI! We may just bump into you there once or twice!



Yes, Tayler Williams is the reigning Miss Cache Valley! Go Tayler!  She came over for headshots for the Miss Utah pageant in June. So we ate pizza and Sheri brought her blanket. We got the job done. It was good fun.

Here are a few favorites:







What a great day for the first day of Spring! It’s suppose to get cold for a couple of days next week, but we don’t want to talk about that! We are ready for warmer weather and yardwork! (ok, not so much on that last part.)

*We are welcoming Spring of 2009 seniors in as they come. Don’t delay if you are thinking about it. We are getting busier and time is flying by fast! Felicity and Jenny from Malad, Idaho recently came in.  We had Taylor Williams, Miss Cache Valley, in for her headshots for Miss Utah. We will post images soon!

*Our first bunch of graduation cards have came in. So if you’re paid up, chances are you are in our pile! Listen for your phone as we will start calling people on Monday. Or text us at anytime to arrange a time to come pick them up. (435)452-1952

*We will be photographing the Bear River High School Baseball team portraits next week.

*Easter is soon, bring your babies in their Easter outfits for some special portraits!

*And of course we are still taking applications for our Class of 2010 modeling campaign. Don’t be shy, get in touch with us.

For all you Garland residents: Steve has also been working with his friends at the Garland City Fire Department and we are in the beginning stages of putting a website together for them. It’s going to be a great tool to keep updated on local news involving the Fire Department. We will post that information out there as soon as we hammer all the nails in.

Call us if you have any questions on upcoming events. Have a great weekend!

Robyn from Brigham City came up to pay us a visit and get her senior portraits done. She brought her 2 cute babies with her as well so they could share the spotlight with her. We did an indoor/outdoor session and fought the cold a little, but turned out some great stuff! This girl was born to be a model!

Here are a couple of my favorites, the ones with her best friends! You can see more on our facebook business page (we are on a quest for fans!) and/or our myspace page.

Now that the weather is breaking and we are seeing warmer days, we are starting to see the rest of our 2009 clients booking. So it’s not too late, but it will be as soon as we fill up! Please call or text us today to reserve your spot before graduation! It’s just around the corner! We are looking forward to sharing our spring senior images with you! Keep checking back!

Thank you to Robyn! You make our job easy. You are beautiful! Happy spring!



Today marks the day – there is one month left before our senior modeling campaign comes to a close. April 15th, 2009. Our workshop only has 4 spots left for photographers! We have a bunch of excited photographers from around the country (and Canada!) ready to work with us and our models in June. Will it be you?

The information is posted on the link to the right of this page, or let me make it easy on you and link you!  We will be taking 2 girls and 1 guy to our workshop in Park City in June. All other early entrants will be our models as well and entitled to our lowest pricing available. This is the perk of entering early!If you know you want your senior portraits taken by us, take advantage of the early savings and the additional exposure you’ll get on our website and materials by booking early. Call us or text us at (435)452.1952

We look forward to working with all of our early 2010 seniors! Here is a highlight video from last year’s workshop.

What would we do without our little Devin? She’s been a great sport all these years about wanting to be our little model. I know that sounds like a “rough job,” but it can get old real quick to have your parents constantly bugging you when they want to try something new. We know that. She’s always been willing and helpful. Thank you, Devin. We love you lots! We always have fun! xoxo – mom




Lisa is prepping for her big day in May. She was in recently for her bridal portraits. We love bridal portraits! Lisa just happens to make a lovely bride too!

Here are 2 of my favorites.



Morgan is currently reigning as Miss Bear River Valley. She is on her way to compete for Miss Utah soon, and we’re here to help! Check out these awesome images! Thanks to Morgan and Kristi, Steve should be calling you in the next day or two. Good luck with your pageant quest!







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