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Mother’s Day is May 10th for 2009.  From now until the 10th, we are offering gift certificates for the favorite mom in your life! We know first hand that moms are usually the ones who wrangle up the family in the quest for a nice family portrait. Give her the gift of doing the work for her! We promise it’s a keepsake she’ll treasure!  We can set you up an appointment when you buy the gift certificate, or she can call and set the date after she’s received her gift. We have a studio available to fit large groups, or we can take it outside for a nice outdoor portrait..

  • $150 will get you a $175 gift certificate.
  • $200 will get you a $235 gift certificate.
  • $300 will get you a $350 gift certificate.
  • $400 will get you a $475 gift certificate.
  • $500 will get you a $600 gift certificate.

Contact us today! 435.452.1952


After working on this *vision* for a long time, we are always  excited to promote and book our exclusive Magical Forest package. These sessions are only available a few times a year,  only because there is a bit of work put into setting it up! The cost is $49.99 which will include the session fee and one 5×7. We will show you 5 previews to choose from. This will truly be a favorite family heirloom. What little girl doesn’t want the chance to be a fairy princess? What boy doesn’t want to be a fisherman in a magical pond? For the girls, bring their favorite dance costume, or a leotard, we have skirts and flower wreaths available. For the Boys, dress them in overalls or a “Huck Finn”  outfit! It can consist of raggedy jeans, an old t-shirt. Call us and we can come up with the perfect look!

We recommend ages 3 thru 10. (But of course we can accommodate all ages, give us a call with questions!)

We also have birthday packages set up. Book your birthday girl or boy their own Magical Forest photo shoot with friends! Call for details on group rates for birthdays!

Please call us with questions. 435-452-1952 or email

Steve Harrington Photography - Magical Forest Ad


fishing buddies

fairy portraits

Jenny J is another Malad High School girlfriend. We did an indoor/outdoor session with her. The first part she came to our studio, then we scheduled an afternoon to go to Malad to get some images with her in her stompin’ grounds. Fun stuff! We hope this is a new trend that we will be seeing more seniors from there! We would love to have a 2010 senior model from there.

So here are a couple of favorites of mine. Jenny had the coolest formal dress! It matched her eyes perfectly and was so fun to photograph!

Thanks Jenny, and mom! As promised, Steve will be calling you today. Thanks again!


Jenny, Malad, Idaho

Great portraits are not just for our high school seniors! We are excited to offer this new package, exclusively through Steve Harrington Photography. These packages are designed for tweens, ideally ages 10 through 14 – but we leave room for exceptions!

We also have birthday party packages for tweens. How much fun does gathering friends together for a mini-fashion shoot, in the studio, with the birthday girl sound? We think it sounds fun too!  You will have to call for details as we have pricing designed based on headcount.

But it doesn’t have to be your birthday to have a tween session with us! The first 5 that call, will get a family session fee waived as well. So you have to act now! 435.452.1952

And as always, call/text/email us with any questions.


P/S – A special thanks to Morgan J. for being such a great Tween Model! These images turned out terrific!

Stee Harrington Photography - Club Tween

More Help Needed!

April 21, 2009

We are working on a project and we need a 5-7 year old girl to model who has a ballet costume (or similar, think flowy tutus!) If you are a past client of ours, we will comp this session. If you are not, we will give you a discount on the session. First come, first serve! 435.452.1952

(Added April 29th. Comped sessions have been filled! Discount sessions are currently still available for current and new clients.)

Beautiful Brooke came to us from Malad High School.  We enjoyed spending the afternoon with her, and captured some really amazing images for her senior portrait session. I’m not kidding! Look at these! And we can’t wait to have her in to look at the rest. I think they are amazing!

Thank you, Brooke, for coming down to see us. I now know that you are a horse whisperer (or one of us was!),  and the mud added a fun challenge. And -seriously- not everyone knows us in town, that was a fluke. I’m glad you got to meet our local mortician too. Small town living at it’s best! LOL But you know how that is. <grin>

We will be calling you this week as we are almost ready for you! Thanks again!


Steve Harrington Photography – Garland, Utah

Steve Harrington Photography - Brooke 02

Steve Harrington Photography - Brooke 01

Fundraisers R us!

April 18, 2009

Are you in charge of a fundraisers for your group or team? Give us a call – we have fun and unique ideas that are also affordable. The most affordable ones, we will only ‘donate’ so many per year, so it’s first come, first serve. Give us a call and we can talk!


We need some help from time to time! So we are creating our own classified ads on our blog! Check back frequently, there will be a variety of  ‘job’ opportunities.  Please pass this information onto anyone you think may be interested.

Trading goods will be an option too as specified below.

Our contact information:

Steve Harrington Photography – 87 N 200 E – Garland, Utah 84312

Email –

Business Cell: 435-452-1952 | Studio: 435-257-0275   Call or text!

We are looking for reliable contacts for –

  • stylists
  • beauticians
  • make-up artists
  • seamstress
  • professional videographer

Clients we are looking for – You will have to call/email/text for details!

  • Tweens (10-14)
  • Sweet 16ers
  • Teens who are willing to work for us during parades, the fair, team jobs, etc. (This would be ideal for high school seniors who can’t necessarily afford us, but want the best in senior portraits!)
  • The perfect family portrait people for display in our new studio! Studio session. Ideally we are looking for a family who will all dress in the same color, no stripes, no plaid, and no logos,  and must match perfectly! I’d prefer a dark color- black or dark earth tones.  I know that’s asking a lot – but that’s what I want and need! We’d be willing to discount your session for it! :) Call if you think you are up to this challenge!!


  • 5 to 7 year old girls who also have ballet costumes or similar costumes. Needed ASAP! (Added April 29th. Comped sessions have been filled! Discount sessions are currently still available for current and new clients.)


We need seniors or teenagers willing to help us during Wheat and Beet Days and the Box Elder County Fair. Grab a friend and call us or text us at 435-452-1952. We will be giving discounts on senior packages for those willing to help.


We are on a quest for a personal project. We need a model! This is an ASAP project. We need a girl of senior age who has a LONG Gold or blue formal dress (light blue or dark blue is fine, no teal or turquoise.) email Shelley – to put your name in the pool ASAP. Any entries after July 24th are too late. I want to have it shot by then. THANKS!

On Hold – Added 4/30/10

We are wanting past models who have worked with us before. We have been asked to do an image for an advertising campaign, a national one even! We need to be in it and want to have some pretty people surrounding us. :) This is one of the perks of being a model for us, we come to you first! :) I don’t have a time or place just yet, but throw your name in the hat if you are interested and we will be in touch. Email your contact info (name/phone number) to Shelley or text Steve at 435-452-1952 with your name. Make sure he knows who is texting him!

Inactive:  Added 8/11/10

Sometimes you just have to work on a technique, try a thing or two, give back, and step out of the box to continue to grow as a photography business. We have something fun set up with a group of students and we need some models – we are probably looking at the month of September. The catch is: We only bring in people who have been to us before. That’s our way of saying *thanks*.  For this job, we are looking for females who are late teens and older. We will reward you with a couple of websized images for your facebook or blog. If you want prints, those will cost extra.

Interested? You need to email your name and number to Shelley @ for more details.


ACTIVE January 17, 2011

Looking for a few good wedding cake designers!

We are interested in teaming up with some wedding cake designers. We have a need for wedding cake images and if you are in need of some portfolio samples, we can build a great relationship! I’m not going to solicit to these people unless they show interest first. I appreciate all the suggestions and referrals people have sent my way, but what I’m really looking for is interested designers to contact us first! SO, if you know someone, don’t send me their name, pass our information onto them and then they can contact us if they are interested! Thank you!  or contact Steve at 435-452-1952


ACTIVE: February 28, 2011

We are always on the lookout for studio props. Currently we are looking for old doors and chairs. We can trade work for these. Give us a call, we’d love to come see what you have. 435-452-1952


ACTIVE: February 28, 2011

Local vendors! We are always interested in local business connections. In this sluggish economy, the best thing we can do is stick together! We have lots of ideas to create revenue, leads, and business in general. Give us a call or send us an email and let’s get together and stick together, locally!

Thanks again!

Ok, we are done posting updates on the contest. The deadline has passed. Thanks for your interest, and participation! Our Park City Models will be announced within the next few weeks. If you are reading this and realized you missed our deadline, we will have other Class of 2010 modeling offers available soon to our blog readers first! Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks again! Steve and Shelley Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography – Specializing in Senior Portraits – Garland, Utah

Don’t forget! If you  have questions, please give us a call before the deadline! Again we remind you:  if you plan on getting your senior portraits taken by us during your senior year, this will be your biggest savings available. Plus you get the perk of being entered in our Park City Workshop modeling contest. How fun would it be to have some of your senior portraits done in Park City? On us!

Call us or text us with questions:

 All the details are here!

Thanks again! We look forward to a great year!


Steve Harrington Photography – Garland Utah


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