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Steve’s little buddy met up with us for portraits to help celebrate his 4th birthday. Wow, was Gehrig a great sport! We had a lot of fun doing what he loves to do best, play a little baseball! I’m working on these now, but got excited and had to show a couple (ok, 3!) of my favorites right away.

Looks like he’s got a great start to his career!

Utah Child photography - Gehrig 01

Utah Child photography - Gehrig 02

Utah Child photography - Gehrig 03

We can officially announce that we’ve been asked to speak  at WPPI in Vegas – 2010! This is a huge honor for us as many of our mentors have spoken there. Now I guess it’s our turn!!! WOO HOO! Steve will bespeaking on high school seniors!

We’d like to thank all the little people.. HAHA! That was a total joke, of course.We are flattered, honored, humbled and grateful. This is a big deal for us and marks a huge milestone in our careers as a professional photography business. ( It’s not as easy as one may think! ) Big kudos go out to Steve for taking us there, because heaven knows I wouldn’t be doing anything like this on my own. He’s the man! Northern Utah is incredibly fortunate to have his talents in their backyard!

Thanks and stay tuned for more images! – Shelley

P/S – Oh YES!! I forgot to mention. We will be needing to take a model with us for our demonstration. We will be picking a class of 2010 senior who has their senior portraits taken by us. (Book now!) We are still tentatively putting this together but, any Senior that has their images taken with us will qualify.You have to be available to miss a bit of school in March, so keep that in mind! Good luck!

We’ve created a calendar to easier navigate through our current specials!  Please keep an eye on this calendar for specials, sales, seasonal fun and maybe some spur of the moment craziness from us!

You can find the link to our calendar on the right side of the page  or you can CLICK HERE!

As you can see, our next date for our Magical Forest Sessions will be July 8 (afternoon) and July 9 (morning.) Book your session today as we offer these sessions still at an introductory price.

Club Tween is still being offered as an introductory price too.

Check out our packages and give us a call to get details.

Tuesday, June 30th, we will be hosting the Bear River Valley COC luncheon. We have a special gift for all attendees and hope to see all Chamber members there!

Thank you for your continued support. We love our little valley and can’t imagine being anywhere else! And as always, if you have any questions for us we are only a phonecall, text, or email away! 452-1952 or

Josh and Randi Jo came over to get some pictures of their new addition, Robbi Mae. We hear that Gehrig is the best big brother, which is no surprise. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of them in the future and we’ll be watching them grow up right here! Who knows? Robbi Mae may be one of our senior models in about 17 years. LOL Let’s hope that doesn’t happen too soon though.

Here is Robbi at 2 weeks. She’s so precious! She’s our smallest fairy so far! Congrats to the family! You did well!

utah child photography - Robbi

utah child photographer - Robbi

Here are some more images from our fun time in Park City, including some “behind the scenes” shots from our friend, Travis. Check these out! First a few images from Steve.

Thank goodness Cjani is a lifeguard, her services were needed after Steve and her jumped in the pool! And other of my favorite shots is of Shaylee in front of the crowd! And Garrett was a terrific dude the whole time!

park city models - Steve Harrington 01

park city models - Steve Harrington 02

park city models - Steve Harrington 03

park city models - Steve Harrington 07

park city models - Steve Harrington 05

park city models - Steve Harrington 04

park city models - Steve Harrington 06

Here are some of the fun shots by the pool. Thankfully the skies cleared up and this is how we ended our day with a splash! One brave soul even dared throw me in the pool at the end. While it *was* funny, I don’t forget these things. *grin* I will pay them back!!

If you are just catching this event, make sure you  click down below to the other Park City links.

Garrett, Shaylee and Cjani

Garrett - Park City 2010

Shaylee - Park City - 01

Senior Class of 2010 - Park City 01

So things are calming down for us this week. Can I just say what a wonderful time we had in Park City? We met new friends, reconnected with old ones, as well as enjoy the awesome scenery of Park City!

Shaylee, Cjani and Garrett were our models for the weekend as we shot some studio images and the next day went around the town to do some outdoor shots. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank them again! They did an incredible job! I will share some of the fun images as I get through them, they will get a kick out of those, I’m sure. We had an interesting time for sure, including seeing the lightning storm straight from h3ll!! LOL We had lightning stike directly above our head, making us deaf, which was maybe a good thing since we all screamed our heads off. LOL

We plan on this being an annual event, (sans the lightning) this is our second year. So if you are an underclassman reading this (class of 2011 and younger) and you think you are the perfect model for our workshop, pay attention because we start this process early!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand! As I mentioned, I will be sharing images through the next few days of our Rockstars AND their parents! (I joked with Blake that I was going to tell Kim how he ended up in jail Friday night! LOL)

Thanks guys! It’s a great year so far!!

harrington model - park city - 01

harrington model - park city - 02

harrington model - park city - 03

Here’s a big shout out and a HUGE good luck to our local pageant girls as they compete for Miss Utah! Tonight is the first preliminary round and we are waiting anxiously on the computer to see the announcements.

Miss Utah Website

Go Tayler – Miss Cahse Valley!

Go Morgan – Miss Bear River Valley!



Back from Park City

June 16, 2009

We got back yesterday from Park City, where we held our second annual workshop on senior photography. Wow! What a wonderful time we had with all of our friends! I have a LOT of catching up to do between here and there so I’m going to keep this brief today. I will post more later, but I wanted to post our group shot and models for the weekend.

Shaylee, Garrett, and Cjani – You were absolutely the rockstars we knew you would be. Thank you SO much! We hope you had the trip of a lifetime!

More later!

park city models - Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington Group 2009

Brighton is my favorite 2 year old. Even if she doesn’t agree with it some days. She makes me laugh! She came in for her Magical Forest Session today and she was not amused, for the most part. But we had fun anyway and I love to see her!

I think this image is pretty amazing! I hope mom is impressed as well as we wondered if we could pull it off this time. We are sneaky! Our nextMagical Forest Session will be in July. We’ll announce the exact date next week. Click on our package special for details over there on the right side of the screen.

Thank you Nikki, Lala and Baxter! We enjoyed spending the morning with you.

child portraits Brighton - June 09

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