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We were happy to see Corinne come in this year. We photographed her sister, Maddie, last year for her senior portraits and since then they moved further south. But they came back for Corinne’s turn at senior portraits. We are glad they did! We had a great session and a great time. She did our indoor/outdoor session. Check out those eyes!

Thanks ladies, we will be seeing you again soon!

utah senior photography 01

Utah senior picture portraits

We have a free family pass to the Rodeo that unfortunately we cannot use. Who wants to take their fam to the Rodeo Sat night? I’m checking with a couple of friends first, but if they don’t want it – it’s up to the highest bidder! (haha jk, it’s free.) Send me a message @ or text Steve – 452.1952 . You’ll have to be willing to come get it.

Ok we gave it to friends who wanted it. Thanks!

Roche Family Portraits

August 27, 2009

Here is a recent family  session from us. The Roche’s needed a family portrait done before Bailey and her little  family flew away to Spain. It turned out to be the perfect day and beautiful weather. we had a lot of fun with these and we got come incredibly amazing family portraits from this group, if I do say so myself! It certainly doesn’t hurt that they happen to be a gorgeous family.

An extra large “thanks” to the Roche family for having us!

One (of many) of my favorites from the day:

utah family portraits

If there is one word that I could use to describe this session, it would definitely be ‘colorful!’ Pink and purple hair and neon clothes! I just loved everything about this session and Kayla was a rockstar!

Kayla is a senior at Bear River High School. We are very familiar with their fam.  Our daughter and their daughter were besties, I went to school with Rod, and Steve worked with him for a bit at Vulcraft. I have a ‘girl crush’ on her mom and her dad is ok too, I guess. (hehe) Kayla, I know has been patiently waiting for her images, we will be in touch this week. I’m sure we’ll bump into her at the fair.

So here are two of my favorites. I think you’ll see what I mean about all the color!

Thanks, Kayla. You were (and are) awesome!

kayla senior portraits utah 01

kayla senior portraits utah 02

We have been working hard to promote business headshots, to give our town a more professional appearance. We are happy to be doing it, once member at a time. Get rid of the snapshot on your business cards and newspaper ads, and replace it with something more professional. You only get one chance to make a first impression. What does your headshot say about you?

We are currently having a sale through 9/18 for half off business headshots. This will get you a high resolution image to use for your place of business, cards, and ads.  The package also includes a web sized image to use on your website and emails. We are finding most people can use these headshots for 2 to 3 years before they decide to come update them. The price averages out to a minuscule amount .  Our normal price is $199.99. We are now offering them for a limited time for $99.00. This expires 9/18/09 so make sure you give us a call and book your appointment today. We guarantee your %100 satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Two current clients of ours. Ironically we have also photographed some senior portraits for their kids.

Trudi from Republic Mortgage. Trudi is a loan officer that can be reached at 279-3463

Mike is the Utah General Manager at Frontier Communications.

Thanks to both of you, we appreciate your business and hope to return the favor. Get ahold of me if you have website links for any other information that you’d like displayed along with your image. We love to support our locals.

Thanks again!

business headshots utah 01

business headshots utah 02

Kayden is a nice guy from Bear River High School. He came to us, with his drum set in tow, to get his senior portraits taken. He brought his mom, but we kept having to kick her out of the room so we could concentrate. It was irritating at times. <grin> Heidi knows I’m kidding! I lurve her. She owns the Hair and Nail Loft with a friend. Go and see her, she’ll fix you up. 257-loft.

Yeah, we got some sick stuff. We know we would when we heard about him wanting to bring his drums. Do not try this at home! (That’s why you come to us!) We did an indoor/outdoor session, talked about flaming bunnies and caught up on life in general. Good times!

Thanks Kayden and Heidi. We love you long time!

utah senior picture Kayden 01

utah senior picture Kayden 02

Rikki is one of our senior models for the class of 2010.  What is a senior model, you ask? Well Rikki prepaid her session early, got our best deal, and basically represents us through the year. Her face is currently on our main page, she’s highlighted in our gallery all year long, we’ve put her face on fliers, we’ve called her in for some test shots during our *playtime,*  among other things that come along during the senior season. She is our superstar! And we’ve immensely enjoyed getting to know her! (Our call-out for senior class models is early in the year while the seniors are still juniors. If you are thinking you’d like to do this your senior year, you really have to watch our website close -all the time!)

So here are some of my favorites from the session. We adore this girl! It’s been fun! I know your senior school year at Bear River High is starting soon, Rikki – so have a great year! Steve will be in touch with you soon!


rikki - Garland, 09


Hayden and Parker

August 13, 2009

Hayden, from Bear River High School, came in for his senior portraits. His mom Vicki, and brother Parker, came along. Vicki wanted some images of the brothers together as well.

It’s a small world when you realize you went to school with someone, Vicki, haven’t seen her since high school probably-  but then realize her step-son and my son, Dalton, were best friends in high school and I had no idea that it was Vicki’s house he pretty much lived at for two years!  It’s a fairly small town! You think I would have caught onto that sooner or later! (Did that make sense what I just typed out? It’s a true story! .. Anyway…)

So here’s Hayden and his brother Parker. His brother Parker is the shy looking one. lol He was a LOT of fun to hang around with.

Thanks for coming over guys, and mom. It was a great time and I loved a lot of the images we got! I’m glad you did too!

Here’s a sample of my favorites. – Shelley




Little Baby Beau

August 8, 2009

Bonnie and Brian Boyer brought in their brand new baby boy, Beau. (Wow, say THAT one 3 times. lol) He was all of 8 days old and as alert as can be!

Congrats to the happy new family and thanks for bringing your beautiful new boy to us. He’s so new and sweet!

Here are a couple of our favorites from the session.

Beau baby portrait 02

Beau baby portrait 01

This guy is a familiar face here by now. Beckham turned one (already?! WOW!) and came to celebrate with us with our “Cake the Baby” session. He also had some 1 year old portraits taken.He’s such a happy guy! Happy birthday little fella, and many more!
Utah children's portraits - Beckham 1 year old

Utah baby photographer - 1 year old Beckham

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