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Jordon – Senior – BRHS

September 30, 2009

It was good to see Jordon again! She has the most beautiful red hair! I’m not sure why I picked a black and white image to show you, other than I really like it!  Jordon came in for our express senior session. The girls that have been to us a time or two are always so relaxed in front of the camera, and I’d say it shows!

A large ‘thank you’ to Jordon for coming back! We will be in touch with you very soon! Have a great senior year!

jordon - Bear River High school utah

Whitney’s Portrait Session

September 29, 2009

Laurie makes such cute babies and we’ve enjoyed photographing them for the past few years. This is Whitney! She is the youngest and she recently came in for her very own portrait session. We kind of did a mix between our Tween session and our Senior session. You can certainly call for more details if this is something that interests you.

This was a fun session, we have so many cute girls around us that finding a model is never too hard! Thanks Whitney and Laurie, you are both beautiful people!


Whitney portrait, utah

“Cake the Baby” sessions available at Steve Harrington Photography. These are absolutely adorable, fun and unique sessions to share with your 1 year old. Every parent has loved these sessions and we do too! A little cake never hurt anyone! Call us for an appointment whether your baby turns 1 next week or next year, call now to reserve a spot..

Call or text to connect: 435-452-1952

Our email –


Kyla came over the mountain to hang out with us for an afternoon of posing and photographing! She goes to Sky View and is set to graduate early because she’s an ambitious soul! She’s so cute and positive, and we had a lot of fun taking her senior portraits. We have several outstanding images! You can see her comp card in a previous post. As well as a couple of my favorites here from her indoor/outdoor session.

Thanks Kyla! We’ve enjoyed spending time with you!  Steve will be in touch this week.

kyla - skyview utah senior picture portrait

kyla - skyview utah senior picture portrait 2010

Melissa is such movie star material! Wow did we have a great time taking her senior portraits! Melissa is a lifeguard, so we took some images at the pool too! We are familiar with the family as we photographed  her older sister’s, Jenny, senior portraits as well. (Hi to Jenny! We hear you are doing well and loving life! Good for you!)

Melissa did our indoor/outdoor session, which is the popular choice. We are glad she did. We have lots of fun variety here. Here are 2 samples. Hope you enjoy!

We will talk to you soon Melissa!

utah senior portrait photographer - Melissa09

utah senior portrait photographer - Melissa09

This is our daughter Morgan’s favorite holiday. She’s crazy, and so are we!

In honor of Columbus Day, we have came up with a fun special that will last 1 day only! This is a killer price so you are going to want to call and reserve your spot right now! Steve coined the phrase “My Face” – in regards to facebook and myspace images. For all of our Myspace and Facebook followers – Come in and get a professional portrait to display on your Myspace and/or Facebook or personal blog,  as well as a 5×7 ANd 4 wallets of the image for yourself. Your image will be treated with our special love: color enhanced and blemish removal, etc. You will look your hottest, guaranteed! All for just $14.92!* That’s all. No hidden costs! What’s the catch for such a small price? Not much, your “My Face” file for your page will have our logo in the corner. That’s all we ask! This is a potential savings of over $70.00! Don’t miss out on this! Call and reserve your spot for October 12th and our My Face Special. 435.452.1952. Spots must be prepaid to guarantee a reservation on this day. We will also accept walk-ins, but it’s at your own risk!  We expect to fill this day up at insane pricing like this!

*Prices are based per person, but call if you have any questions or special requests. Any age welcome. But our main focus on this campaign is to get your perfect face on your Myspace/Facebook/blog!  The appointments will range 15 minutes. It is strongly recommended that you consider this if you want to bring in small children. This may not be the best situation for young ones, as time is limited.
Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent with them to sign a release since we will be letting you use an image on myspace and/or facebook or your personal blog.

Monday, October 12th – 10am to 9 pm –  15 minute sessions.

Come have some fun. Spoil yourself at such a small price. It’s been a weird year for all of us and you deserve a little pampering! This is our way of showing some appreciation to our past and future clients.  Thanks for having us!
Steve and Shelley Harrington

Model Contestants

September 26, 2009

As promised to Bethanie, Kyla , and Shaylee  here are their comp cards we are sending in for the model contest.  We wish them the largest of luck! This is a huge competition, but we have no doubt that they both have what it takes to be models! We should hear results some time at the end of October.

model comp card -bethanie Garland, Utah

model comp card - Kyla Hyde Park Utah

model comp card - utah

I’m a typical girl – I have an itch to upgrade – update – give our blog a facelift.  So it may change drastically in looks here within the next few days. You’ve been warned!!  – Shelley

P/S Have a great weekend! Check out our google Calendar for our Columbus Day Sale!

Finish it with a Frame!

September 24, 2009

Did you know we offer custom framing? We believe every portrait should leave our hands ready to hang on the wall! Make sure you complete and compliment your portrait session by ordering your custom frames with us. We will do all the ordering and assembly so you can enjoy your portrait art immediately. With glass or without,  let us help you pick out the perfect display. (That’s not something you’ll get on a CD. 😉 ) Our framing services provide an elegant touch at affordable and competitive rates. As with all of our services, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Call us with any questions 435-452-1952.


utah picture framing photography portraits

Lady Bears Soccer – 2009

September 23, 2009

Here are 30(ish) of the toughest girls you will ever meet! We love our Bear River High School Lady Bears Soccer team! They have their eyes on the number 1 prize! They have what it takes so we wish them the best of luck! I’d tell them to go break a leg, but it seems 12 or so of them where broken or darn close when they came into the studio on this day. lol

Thank you girls! A special shout out to Gene. He’s always on our side. We appreciate it!


lady bears soccer - Utah team sports 09

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