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Halloween has got to be my favorite holiday! Halloween is all about kids having fun, and adults having an excuse to act like kids!  Tuesday night we had our first annual Halloween portrait shoot. I say ‘first annual’ because it was such a success, we will certainly be planning for this next year.  I am working really hard to get the participants their Facebook image before the weekend. I can’t make any promises, but maybe if I type it out loud, it will make me work harder to do it! As I go through the order forms, there are a few names I don’t even recognize, so if you have a facebook account and haven’t connected with us that way, go here: and make sure you get our attention!  Or you can email at to let me know you have a facebook account if you don’t see an image by Weds night!

These turned out so wonderful and I am just sitting here grinning as I work on them. It’s almost 4 am and I can’t stop! Thank you so so much for visiting us on this chilly evening, we had a great time! Thank you to Morgan, Spencer, Devin and Kenny for being in charge of pumpkin carving. You are the best!

Here are 2 groups of kids that we happen to like a lot.  These Halloweeners belong to Rob and Liz and Chris and Tia. There will be more posted here tomorrow night! I promise!  ( Oh look, I just promised, now I have to!! Someone better bring me some coffee. I like the French Vanilla Cappuccino from Harris Market. Thanks! :) )

Thanks again and Happy Halloween to all!

halloween portraits 09 01 halloween portraits 09 01

I am editing this post to share some more! We encourage you to share these on your blog or Facebook account, or put them on your phone, but please don’t remove our logo and website from the image. Enjoy and have a GREAT Halloween weekend!

Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits

Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits

Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits

Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits

Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits

Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits

Steve Harrington Halloween Portraits Halloween Portraits 2009

Don’t forget!


Brittany visited us from Preston, Idaho for her senior portraits.  She came to us through a referral from her cousin that we photographed a couple of years ago. We’d like to give her a shout out as well! Leavingclients pleased with our work is so important to us, so it makes us very happy to hear when happy clients refer us to friends and family! That’s what it’s all about, 100% happiness!

Doe-eyed Brittany came in for our indoor and outdoor session. She brought all the right clothes , which made it very easy to coordinate everything. It all fell in place nicely and we have some extremely beautiful images of a beautiful Preston senior!

Thanks girls for coming to us! We will be in touch soon.  We had a great time!

Idaho senior portrait pictures studio 1009

Idaho senior portrait pictures 1009

Erica and New Baby Maya

October 24, 2009

Erica came in to get some maternity portraits taken because her family is spread apart, she wanted to make sure they were all in touch with her progress. Then came baby Maya for her first portraits. She is 3 days old here! She was the sweetest baby! We had too much fun here and enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are 2 favorites from the sessions. Congrats to Erica, Maya and family. She’s beautiful!

utah maternity portraits 1009

utah baby portraits 1009

Fair Weather – Optional

October 21, 2009

The Wise family is probably use to sitting in a rainstorm or even snowstorm or two since football is in their blood. The fun about this time of year, the weather is terribly unpredictable! I think it sprinkled the whole time we were taking pictures. You can see it if you look really close in a few pictures.  But these guys were troopers! Even Brighton hung in there until we were done, good girl! She’s no sissy!

Family pictures at the football field, accomplished! Thanks Wise fam… see you soon!

wise family utah 09

Tia and Chris are good friends of ours, and along with that friendship, we have gained 4 new children that we always wanted. *teehee* Only we have the choice to go play dodge-ball with them on the trampoline, thump on them for awhile (Steve always makes one cry by the end of the game ..! It’s true!) …and then we can feed them some sugar and go home so Tia can deal with the sugar high. :) THATs what friends are for! All of our kids are grown and gone, so Steve has no one left to pick on. Thank heavens for the Christian kids! LOL

So we had some fairies and fishermen in the studio recently and they did so well! We got some awesome images of them. The family picture will have to be updated soon as one more fairy is on the way here in a few weeks. Our Magical Forest Sessions are turning out some great stuff! I will share more later.

Thank you to the Christian fam! You’re awesome!

fishing buddies

fairy portraits

kids portrait

Family season is is full swing for us and we have had some terrific family portrait sessions. Meet the Menlove clan. They like us almost as much as we like them, I can just feel it.  We took them outside for the family session and then brought the kids back to the studio for some updated pictures.

Thank you to the Menlove Family! Here are 2 favorites.

utah family picture portraits 09

utah family portraits 09

Behold, the Marsh Sibs!

October 14, 2009

I mentioned it once, I’ll mention it twice – Them Marsh kids are some of our favorite people. They have really cool names too! Devanne doesn’t have a chance with these two little brothers, I know. But we have some fun things in store for her this November, that should make up for it! She (and her parents) will be going with us to model at a workshop, maybe we’ll make Shane model too since he’s there, you never know.  Devanne also has a birthday around the corner and we have some fun things planned with that.

Here’s to Jeannie for cutting our hair well enough that we still consider her a great friend, with great kids. Only one child lost a thumb while they were here. Themz pretty good odds!

So here’s some of my favorite stuff. Expect to see Devanne on here quite a bit more. She’s a great sport! She’s helped us quite a bit this year already!

utah portrait pictures 03

utah portrait pictures 04

utah portrait pictures 01

utah portrait pictures 02

Whether you are young, old or somewhere in between – all ages are welcome to join us on Tuesday, October 27th from 4 to 8 pm in our warm studio for some Halloween portrait fun! 1 person, or up to 5 are welcome in one sitting. (The max is 5 because of the set, if families have more than 5 siblings, we’ll figure it out!!  Call if this is the case!)

For every session that is sold, you get an automatic entry for a free family session fee!  Watch our blog, more information may become available as we get closer! See you here!

halloween portraits 09

Here is lovely, cute, and quiet Miranda.  She came to us from Box Elder High School. We appreciate her driving up this way and I’m thinking she’ll be happy she did! We got some really good images of her during her ‘outdoor only’ session .

Miranda, you’ll be happy to know we will be calling you in a day or two. We are ready for you to come take a look! Thanks again! We had fun!

box elder high senior picture portraits

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