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It’s Almost Time!

January 31, 2010

Are you ready Class of 2011? We start our model search soon. We will again be choosing 2or 3 Class of 2011 seniors to model for us at our yearly workshop in Park City. We will also be needing several models to represent us throughout the year. We will release more information soon, but if you would like to get a jump-start, you can absolutely email us a  If you want information, you need to send us your name, address, parents name and phone/text number, for a response!

Thanks! We anticipate a great year!  – Shelley

class of 2011

Queenin’ Season

January 29, 2010

Randi came to us from Trenton. Queenin’ season is beginning for rodeo and she’s ready to go! We had a great time with Randi and mom and we wish her the best of luck in her endeavors!


rodeo queening 01

The Perfect Children!

January 28, 2010

They must be perfect because they sure are beautiful specimens !  :)

Degan and Sully came by all dressed up and we took their portraits. They are the best of buds, I’m sure because they look like they are fairly happy together here!

Thank you, Criston. Give Jeff a  big, warm hug from me! I know he’s craving one.  -Shelley

Deg and Sully

Jaidyn’s turn to be Caked!

January 26, 2010

Jaidyn and her parents came in for a 1 year old celebration! As with most of these sessions, we take some normal portraits, then we get out the plastic suits and let them eat cake! It’s always a hit!

Jaidyn was so funny! She pretty much kept going and completely destroyed the cake! It was great fun to watch!


utah child picture 01

Cake baby 01

We often put Jerry to work for us with his accounting profession, we are glad he put us to work with our photography profession! Their good looking family came in for some family portraits as well as some protraits with Jerry and Cindy’s parents

Here is one of my favorites! Thank you to the Fronks. We will get you called this week.


utah family pictures

Mrs Nichalson called us and set up a family portrait through us. I wasn’t in the studio this day to help, but WOW! I am so impressed at the coordination in the wardrobe! Ties and dresses! Very classy! I know that couldn’t have been as easy as it looks here!  I give these guys 3 thumbs up! You look terrific and it shows in your portraits!

Here is the big family shot. Thank you guys for calling us! We are glad to help. Keep smiling!


Utah family portraits

Little Miss Brytenne

January 17, 2010

We had the pleasure of photographing  Brytenne for her very first portrait session. She is such a doll and we enjoyed meeting her! I know grandma Julie is totally thrilled to have her around.

Here are a couple of my favorites and we can now bring in the family to show them the rest!

Talk to you soon! – Shelley

utah baby portraits

utah baby photography

Magical Forest Session

January 13, 2010

Here is another magical forest session, this time with Jennifer’s girls. This turned out so cute! These girls were enjoying the whole experience, no doubt about it!

I just love these sessions, we always turn out some really neat work!

If you are interested in a magical forest session, give us a call, watch our calendar on our blog, or send us an email. We only do these sessions once a month, so don’t miss out! I think these would make wonderful Valentine’s gifts for grandparents! Or even a great gift certificate for parents of young ones! (Good idea!) It’s been such a crazy January, we haven’t nailed down a day to do the sessions yet, so perhaps I’ll let the first caller decide the set-up day for us! Give us a call if you want a Magical Forest Session, and let us know if you want them back by Valentines Day, so we can schedule accordingly!

Thanks for looking!  – Shelley

Magical Forest Session

We have a few of these this winter, big family get-togethers for portraits! We were happy to accommodate the family of 32, plus a few dogs! it seems like the perfect time of year for everyone to be together, we are always thrilled that we can bring in  large groups like this during the winter months.

A shout-out to Makel and mom! It’s great seeing you and your family again! We are very happy everyone is well!

Steve will be calling you soon! Thanks for giving us an extra week of leeway so we could go play in the sun for awhile. It was very much appreciated! (Same to the rest of you so patiently waiting, we will be in touch with everyone VERY soon!)


Utah Family Portrait

Images from San Diego

January 13, 2010

All I know is San Diego is paradise in the winter. WOW! Here are some favorites from the even that I just love! I have several more to go through, I will share when I get to them.

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