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Brailee and mom came from Coalville to have images taken with us! We’ve been itching for a senior since the first of the year so we were extra excited to have them here!

The fact that Steve tried too hard to make her name rhyme with things and kept messing it up, made me laugh hard at his expense. Steve coined a new phrase that I will not let him live down, “I can’t get the “P” out of my head!” Which saying that out loud sounds totally ridiculous! lol

Good times, great photographer. I love my boss! AND – I love these images!

Brailee, you are such a doll and it was an honor to be your photographer. We will be in touch soon!

Brailee sr

Time flies!

We will be working on graduation cards this month. Expect a phone call from us if you have some on order, we will need a count. Make your lists and check it twice!

You can also call us first! 452-1952


– Shelley

Posted  update 2/11 –

Our hearts go out to Mike Higleys family. We have been told he passed away this morning. Depending on what day the funeral services will be held, the fundraiser we had slated for Monday may have to be canceled until further notice. Please keep us updated.

Original post:


17-year-old Robert Watson, of Garland. Michael Higley, 17, of Tremonton, were critically injured in an automobile accident recently.

Monday afternoon 2/15 we will be hosting a fundraiser for their cause. All the proceeds to go to the families.

Bring your group of friends in, we will have a “photobooth” set up and for $15.00, you and your friends can have a websize image to put on your facebook profile.

These will be fun images, bring your props, or bring a hat,…etc, just prepare for some goofiness! These will be closeup head-shots, just like any photobooth you squish in at the mall. You can have solo images, up to as many friends as you want. But be warned that this is a photobooth setting and there is limited space! We recommend no more than 6 people per image. Split the $15.00 amongst your group and you will have a fun photo to share with everyone at a small cost!

No appointment necessary, just come in – we will have a form for you to fill out. We will then put your image on facebook and you can tag yourself.

Please spread the word. People of all ages are welcome!

—->>> Even though this is a facebook based fundraiser, you can also use this image for all your website connections like myspace, blogs, etc! You can also send them to your phone!<<<—–

We will post more information here as it becomes available.



Alli – The fairy princess!

February 2, 2010

Alli came in with her mom so she could have her very own Magical Forest Session. She did such a great job and we had such a fun time. She’s completely adorable!

See you guys soon! Thank you so much for coming in! – Shelley


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