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Bear River Bears Baseball

March 30, 2010

We always look forward to when the BR baseball team coach calls. We know that Spring is around the corner. Although I usually freeze my face off every year that we take these pictures, I know these guys are a LOT tougher than me!

A shout out to Clay for remembering us every year, with time to spare. We can’t say enough good things about Clay, seriously! Steve looks forward to the auction every year as well! Bear River Baseball has a great club and a lot of hometown support. That speaks volumes about this group.

Thanks to all and have a terrific season!


Wednesday, April 21st,  will be our next Magical forest session day. We’ve come up with a plan for those looking for a sale! The catch is, you may have to do some work for it!

We will start out with our regular monthly pricing of $49.99 for the session, which includes a 5×7 print from your choice of 5 previews.  That same 5×7 print will be made into a Facebook image too!

Once we book 10 appointments on that Wednesday, we will drop the price to $39.99 per session.

If we book 20 appointments, we will drop the price again to $29.99 per session.

So you can see this would be beneficial to tell your friends about. You have the power to drive the price down!  We anticipate the prime appointment times will be filled first, so don’t delay! Here’s what you need to do –   Call us to prepay*, book your time, and then call or text all of your friends and/or family! *Sessions must be paid for at the time of booking to secure the appointment.

This will only be advertised here on our blog and on our Facebook Page.



Thanks and we will see you on April 21st.

We like to keep friends like that, those ‘Ruler’ types. They come in handy when they dominate/own large populations of people. Especially when they work at the Texas Roadhouse in Logan and give you an extra helping of peanuts! (No, that didn’t happen – but I imagine it’s possible!) Tayler also offered to help me as I grow elderly and can no longer do certain tasks by myself. I’m SO in! YAY!

So anyway. Tayler Williams has got great images, of course. I made her play with one for us because “we are funny” – the queen said so, so I believe her. I was going for the whole “off with your head” cliche. Does it work? (Not really, I just made that up. It’s way past my bedtime and I have the flu, so I’m a bit delirious. Forgive.)

Good luck to you and your roomie! Every year we think about coming to SLC and cheering our locals on, and every year something comes up. So maybe JUST maybe this year I’ll find me (and steve) something pretty to wear and follow through!

Good luck x2!


With a heart that belongs to baseball, Caleb came in to get some portraits taken in his senior year. Sandy is always good to remember us when it’s time for her kid’s senior portraits, and we appreciate it! She’s got some cute kittens! But of course, Caleb would prefer to be called a “bad-ass,” because that’s what he is.

thanks for coming in, Caleb and Sandy! Steve should be getting in touch with you soon!

The  season has ended for this Box Elder Cheerleader team. The seniors are prepping for Graduation and the new team is being formed. We were happy to take their team portrait for the 2009-2010 year. Cute and fun girls!  We always enjoy seeing them come to town. As a bonus, we have photographed senior portraits for Amber, Mary – and Cjani was a senior model for us. She happened to win the trip to Park City last summer! So we know her and mom Tammy fairly well by now!

Have a great spring, we will have your prints to you sooner than later!


Cyd Buck, from Academy Mortgage Corporation in South Ogden, came in to update her business portrait. We’ve photographed her before for business headshots. We know the importance of presenting a professional headshot, so we always get excited when other professionals “get it” too! You know the saying, you only get one chance to make a first impression. And a snapshot against a white wall isn’t going to convey your strengths like a professional portrait will.

Cyd is also in my Mafia family on Facebook, so I have to make her happy – otherwise she’ll put a hit out on me!  She’s the hottest looking mafia member out there, and we took her pictures! Woot!

Thanks Cyd!


It’s time to prep for the Miss Utah Pageant. Tawnie is the current Miss Bear River Valley, on her quest for the Utah crown. We were happy to have Tawnie in for her formal head-shots for this pageant. We are always rooting for our girls here up north to take the Utah crown. Their website ––  is a good way to keep track of our “home girls.” The pageant starts on June 12, 2010 and they spend a lot of time prepping for it!

Good Luck, Tawnie! Thanks for coming to us! We will be in touch within the next day or so!


Our class of 2011 Senior Model search has begun!

What does being an SHP Model get you? More options, more camera time, more images, the best senior portrait prices we offer anyone else through the year, more perks,, a chance to win a weekend in Park City, and your face all over our place! :) Don’t be shy!

Email Shelley @ with the following information:

Senior’s name – Parent’s Name –  Address  – School

We will then email you an application!

We want to start doing test shots in April, so apply today! Every completed application will have a test shoot with us.

2 lucky girls (and 1 boy, if the interest is there) will accompany us to Park City in June for our annual workshop!

We have a ton of fun ideas in store. Join us and have the best portraits for your senior year.

Wow! What a great experience! We just got back from WPPI in Vegas, we spoke on our photography business, particularly high school seniors. We had such a great time and connected with so many wonderful people! It’s really great to be home and get back into the swing of things.

We felt this was the biggest job of our LIFE! A huge thanks goes to our daughters, Devin and Morgan, for being our little “entourage.”  They helped us with so much that I can’t even begin to express my thanks enough.

We really enjoyed our guests and they even laughed at Steve’s jokes, so that makes it even better!  It was an honor to be in front of such a great group of people.

Megan was contracted to be our model and she did a great job for not knowing anyone and performing in front of a crowd. Here are the shots we got of her during our class.

We will try to get more images up later. Our work was displayed throughout this huge tradeshow and we are very proud of that! We are anxious to show you which of our images were seen by thousands!


We spent the better part of Saturday with Nate and Ashlee as we watched them become man and wife. They had a wonderful ceremony and we were honored to be a part of it.

Congratulations to the new couple! We are so happy for you and it’s been great getting to know you better. Denise, you put on one heck of a wedding. I think I’ll hire you when it’s my turn to plan one! :)

Below the image of the newlyweds are some of our favorites of Ashlee’s bridals we took back in January.

utah wedding 2010

utah bridals 2010

wedding utah

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