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We have been asked to do an image for an advertising campaign, a national one even! We need to be in it and want to have some pretty people surrounding us. :) This is one of the perks of being a model for us, we come to you first! :)  So if you have been a model for us before and you are interested, keep reading!  We will pick our new models first, and then past models, then we start choosing past seniors who have had their portraits taken by us before.  I’m not decided on how many we need and I don’t have a time or place just yet, but throw your name in the hat if you are interested and we will be in touch. I would imagine it would happen sometime in the month of May. Email your contact info (name/phone number) to Shelley or text Steve at 435-452-1952 with your name. Make sure he knows who is texting him!

Our clients end up in big places! This will be fun!


Graduation Card Update

April 29, 2010

Graduation cards are expected to arrive tomorrow. We will start calling for pick up on Friday! There are a few who are on the second round of delivery, if you ordered in the last 1 to 2 weeks, that would be you, and we should get those by next Friday. Thanks! – Shelley

Our buddy Garrett! Who *doesn’t* like this guy? He has to be one of the nicest guys ever. He also happens to be a football rockstar at Bear River High School!

We’ve appreciated him and his fam so much, especially this year! Last June him and his dad Blake came to Park City with us to take senior portraits with photographers all around the country, surrounded by overly pretty girls, I’m sure it was a hard gig. He’s a great sport and we have enjoyed watching him grow up! We have been photographing this family since we started in our unfinished basement. I just can’t say enough nice things about these guys! I’ll misst them during break that we will see between Garrett and the youngest. We kind of think that what it’s all about. Creating lasting relationships and creating kick butt images while doing it!

Thanks Gibbs family! Thank you to Kim and Blake, we love your family! You make cute kittens!


Tysen came to us from Roy. His parents grew up here, so we appreciate the hometown support!  This is our first Roy Royal!  Tysen has all sorts of great hobbies that he excels in, to include snowboarding, basketball, football and looking good in his bling bling! :) It’s true.

Thanks for coming by Tysen and Michelle, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

And to the class of 2010, we still have appointments booking and spots open! Give us a call, we welcome you! 435-452-1952


These cute girls also happen to be fierce state champions. We are happy to show you this years team photo of the Lady Bears Softball. Good luck with the rest of your season. Rumor has it you are dominating Utah once again! Thanks for coming to us!

Do you ever wonder why some businesses focus on rewarding NEW clients and not their faithful clients? We wonder about that too, all the time! We believe there is a love there that needs to be shared. We wouldn’t be where we are at without our terrific clients, we know that! You’ve been there for us, and we are here for you.

This is the time of year that we clean off our hard-drives in preparation for a new spring season. A little digital Spring cleaning, if you will. Before we do that, we’d like to offer a super wallet sale to our clients! We have slated the qualifications to be from the 2009-2010 year, but if you are truly interested in purchasing wallets and your before this time-line, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen!

  • If you have that new baby and you didn’t send a picture to the extended family, here is your chance.
  • If you have had family portraits taken by us recently, these would be great to buy and stash away for Christmas Cards!
  • Did we take a team picture of you that rocked and you want to share with family and friends? Here is your chance!
  • If you have a kick-butt senior picture you want to give to friends during yearbook signing, here is your chance. Buy some fun stickers, tack your image to your friend’s yearbook and sign your best wishes. That will make a lasting impression!

This is a 1 day sale. we can make it super simple. Give us a call, we will help you find that image and we will do the rest! Please note that where this is a 1 day sale,  we will ask for payment during your phonecall, so have a credit card ready, or be prepared to bring a check or cash by that same day.

Thanks and we look forward to talking to you! If you have any questions – you can always call us at 435-452-1952

This is a special only being advertised here on our blog, on our Facebook page and on our Myspace page. Please let your friends know about this sale if they have done business with us in the past! Thank you!

Winning the War

April 20, 2010

I usually don’t post a whole lot of miscellaneous writings on our blog other than client samples and business specials, but this is something that I’d like to share. I’m thinking in this day and age, this is hitting home for a lot of us, especially small business owners. I was sending out some emails yesterday, and it struck me, again, how very fortunate we are to be shown the support of our community and county, even in the roughest of times. We’ve heard plenty of stories of clients coming in, wanting to get their portraits done before they “get laid off” or “close the business.” That sludge rolls downhill and effects us all at some point.

I happened along the 3/50 project back in November and I stumbled across it again today on Facebook. Let me share! It’s a project designed to bring awareness to how we can save our own communities. So few acts can mean so much to our local businesses. Steve and I have always been sensitive to shopping local, because we know we’d hope locals would do the same for us, given the choice. Since last November and becoming a supporter of this project, we’ve visited at least 3 local stores a week to “share the love”. Read below, get involved, talk about where you went on Facebook ( I love that!) Give us ideas of where we should be shopping. We’ll win this war sooner than later!

Comment on our post and leave your business website here, spread the word. We’ll help! We’re only 2 people, but we can help.


These sessions are the most fun for your children. Give us a call, we have room for you. 30 minute sessions will give you a lifetime of joy! We only do these once every month, sometimes every 2 months, depending. Call us 435-452-1952

We always get anxious this time of year to get our mailing campaigns out for the Class of 2011. Along with that anxiousness, we are eagerly awaiting to hear from future seniors that are interested in participating. So I’m putting out a reminder to get those applications in.

It’s time again to set ourselves apart from your average photographer. How about this?!

We are sweetening the deal on our Senior 11 Model Search. This is the first, and maybe last, year we have offered this! 3 winners will go to Park City with us, the rest of the seniors who join our model search, will be entered in to the SPA national model contest. This is a $100 value! 15 national winners will be going to Palm Springs with us in February, 2011 – We’d like one of them to be from our studio!  We will put a deadline for April 30th (subject to change!)

We are here to help if you have any questions, Please call!


Here’s to the future!

Class of 2010 – The plan is to have all Senior announcement cards here and delivered by the end of April. For those of  you that have been in contact recently, thank you! Yours are ordered!
If you haven’t followed up with us on your order, you need to call us ASAP – 435-452-1952

Thank you – Shelley

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