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I go through old images all the time on the computer. We’ve collected many over the years! So my new challenge to myself is to make at least 5 posts a week, name it “Archived Favorite” to share with our blog readers! I hope you enjoy the experience just like I do when I come across an image of someone who is all grown up, grown old, or sadly gone on to better places. Who knows, you may very well see your face here even if we haven’t seen you for a few years!

We will kick it off with one of our very first models, Abby Lou and one of her bridals back in the day!

Colton came to use from our friendly neighboring city of Brigham City’s Box Elder High school. We had a studio only session and turned out some nice images, if I do say so myself!  That tie image is an absolute favorite of mine! Colton is actually here right now doing his preview session with Steve as I sit at my computer and catch up on blog posts, etc. So I will give them a virtual wave for when they see this and thank them for choosing us to take his senior portraits.

Thank you! – Shelley

Kimee is being crowned our first official model for the class of 2011. She will be a familiar face around here for awhile! We are always on the lookout for more models for the class of 2011. Models will get our best pricing on senior portraits, represent us through the year, as well as be entered for a chance to win a weekend in Park City to be our workshop model. If this is something that interests you, you need to call Steve for all the information and to pick up an application. 435-452-1952

The Giles family is so good to come to us when they are in need of portraits! We’ve taken Mike’s headshots for work, Dane’s senior portraits, and now that Dane is leaving on a mission, we got the pleasure of taking their family portraits before Dane leaves.

Thank you Giles family! It was great to have you here and we wish Dane a safe journey!


We get the cutest clients! Some are younger than others, but nonetheless they are all adorable! These 2 sisters came in for their first  portrait together. We definitely have some keepers! Thank you to the Dressler family for the visit! We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Randi is back for round 2  of her headshots. She came in at the end of January for headshots on her winning quest. She happened to tie for first place in the photogenic category with one of our images! That’s great news!

Now that she is princess, she needed crown shots as the DNCFR Princess.

Congratulations to Randi and thanks mom for thinking of us over here on the other side of the hill. Continued successes to you!


Give us a call! If we don’t answer, leave a message. As long as we get your message by 5 pm, we’ll give you the deal!


We love doing these children sessions so much. We had our Magical Forest Sessions during the middle of the month and we’re excited to share some of the results. Check out this cute little family!

If you happen to be wondering what you have to do to get in on these sessions, here’s the deal – We do these sessions approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. Check back for the next available date. We usually start talking about them with time to spare. We have a cram packed May, so we may have to wait to to the next sessions in June, unless we get enough people calling us to set a May date. Regardless, keep checking back and we can also answer any questions you have! 435-452-1952

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