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Oh sweet Samantha! We were excited to get her in early for senior portraits. We wanted to be able to show her off all year long! We’ve done work with her as a Box Elder cheerleader and as well as did her family portraits once. She came in just before we left for Canada so we appreciate her patiently waiting for us to get some images up of her on our blog. Hopefully it was worth the wait! We will be in touch with you guys soon. Thanks for a great session!

Here are two of my favorites from Sam’s indoor/studio combo session.


Well, it’s official – I am part Canadian now. Ok, not really. I just really, really enjoyed the whole Canadian experience and I can’t wait to get back there someday! We met some great people, made new friends, and just pretty much had the best time ever.

Let me share some images we got from our week of teaching there. I will post most here to this thread as they come up, but right now it’s time to get back to work here at home! We couldn’t get to our messages in SK because there was no 3g in the area we were staying. Talk about feeling lost! So if you placed a call during that week. We will be getting in touch with you sooner than later!


Our 50% off senior sale is still on, but we are almost booked up through July. Give us a call if you want the best in senior savings that we offer through the year! 435-452-1952

These 2 sisters were such cuties, they made this session way too much fun!  Here are some of my favorites from the session.

All Magical Forest sessions are planned for one day every 6 to 8 weeks. If you are interested in a Magical Forest session, you can find the details under the packages. You can also give us a call at any time! 435-452-1952 The next Magical Forest portrait session will probably be some time in September. We’d love to take portraits of your fairy or fisherman! We have set ups for both boys and girls!

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So nice to see this family come back to us, they are full of beautiful people! It’s Marlee’s turn for her senior portraits. We did an outdoor only session with her and turned out some superb images. As Steve says, (insert sarcasm) “Man, I HATE my job!” when we get done with sessions like this!

Marlee is not only extremely pretty, she also happens to be a tough and talented varsity softball chicky!

A large thanks to the family. We appreciate your loyalty! Here are a couple of my favorites. We will be in touch soon.

To the rest of you… call and book your senior session today! This time of year is the best! I think these images prove it!


Reese would be our neice. She is actually a Hawaii girl but she’s here for the summer to stay with relatives. We had our Magical Forest Sessions the day she was staying at my mom’s house, so I went over and snatched her for her very own photo session. Morgan came over to do her hair, so it was a family effort. Hopefully she had some fun!

Anybody that knows Lee can see that Reese is a “mini-me!”

We have several cute sessions from that day, you’ll be seeing those soon! We only do the Magical Forest Sessions once every few weeks and our next date will be set for September (unless there is a huge demand before that time.) Keep your eyes peeled and we will announce the next day we have available for Magical Forest Sessions.

We get very anxious for the new seniors to start rolling in. Taylor is from Weber High School, Class of 2011 and what a way to start off the year! Hockey, motorcycles and a pretty girl! Have we ever mentioned how much we love our job?

Seniors – Call and book today! Don’t settle for anything less! 435-452-1952

Thank you Taylor and mom, we had a great time and I had to come right home and share these 2!

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