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Justine came up from Bountiful for her senior portraits. She’s a softballer and heard of us from Marlee M. (thanks Marlee!) So we showed her our town as well as did some studio shots with her.

This was a great session and we look forward to seeing you guys again soon! We will be in touch when we are ready for you!


Lovely Ashlee is a recent client for us here at Steve Harrington Photography. She was pretty much meant to be in front of the camera, I do believe! There are some gorgeous images here and we need to give a huge shout out to her Aunt Jennifer for making it happen with this indoor/outdoor session. Thanks ladies!

Here are 2 of my favorites.

Today was a great day for us! The results have came back from the WPPI International Print Competition we like to compete in and we are thrilled to announce that we have gained 2 more Accolades of Excellence as well as placed Second in the Senior Category.

Chyanne and Tysen will be happy to know they won us Accolades with their images-

And Brailee will be excited to hear she placed us in Second with this image! –

The part that makes this so great for us is, every one of these images are from regular senior sessions. Some photographers will execute elaborate sessions to shoot specifically for award winning shots. We just do it because we have the best clients around! That part makes us extra proud! Thanks you guys! We love the support we receive from our Northern Utah Clients.

And a high 5 to my partner in crime, Steve. Ya did good! – Shelley

We were happy to complete this milestone for the King family. Luke is #3 and the final senior of their family. We loved shooting him and his 2 older sisters. They are all attractive people, so it didn’t make our job too hard. This family even moved away after their oldest daughters senior portraits, and still brought the younger 2 to us even though they were now at Cottonwood High.

Thanks for coming to us! Here is one of my favorite images of the session:

Learning in Portland

September 17, 2010

We just came home from a great photography conference in Portland, Oregon. We’ve been planning this for awhile, drove up with friends and had a fun time! Ok we had a great time even though our friends car window got busted while we were in eating stealing their GPS, and they got a speeding ticket on the way home (I’m glad they drove! LOL) Note to self, put your GPS away and slow down.

But above that, we just had a great time. We learned some more stuff, played with new products and got all pumped up for more sessions! We have a modeling play-date coming up soon and we intend to use these ideas on our sessions. FUN! We know it’s a part of being a responsible and reliable photography business to be constantly refreshing ideas, learning new things, and keeping up with everything! I think it’s something you should require when you are looking for a pro.

So here are some of the shots we came up with. Some were from instructors, some were some us being able to take off with a model and play a bit. Enjoy!

We’ve been photographing families for a long time now. One thing we know for certain, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Allow me to explain my thought process here. We are now entering our un-official family season for family portraits. What prompts family season to start as it gets chilly? These are the habits we see: Eager moms start thinking about Fall colors, chilly days, and family gatherings now that the business of summer is dying down. I assume by now it gives families more time to think about family and an incoming holiday season. Who doesn’t want to share their family portrait with extended family during the holidays? It’s the perfect gift, even if it’s only in a card! And what proud mom doesn’t want a current portrait of her clan displayed on her wall so that she can enjoy it every day?

We get asked all the time, “When is the perfect time to get a family portrait taken?” We can tell you with a smile that the answer would be, “Never!”

Why? Well, here’s the deal, and we see and hear about it every time we book a session! Families in Utah tend to be on the larger side (numbers, not weight! :) ) And with busy, growing families it always seems that there is ‘something’ going on, or someone missing, or someone is wanting to wait until they get their braces off, or someone is wanting to wait until they shed a few pounds…, but things get delayed and next thing you know, you have a missionary leaving, and now you have to wait 2 more years, and he/she finally gets home but now you have the oldest sister getting ready to have a baby, so we better wait for that, well let’s wait until the baby can smile, so let’s wait until Spring (We can count on 1 hand how many spring family sessions we have done. They just don’t happen, life gets in the way.) ….. Get my drift? It is NEVER a “perfect” time. So… there sits your wall, empty for years because you can’t find that perfect time!

Being guilty of this myself, we hear this all the time, “We haven’t had family portraits in eight years, because someone was always pregnant or gone.” It’s been 3 years since we’ve had a family portrait taken, but I promise that will change this year!

This is the question that has haunted our sleep for years. Finally this past winter season, one of the mom’s coming in with her brood in tow for family portraits said the PERFECT reply to that question. I’d like to thank her for that epiphany. She  said, “This family may change in a year, but this is us, right here, right now… and this is a great memory to have.”

The moral to my little story would be this: It may never be the perfect time, but right now is the best time. It’ s no easy task to try to be perfect, but you can be your best.

We are booking into October by now. If you need a weekend to get the family together, give us a call ASAP. Saturdays fill up first and fast – We will shoot on Sundays during this season, if the need is there. We know how hard it is to get your young adult children anywhere near the house during the week. Call us for availability and bring your family to someone you can trust to get the job done, and have you thrilled with the results. That’s our mission in life! We don’t want you to just be satisfied, we want you to be thrilled! It’s our guarantee. And hopefully the “proof is in the pudding.”

Thanks for reading! -Shelley

Steve Harrington Photography Contact Information:

Cell -435-452-1952

Studio – 435-257-0272

Email –

Fair Winners have been picked!

September 7, 2010

Check your emails, you may have a winning surprise! We have picked both winners for our Magical forest Sessions and our Free Family Session Fee. We will give the people 2 days to confirm before we announce them. If they don’t confirm, we will pick another winner!

The Family Session drawing was for a free family session fee. Valued up to $100.00. A minimum order will still apply should you accept this prize.

The Magical Forest Session is for a free session with a free 5×7.

Stay tuned! It’s not over until we get confirmations! Thanks for all the participation! It was overwhelming!

Hi Everybody! We hope you had a great and safe Labor Day weekend!

Magical Forest Sessions are Scheduled for Sept 24th. $49.99 and includes a 5×7. If you entered our drawing at the Box Elder County Fair, we will allow you to still schedule at the fair rate special which is $19.99 and includes the 5×7 as well. Call 435-453-1952 to book your appointment! We only do these once every 6 to 8 weeks. This month is our Annual Autumn session that only happens once a year!

Kids love playing pretend and parents and grandparents love having these hanging on their walls! Give us a call to book at this insanely low pricing that you won’t see for rest of the year!


You have to admire a girl who isn’t afraid of dirt, and just happens to be gorgeous in front of the camera! Krisha came in for our studio session. (Yes, we have plenty of room for a dirt bike. Is that a bonus or what?)  It was a great pleasure having her in, since we’ve seen part of her family before. I am so happy with thees images and I’m thinking they will be too!

Here are a couple of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by our blog for a look! And Thanks to Krisha and her mom for coming in. And a large thank you to dad for taking part in her session by bringing in her bike. It made for a great studio prop!

Busy Beckham

September 2, 2010

I’m not exaggerating! This is one busy and FAST guy here. There were no sitting shots, we required “action mode!” But with being busy, he also happens to be most adorable. Thanks for coming by Kami, you’re a fast and efficient mom ! :)

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