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More are coming as I work on these. I promised to get the digital version up for everyone before Halloween so they could enjoy them and show them off.

This was so much fun, we can’t wait for next year! 3 hours full of belly laughs for me. Thank you for participating and please visit us again next year! I will post when the prints are ready.

I am adding these as I can get to them so if your little goblin isn’t on here yet, they will be soon!

Thanks again. We love our job!

We sent everything in today these are the remaining names we forwarded to the yearbook adviser. Call  us or text us if you have any questions or double check with the yearbook staff. Thank you!

ashlee t
drake w
elisabeth s
haley j
kalin m
kimee f
krisha m
marlee m

We are looking forward to our Halloween portrait night tonight! We are
getting a lot of phone-calls about it today. No, you don’t need an
appointment. Just show up between 4 and 7 pm. No, we don’t expect a long
waiting line, we know that’s the last thing you want. We will do everything in our power to get in your goblins in and out! If you prepaid,
you are good to go. If you pay tonight,… exact change is appreciated.

Haley came in for her senior portraits. We recognize her from girl’s softball this past spring. I honestly remember thinking ‘Aww, she’s cute, I’d love for us to do her senior pictures.’ .. And look what happened! I’ll have to try that again!

Plus, she had the coolest prom dress ever! But I’m going to show you this most favorite one of mine. :) Haley did an indoor session with us.

Thanks Haley and Lori! It’s great to meet new people.

The Thornley family had a specific idea in mind and we were happy to follow them to the middle nowhere! We got some amazing images for them, considering the challenge at hand. Thanks for trusting us to do so!

Halloween Portrait Reminder!

October 20, 2010

READ BELOW or CLICK HERE for all the spooky details about our Halloween Portrait Night!

If you payt attention to our website blog and/or Facebook business page, you recently saw how we were having an open call for past clients to come and model for us for a night of fun. We had a group of make-up and hair students from Bridgerland come and get real-time experience with our clients. The first night we had a make up only session with our models, Kaitlin, Abby, Marlee and Shawnie. The next night we did a fantasy themed set up. Markell, Annie, Kayla, and Miranda came in for make-up and hair.

We had a LOT of fun with all 8 girls and got them some fun and cool images! That’s why it’s beneficial to be our client! We evolve our business into a great relationship, for years to come. The only way you will find out about our call-outs  is by following our blog and checking our Facebook business page.A large thank you to the students and Tricia for contacting us about this!

There is a call out now… we’d like to maybe bring in another group before the end of October. The qualificatioins this time: Must be a senior from this year or a junior that has been to us before. Ideas are being formed, email if you are interested and we’ll let you know if we need ya!

Check out the gallery of images we created. We will be adding more over the next couple of weeks so check back!

We totally enjoy our “Cake the Baby” sessions. Even a 1 year old will hold still for an impressive amount of time when you place a big pile of sweetness in front of them. We would be happy doing these sessions every day, they are so much fun!

Scarlett had her turn recently as she just celebrated her first birthday. (Happy Birthday!) Her older brother, Harrison, was actually our very first baby to be ‘caked’. I almost forgot about that until Tricia reminded me… it’s been awhile! We have way too many cute pictures from Scarlett’s session. She was such a good girl for all of this, and Harrison was a good ‘light checker’ for us. I think he was a little disappointed that the cake got destroyed. Hopefully the tootsie rolls made up for it!

Here are a couple of favorites from Scarlett’s session. Call us if this looks like something you can’t resist. We guarantee you’ll love it!

We are seeing a lot of  “second sibling” seniors this year. We always find that a good sign! This is Justin from Bear River High School. Football is his game and we hear they are having a great year. A big thanks to Emily for being a great client. See you soon!

Drake’s Senior Portraits

October 11, 2010

Drake is a senior at Bear River High School. We were happy to see their family back in, we have quite the shrine of his sister,Brennan, in our studio. She was a fun model for us and Drake was great too!  He’s a footballer, track star and fisherman.. and that’s all I know about, there is probably more!

Steve was telling me that Drake broke his collarbone during football right after this senior shoot. We hope you’re healing quickly, Drake. Thanks for coming in!


Studio and Outdoor session highlighted right now!

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