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Family Season – Johnson’s

November 30, 2010

How about I catch up the blog with our recent family sessions? Good idea!

Steve’s little buddies and big buddy and their lovely girl companions were up for some recent family portraits. Here’s one of my favorites from their session. Rob may get grief for not smiling, but bad-a$$es don’t smile, people! This is a fact!

Thanks for joining in on the fun, friends. -Shelley

Life is all about having a little bit of fun, isn’t it? It’s our motto that he who has the most fun, wins! We have come together with a free spirit to offer our clients one of our most unique sessions yet! Happy Hatter Sessions. These are perfect studio sessions during the colder months.

This is how it works, call and book your appointment, we will let you know what hats we have in stock so that you can pick your favorite hat, we take a photo session with it and then you get to take your new hat home.

The session prices are per person, but we can certainly add-on per person at an additional cost.

Please call us for all the details.  For the month of December we will be having an introductory price of $79.99 +tax. This will include your session, your new hat, some print credit and a websized image for Facebook or your personal blog. Call us and get your spot reserved today, before I completely realize what a crazy low price it is.

These hats are only available through us when you have a portrait session done, so if you are looking for something beyond unique, we’ve got it!

We are also offering these as add-ons to our senior sessions. We have a few adult/teen sized hats that we haven’t shot yet. You’re going to love these! These are fun for all ages. (We are excited, can you tell? I’m using too many exclamation points. Forgive me.)

Check out the images we’ve shot so far. A huge thanks to our clients who helped us get these photographed. The perks of being a return client with us is shown right here. It was a fun, fun week! – Shelley


Sales, Sales, Specials and Fun

November 29, 2010

Thanks for the participation in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. Get ready for another sale announcement tomorrow and don’t forget our Facebook Ringlight night on December 7th from 6 to 8 pm.

We are so excited about our next announcement. We are always conspiring to find unique ideas to bring to our clients; something you will never get from another photographer in the area. Unique is something we strive for in every session we do. Stay tuned! I’m working on the detials right now and will have it all posted on Tuesday!

We will also be participating in the Tremonton Leader Ping Pong Drop on December 4th. We have included some great prizes for clients of all ages.

November 27th we had the honor of photographing Casey and Jehkiah’s wedding. The weather was crisp and it seemed the perfect day for a wedding. Congratulations to the both of you. We are so happy to be a part of your celebration. We wish you a happy and healthy future together. Keep in touch!

Black Friday – Cyber Monday

November 26, 2010

Our Black Friday sale was a great success. Steve was a busy guy on the phone for those 2 hours.

We made a quick decision to extend our Black Friday sale to another 2 hour sale on Cyber Monday! Same time, same deals! Thanks for playing.

You can read all the sales on this previous post  -CLICK HERE


Help us get Marlee to Palm Springs to Model at spa Event ’11. The 16th model is the viewers choice award. By *liking* her comp card on their Facebook site, this counts as a vote for her, the model with the most *likes* wins! Spread the word, share this link! We’ve been entering this contest with beautiful seniors for the past 5 years and we want to win! :) Good Luck Marlee!

HERE IS HOW TO VOTE: It’s a 2 step process.

First you have to *like* the spa business page  CLICK HERE AND CLICK “Like” on the top.


CLICK THIS LINK that show’s Marlee’s Comp Card and press LIKE!

The votes will not count unless you *like* the right link. Right now there are only about 50 of us who have *liked* her card. Pleas git er done! Thanks!!

New date slated for our Facebook Ringlight Night. We previously had to postpone this due to an unplanned trip, but now we are back and in the swing of it! Join us in celebrating life in general! Here is the original post:

Along with our  promise to keep our blog and website updated, we also maintain a Facebook business page. We watched it roll over to 800 followers the other day. That’s impressive! So we are going to celebrate with an evening of Ringlight fun. The Ringlight is the newest and most popular effect we have been doing in the studio. It’s unique, fun, and flattering. (If it can make me look good, it van make anyone look good. :) ) The set up will only allow this event to be individual portraits, we may be able to squeeze 2 people in there, just let us know when you book if you plan on more than 1 person. If there are two people in the portrait, there will be an additional fee.

Funny or formal, tell us your headshot preference.

Everyone needs an amazing portrait of themselves on Facebook!

Tuesday December 7th  between 6 and 8 pm in our warm studio.

Package Includes:
1-5×7 – 4 wallets
1 websize image for facebook, phone, or blog!

If you prepay for your session, you will get the price of $14.99 plus tax.  The night of the photo shoot, walk-in’s will pay $18.99. Call and reserve your session at the lower price today! No appointment necessary, but in order to get the best price you will need to prepay.

And as a special bonus, if you refer 5 friends to join in and prepay, we will do your session for free! Make sure they let us know at the time of the booking who referred them.  We will have it set up so you don’t have to worry about an audience watching you. 435-452-1952 .

*These images are for your personal use only. Our logo must remain on the image.

Take advantage of this incredible offer. and THANK you for being a follower!

I like sleep. I want to embrace myself a Black Friday experience again in my life sometime, but I’m thinking once in my lifetime was one time too many. I dislike standing in line for 3 hours to save $20.00 on something. I’m all about keeping life easy, simple,convenient and HAPPY! I feel bad when someone attempts to take my life with their shopping cart with a hanger crammed into the front as a makeshift bayonet. I like people! Humanity is absent on Black Fridays. All souls have left the building and all we have left is fleshy robots of evilness.

That’s some good coffee I’m drinking. I need more.

What I am getting at is, yes, we are having a Black Friday sale. We are keeping it easy for those who prefer to sleep in after stuffing their faces with turkey and pumpkin pie the day before. We are also thinking of those of you who are braving the early morning sales, as all the stores will be stripped of “the good stuff” by 9 am anyway. We have our sale placed so that you can come home just in time to call us and then eat more Turkey, and then take some ibuprofen and a nap.

What do you have to do to get our sales? Get on your phone and call us between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. (Don’t call us any earlier, I’ll be sleeping!)

Here’s what we have lined up for those of you who call. We have set up several fun and different offers with our clients in mind.  These also make great Christmas gifts. Please specify what sale you want when you call. All Black Friday Sales must be purchased during the phonecall, have your credit card ready!

  • $40 Business Headshots – Regular price $200.00 Includes a high resolution image on a disk for you to use on business cards, ads, newspapers and websites. Must be photographed in December. Your appointment must be prepaid and booked, please have your credit card ready. If  you do not have your appointment finalized in December, your $40.00 will be credited towards a regular business headshot session. No refunds. No exceptions.
  • $50.00 off your 2011 Bridal Session. Regular price is $350.00 and includes Wall Portrait, display prints and Facebook image.
  • $60.00 off your 2011 engagement session. Regular package price is $260.00 and includes prints, newspaper announcement, and Facebook image.

And finally our Gift Certificates!  This is the lowest we will go! Use them the next day, or the next year! Our Gift certificates will not expire for at least 5 years, and they only expire after that because that’s what the law says, or so I heard.

  • $50.00 will get you a $75.00 gift certificate.
  • $200.00 will get you a $300.00 gift certificate.

These prices are for new sessions only. They cannot be combined with other offers. Of course some restrictions may apply here, just give us a call and we’ll talk about all the details. We love our job and we love to work with people to get them the best images for their budget. Remember, these prices are only good for the 2 hours on Friday the 26th. Save yourself some money and some bruises from the masses on Black Friday! But have lots of fun if you do go, I’ll be sleeping.


Family Time

November 19, 2010

I made this joke earlier to someone and I think it fits well here: If you want to burn some calories, bring some children into the studio to photograph. It is a great exercise plan for sure! I shall call myself the “wrangler of children!” I stand off to one side with my hands out as to guide them back into the front of the camera.

These guys were a hoot and we knew we’d get some good stuff of Ky and Mikal. We did! There was never a doubt!

Thank you guys for coming in! I think your order is already here! Steve will be calling, unless he did already.


We are back from an unplanned trip to North Dakota. We went to give some family support. Now we are back in the swing of things. Give us a call. 435-452-1952 We have some orders here ready to pick up. We will be calling you guys or call us first!

We also have many things planned to put up in the next few days, such as:

  • rescheduling our ringlight facebook night
  • It’s Magical Forest session time again! We will get you the date!
  • announcing our Black Friday sales
  • presenting our new baby/toddler/children sessions (Clients who have been to us before: we need models to help promo this! If you haven’t caught my attention on Facebook, leave a comment here if you have a baby/child/toddler.)

And the near future announcements will include:

  • Our Valentines day special – 1 day for children, 1 day for the ladies with makeup and hair optional!
  • Our new revamped Senior model program for the class of 2012. You will want to get a list of your friends together for this one!
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