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Here is the updated information you need as far as being an aspiring Steve Harrington Photography model for the class of 2012  -OR-  if you are simply looking for the best pricing for your 2012 senior portraits, read below. All model and lock in rates will expire on June 1st, 2011. Please read carefully then call with questions, we hopefully have everything spelled out right here.

If you are interested in early senior savings for your senior portraits:

Right now we are offering a sale like nothing we have done before, so we urge you to take advantage of it!  Talk to your parents, they will appreciate the savings. Trust us. If it is your plan to have your senior portraits taken by us, you can lock in an early savings price by buying -in with a $50 deposit. This will give you a free session fee and the $50 will directly be applied to your order. This does not mean you have to have your senior portraits taken right now. This will lock in your price and we can have your official senior portrait session later in the summer.  You do not have to worry about paying anything else until it’s time for your senior portraits! You may want to book in time to get a unique yearbook shot if your school allows it. Again, this is an exclusive offer that will expire on June 1, 2011. After that time, we will go back to our regular session fees and pricing.

You will need to have your session booked no later than the early Fall of 2011. This is part of the “free session” deal we have set up for you. Plus if you are paying attention to the weather, you will see that wanting to wait for your senior portraits in the spring of your senior year is a large gamble. We have been doing this long enough to know we do not see steady weather until later in May and at that point, it’s crunch time if you want to hire a quality photographer.  This free session offer will only last until June 1st. You can either talk to one of our models listed below if they are your friend and you’d like to give them the referral credit, or you can contact us directly about it at 435-453-1952. Call us or text us, there is no pressure here, we are happy to answer questions. We do have minimum orders set in place, but we have something that should fit everyone that is interested in getting senior portraits through us. We love what we do, we are good at it and we’d love to have you as a client!

If you are interested in being a model:

Time is running out, but we always have room for more! So yes, we are still looking for 2012 senior models, specifically in neighboring schools like Box Elder High in Brigham, Ogden, Logan, Malad and other areas. Being a senior model is a fun experience and you will have more images than you will know what to do with. We have a fun, fresh program that will get you perks, or if you just want to get in early for some spring bonuses, we’ve got something for everyone. This is not a free modeling experience, we do require minimum orders from our models. This does not mean you have to  have your senior portraits taken this early, we will just have mini-sessions until you are ready for your senior portraits in your senior year. We are constantly looking for models for various projects, our senior models get first dibs when something comes our way. One of the biggest perks we have is our annual Utah workshop in June where you are the model!  We are taking our hardest working senior models with us. We start to prepare for this in the early spring, this is one of the reasons we start looking for 2012 seniors early. We also like to use the incoming seniors on our marketing materials. Come early and this will be you! Promise!

You can be a model, help a friend be a model, or join in with your friends to work towards sharing our Utah Senior Workshop experience together! Our lowest possible pricing is right now, we will be moving the prices up as the year progresses. Don’t let the early deadlines scare you, if you plan to get your senior portraits taken with us during your senior year anyway, this is a program for you! Right now, $50 will get you started with a mini session, and every cent goes back into your senior portraits!!

Click on our Model Application to start the process if you’d like to be a model! We are going to have a great year! OR as stated above, if you are only interested in early savings – contact us or one of our models if you’d like to lock in your price early. This will save you up to $100. Again, talk to your parents, they are welcome to call with questions. No pressure.



Class of 2012:

Find out how to save$100 on your senior portraits by texting one of our models. (They love the referrals!)

Example:  you would Text SHPJoslyn and your full name to 77007. This will get us calling you and get your model referral set.

Here is a list of our lovely models and their keywords, so you would replace the keyword to your preferred model and friend! This will give them referral credit when you book with us and send in the $50 lock-in fee.

  • Joslyn Udy –         SHPjoslyn
  • Abigail Payne –     SHPabby
  • Rebecca Anderson – SHPrebecca
  • Hadlee Boren –     SHPhadlee
  • Devanne Marsh – SHPdevanne
  • Hayley Hardy –    SHPhayley
  • JJ Montgomery – SHPjj
  • Taylor Thompson – SHPtaylor
  • Makenzie Richardson – SHPmakenzie
  • Sadie Smoot –      SHPsadie
  • Bobbie Jo Baker – SHPbobbie
  • Whitney Jeppesen – SHPwhitney
  • Alex Atkinson – SHPalex
  • Maddison Roche – SHPmaddison
  • Chelbie Madson – SHPchelbie
  • McCall Stephensen – SHPmccall
  • Kayli Lowder – SHPkayli
  • Kaycee Nicholas – SHPkaycee

Texting the keywords not case sensitive, we just capped some of the letters for clarity.

Msg & data rates may apply

It’s Magical Forest Session time!

These sessions are the most fun for your children. Give us a call, we have room for you. 30 minute sessions will give you a lifetime of joy! We only do these once every month, sometimes every 2 months, depending. Call us 435-452-1952.

We do have several ping pong balls with coupons attached to them from the December drop in Tremonton. Now is the time to use them!

The cost is $49.99 which will include the session fee and one 5×7 as well as 1 web-sized image we give you for Facebook or your blog. This is due upon scheduling, we are happy to take a credit card. This will truly be a favorite family heirloom. What little girl doesn’t want the chance to be a fairy princess? What boy doesn’t want to be a fisherman in a magical pond? For the girls, bring their favorite dance costume, or a leotard, we have skirts and headbands available.

Join us for our Magical Forest Session on February Second

We now have an online application to make all of our lives a little bit more convenient. Talk to your parents and fill out the application, we will give you a call. This doesn’t mean you have to have your senior portraits taken already, what this does is gets you in on special perks as our model. Among other things, we will have fun mini shoots and projects like that where your friends are invited.

Fill out our online application and join Joslyn and Abby as we’ve already began photographing sessions with them. APPLY HERE!

Abby is going to be highlighted a lot here in the next year as she is a Class of 2012 senior model for Steve Harrington Photography.

We have a fun new program for our models that will be interactive, low-key and ideal for friends to gather together for group shots! We can give you all the details you’d like to know if you contact one of our models or contact us at 435-452-1952. Our models get bonuses for referring freinds, as well as will get temselves a weekend in Park City for our annual workshop for photographers where our models are the stars for 2 days of fun!

Let us make it clear that just because we are starting to photograph sessions with our models for 2012, this does not mean you have to get your senior images taken this early – We just get to have lots of practice fun until we do shoot your actual senior session! Bonus! We always have a ton of project shoots we need help with, our senior models get called in first.

Say hi to Abby and watch for more details as we go along, but your best bet is to call us right away since the early girls and guys will get the advantage!

We are interested in teaming up with some wedding cake designers. We have a need for wedding cake images and if you are in need of some portfolio samples, we can build a great relationship! I’m not going to solicit to these people unless they show interest first. I appreciate all the suggestions and referrals people have sent my way, but what I’m really looking for is interested designers to contact us first! SO, if you know someone, don’t send me their name, pass our information onto them and then they can contact us if they are interested! Thank you!  or contact Steve at 435-452-1952

Less than a week to our Valentines Portrait date. Give us a call! 435-452-1952

Dalton M’s First Birthday

January 11, 2011

We do love to to our “Cake the Baby” sessions for 1 year old that are celebrating their first birthday party. They are so fun and so cute to watch. I get a cavity from all the sweetness. Dalton was in just before Christmas and so we took advantage of an elf hat and some fun times! He’s such a cute baby!

We always start out with a normal studio session so clients can have a variety of images from the session.We let you have your cake and eat it too! Check out our packages by clicking on this link.

Thank you Brett for coming and getting sticky with us.

Schow Family Portrait

January 10, 2011

The Schows paid us a visit from Brigham City. We helped them out with an updated family portrait while they were all together for the holidays. Thanks Schow family! It was a treat to meet you!


Courtnie’s Studio Session

January 4, 2011

We had a tremendous session with Courtnie as we closed out December and 2010. I think was the perfect ending to a fun year! She is beyond photogenic and we have some great pictures here! Let me show you 2 of my favorites.

Thank you Dana and Courtnie for coming in! We really had a great time and we love turning out sessions like this!


Laycee and her guy!

January 4, 2011

Last time we saw Laycee, we were doing her senior portraits. Time does fly! We had a couples session with her and Derek just before Christmas. Here are a couple of my favorites.

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