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March 12th seems to be the day for prom here in Northern Utah.

We are here and ready for you. We love Prom, we’d love to shoot them more. We’ll be in our studio on March 12th offering Prom Portraits to those who want to drop in!  Girls, it’s time to tell those dates of yours where you really want to go for prom portraits. Once  the dinner is gone, the night is over, and the flowers die, you only have your prom portraits to remember this night. Why would you settle for cheap photography for this? I’m not sure either!  Every image that goes through our hands is edited to it’s finest, blemishes removed, eyes open and both pointing our way (why that should even be an option is beyond me.) We don’t green screen in bulk, so we know you won’t be eaten by the green screen if you happen to match it. (Sad thing is is some of you probably know what we’re talking about here.)

Here’s the dealio and pricing.

We will make appointments for this day. You can call and prepay and that’s one less thing you have to worry about spending money on while you are on your date. A prepaid appointment will ensure you will get in and out without waiting in line all night long.

We have 3 couple packages – and then we have the option to add on a group shot.

The couples packages are as follows:

Collection One – 2 5×7’s  &  8 wallets= $30.00

Collection Two – 2 8×10’s & 8 wallets = $35.00

Collection Three – 2 8x10s – 2 5x7s and 8 wallets = $45.00

This also includes a free facebook image!

If you come with a group and want a group shot included, these are Added-on:

2 8×10’s of the group for $15.00

Free Facebook image too! SCORE!

This is dirt cheap for our 8x10s so we do require that if you are in the group shot, you have to pay to be in the picture.

If you come in and only want a group shot, you will have to pay the price of the regular collections. The $15 is only as an add-on price.

Make sense?  Hopefully we covered it all. If you have any questions, you can surely call us.

Call today to get the best appointments first. 435-452-1952  Please don’t hesitate to give us a holler if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you here!

P/S – for a special bonus, you can tag yourself on our facebook ad to help spread the word and we’ll throw in a free and fun facebook goof-shot with your friends

*Proudly serving the Northern Utah area in a cheese-free environment.

Please email us for more information. We limit to 30 guests and we have a record for selling out! Blackout restrictions will apply so you will need to contact us for more information and details about our 4th annual workshop. This one is one you surely won’t forget! We are excited!

Graduation announcements will be in the works soon. I am extra excited to start building these for you as I have spent all winter coming up with fun and unique ideas, just for our senior clients!

We will be in touch with you about how many you need. Make your list, check it twice! 435-452-1952 Call or text if you have any questions.

Class of 2011 – It’s not too late to get your senior portraits done. We start working early on our Fall clients, but we always have room! It looks like it’s going to be a late spring since the snow doesn’t know how to stop showing up! But we have tons of new backgrounds and a nice warm studio to give you the best senior portraits evah! Or we can hope for a nice April for some awesome outdoor shooting, look at your schedule and call us today to set up a spot.

We can shoot 24/7 if needed.This is what we do! So give us a call or text us with any questions.


Devanne is another terrific addition to our senior model program for the class of 2012. Bear River High School is her location. We’ve photographed her for quite some time. We’ve done a sweet 16 party for her and even had her family bring her to Idaho for one of our workshop moments as our model. So it’s fair to say she’s comfortable with us in front of the camera, and that’s what makes her images amazing!

Her mom is our favorite hairdresser from Possibilities in Tremonton. She’s cur out hair for years as well as had a BBQ with us a time or two. My dog tried to bite Drake’s face off once, but we don’t want to talk about that. :) We are all still friends and that’s what matters!

Devanne’s senior pictures are going to rock this year! We will photograph her in our Garland studio as well as to some outdoor location shoots.

Mom might freak out because she’s all grown up. But I love this shot, it’s a fashion thing and we love it! We are excited to bring her and our other models in for various shoots through the year.

Thanks for reading our blog! – Shelley H

Hadlee is a familiar face and we are happy to see it’s her turn to be a senior model for us! She works great in front of the camera. We will be taking her Class of 2012 senior pictures later in the year, but for now we had her in for a mini-session to get her (and us!) some images for Facebook and our photography blog.

You’ll bee seeing Hadlee a bunch here at Steve Harrington Photography. If you know Hadlee and have any questions for her about being a model, she can give you the information about our studio. She’s working towards joining us in June as a model for our 4th annual photography workshop.

Thanks Hadlee! We have some great stuff here! We are spoiled with super cute models!

-Shelley Harrington

Hello from Sunny Palm Springs!

February 21, 2011

We are actually back now, but I’ve always wanted to say that. It should still apply, considering we were viewing palm trees and the ocean yesterday at this time. Yes, you Utah people, there really is a warm place this time of year. If you ever want to get away, I loved LOVED Palm Springs and would go there again in a heartbeat. We stayed at the Riviera for the convention and it was an incredible retro resort full of amazing scenery. I just stood around and looked at all the pretty colors. If you ever want to get your senior pictures taken there, we’d be happy to do it! …Just sayin…

We were able to hook up with friends we only see during photography conventions, which is a great highlight for us. But I have to tell you, we came home with so many great ideas to implement in our photography business and studio for Steve Harrington Photography. I truly believe this is what helps us stay active as a full-time business and keeps us fresh and effective. We work really hard to keep improving our skills. One of the greatest achievements while we were there was entering the portfolio print competition where we took home a third place award with Drake Walker’s images from a Fall session. There was some stiff competition there and we weren’t expecting such a great win, so of course we were thrilled and Steve did his best dance on the way off the stage to gather his award. (Don’t tell him I said that.)

For now here is the portfolio competition entry that earned Steve an award. I have a bunch of great images to share and we will gather them together for posting. We also have more new senior 2012 models that have joined us we have yet to announce because we shot them and left the next day! :)

Thanks for reading our blog. We love your photography job!

Magical Forest Sessions

February 13, 2011

Some of our favorite kid’s sessions would be our Magical Forest Sessions.

It’s Becca’s turn! We’ve seen her older sister for senior portraits and bridals, we’ve also seen her older brother for senior portraits, not to mention we’ve seen her younger sisters during Halloween… and now we are so excited to see Becca! Their family has turned out some of my favorite portraits yet!

Becca is going to represent us through the graduation of the Class of 2012! Her talent in front of the camera definitely runs in the family. It’s going to be a great year! We are working with more models through February, watch for more images of Becca and her Class of 2012 peers. Along with Joslyn and Abby, they are our first models and we are having a blast getting them in front of the camera.

Our online application for class of 2012 is HERE – We do have some emails we haven’t answered yet, we will get to them this week, promise! -Shelley

P/S – Good to have you Becca! Next time I’ll try not to be in bed sick when you come over. :)

Tomorrow is Magical Forest Session day. We have fishermen and fairy princesses dropping by, join us! Call for an appointment $49 will include the session and a 5×7. 435-452-1952.

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