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Hi gang! Every year we are so happy with our models, and this year is no exception, we have a talented group of girls from cowgirl to crooner! We are so lucky!

In no particular order, here are all of our models in a glance for the Class of 2012 senior season. We’ve had a great time so far, and we are looking forward to a fun summer! A few of these girls have already been worn out by us as they earned positions to be our models for our annual workshop. Amazing images have come from that weekend, if you haven’t seen them, you can revisit that link HERE. The models also have another chance to earn products from us through referrals, etc through the year. The next activity we have going on starts on July 1! We will be putting each of these images on Facebook and the model with the most “likes” will win herself a composite valued at over $500.00! Along with that, the model with the most comments under her image will win herself a free 11×14 portrait print, which has a starting value of $100!.

So what do you have to do to help your friend or model win?


#2 – Make sure you find the right picture album as we are only keeping track on these Black and White Images, even though you may see their faces around our Facebook page. We will only count the likes and comments on these 2012 model headshots.  CLICK HERE FOR THE ALBUM

#3 – LIKE your favorite model(s). You can like as many as you want!

#4 – Leave a nice comment of our girls on their image!

# 5- Tell a friend!

Check back and keep up with who is marketing themselves the best! We know summer gets busy and people will go on vacations for 2 week stints, so what we are going to do is leave this open until July 29th. Aug 1st is when we will announce the 2 top girls. (Or 1 girl even has the chance to take it all.)

Our models have exclusive referral offers to give you, all you have to do is ask them about it and then call us. You’ll need to tell us they referred you on first contact with us.

Thanks girls! – Shelley

The summer sale is on, it’s by far our most favorite time of year! Stay cool with the best senior portraits around! Senior portrait season has begun. Maybe you are sad that you didn’t hit one of our super early sales, but don’t worry there is still time in July to save money on terrific and professional senior portraits. Class of 2012  Book your session in July and receive half off your session fee and buy one get one free wallets. Your portraits will be taken in July and you’ll have plenty of time to pick your favorite image for your yearbook (school restrictions may apply.) This is a great way to get it out of the way before your crazy senior school year starts, yet give us plenty of time to come with something creative and custom for you! July is one of our most favorite months to shoot too! It’s warm, the weather is stable, and suntans are natural. Most of our award winning shots have been taken in July!… just sayin’…

Every year we get senior who are wanting to wait for spring of their senior year. We’ve done this long enough to know that this is usually a bad idea for something as important as senior portraits.

Here’s why!

– ‘Spring’ usually doesn’t happen until June in Utah.You will be gambling with making appointments during an unstable weather season.

-You will be lucky to book with a professional photographer in the late spring with time to spare. If you want outdoor included in your portraits, there are only so many sunny days we can work with before we run out of time.

Some people have it in their heads that they will change their senior year and they want to wait until the last minute to get senior portraits taken.  We have a solution for that, get your senior images taken early and if you feel like you have changed that much in the spring, we will do a mini-session for you for $75. To date, no one has taken us up on that offer.

Trust yourself to us, we are professionals and we will take good care of you and leave you 100% happy. It’s a guarantee we have carried from the beginning!

What are you waiting for? Call today! 435-452-1952 Call us as soon as you can, our bookings are filling and we’d like to be able to accommodate you busy people with packed schedules.

utah senior portrait sale class of 2012



Here you can meet Erika! She’s another 2012 model that snuck in just in time! We are happy to have her. She is a senior and a cheerleader at Box Elder High School.  She is also available to refer friends and give them exclusive offers through us. Our July sale for seniors is kicking in,  watch for it!

Watch for lots of great images of Erika and the rest of our Steve Harrington Photography Class of 2012 Models.

Call for more senior portrait information!


We love the smell of a brand new baby! They need to bottle that up and sell it! Congratulations are sent out to the Kendricks and their perfect newborn arrival, Ryker.  He came in when he was 5 days old and time already has flown, I thought I had posted a couple of his images, here already, but I guess I didn’t! So, without further ado, meet Ryker! He’s a sweet guy and I’m pretty sure he’s destined to love cars, tools and his dog, Murphy.

Thanks friends! -Shelley

We were excited to take family portraits for the Jensen family. We timed it just right and found a perfect warm day for pictures. We definitely have some keepers here! Thank you for finding us and booking us Tammy! See you soon! – Shelley

We recently put on our fourth annual senior photography workshop for guests all over the country, and even one dude from Canada. What a great time! We loved every minute of it and proceeded to wear ourselves right out! Mission accomplished! A big thank you to all of those who made it happen and helped us make this our best event yet!

Thank you to all of our amazing models (and moms and dads) who made this year so perfect too! Hayley, Sadie, Joslyn, Whitney, Makenzie, Craig, and Chloe. Seriously, you rocked it!  If you are wanting your senior portraits done for the Class of 2012, just talk to one of our Utah girls and they can tell you all about how we can give you an experience you will never forget! We are having our last 12 hour sale for the year on June 24th. Don’t miss out. Great images that won’t break the bank!

We started planning next year already while we were there! Here are some images. Enjoy and come back for more, we will be putting them up as time goes! Back to work!

Truly grateful for great friends and connections – Shelley (and Steve)


We had the pleasure of photographing Morgan and Dallin at their wedding reception tonight. We also took their pre-wedding images (nicknamed ‘groomals’ here in Utah) last month so they had plenty of time to enjoy the day without being rushed around the Salt Lake City Temple today for pictures. We are so glad they chose to do it this way, it sounded like the SLC  temple was crazy busy as usual!


They are a gorgeous couple and we wish them the best! Congratulations you two! Thank you for letting us be part of your special event. We loved it!


Sierra is our last official model for the Class of 2012. Our model deadline for the class of 2012 has now passed, but we still have plenty of room to take amazing pictures for the Class of 2012. We are so excited about this coming class! We’ve already been blessed with some amazing seniors with our early sessions.

We actually photographed Sierra’s older sister, Aubrey, for her senior portraits a couple of years ago. It’s nice to see them back! We are looking forward to a great year.

Our models will always have special perks that they can give to their friends as referrals, so make sure you keep updated with Sierra. She can hook you up. :)

Thanks Sierra! It’s great to have you here!

Class of 2012- Our super early sale deadline has come and gone, but we are having one last 12 hour “Last Chance” sale. The date is Friday, June 24, 2012!  Pass it on, this will be your last chance to get a free session fee for your 2012 senior portraits. This could save you $100 on amazing portraits of your senior year! We will book your date and take a $50.00 deposit on this day, so have a form of payment ready!


Call on June 24th between 10 am and 10 pm for this exclusive pricing. This is the absolute best deal you will find from us for the Class of 2012. Early bookings help us spread out the love and our creation time and in turn, we can offer early savings for those who want the best senior portraits around. This works slick for people who want a nice senior portrait image for the yearbook. We offer these for free on early senior sessions. (School restrictions may apply, make sure your school will accept images, we will do the rest!)

Book your session this day, get a $50.00 deposit to us during your call, and we will set up a date before Aug 19th to get your images done.


  • 6/24 between 10 am and 10 pm
  • Call 435-452-1952
  • Have your deposit ready – we take credit cards or you can run a check by that day
  • Complimentary Yearbook image – Free session fee!

Call us anytime if you have any questions. 435-452-1952 If you are an eager senior reading this, make sure you pass this information onto your parents. They will appreciate the savings, you will appreciate the awesome portraits!

Samantha was our last official 2011 senior. She comes to us through her sister Sadie, who is one of our 2012 models. Don’t get confused, the point is they are both cute and we are happy to have them in our lives. :)

Thanks Sam for visiting us! We had a great time and your jumping skills are amazing!


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