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Congrats to McCall Stephensen for earning herself an 11×14 single image print!

Congrats to Hayley Hardy for earning herself one of our super cool action composites in a 16×20!

Thanks to all of our models, they are doing a great job this year representing us! If you have any questions about getting your senior portraits done, talk to one of them, they can hook you up!

– Shelley


To get on our text list, all you have to do is the following:

Type the code SHPVIP to our unique number: 77007 Make sure you include your full name, town and what you are interested in for portraits (seniors, kids, families, weddings, etc…) We will not add your number without all of this information. This helps us validate we are communicating with a real human. *grin*

So here is how you do it text like this example:

SHPVIP Shelley Harrington Garland family and seniors

We also will not be bombing your texts with daily feeds. We only use this maybe once a month to announce our super specials. We will also have exclusive text specials, including giveaways! We understand not everyone has unlimited texting and we respect that. You can also remove yourself from our list at anytime by rexting that number and type the response “stop”. It’s a slick and convenient way to connect with us if you are on your computer less and your phone is more readily available!



Part of our summer fun is inviting our class of 2012 models and their parents and/or friends over for an evening of pizza and photo booth fun! And fun it was! The photobooth is something we are beginning to offer as a fundraising event or party addition. We can come to you, no problem. Or we can set it up in our studio and run it from here. Either way, we have a few great ideas to make this ‘photobooth on steroids’ a hit for your friends. We will of course always offer these as Facebook images with the option to purchase prints. It depends on the price point you are interested in. For details on this, you’ll want to give us a call and we can work something out to make everyone happy and to create a great time at your events.

435-452-1952 is where you can contact us. Feel free to send a text as well. Our email is



It’s time! At least once a year we go through and clean out our working computers to archive files. But before we do that, we are offering our second annual Client Appreciation Wallet Sale! We are here to reward our faithful clients with a sale!

We have slated the qualifications to be from the 2010-2011 year, since we usually archive our stuff annually. But if you are truly interested in purchasing wallets and your before this time-line, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen!

  • If you have that new baby and you didn’t send a picture to the extended family, here is your chance.
  • If you have had family portraits taken by us recently, these would be great to buy and stash away for Christmas Cards!
  • Did we take a team picture of you that rocked and you want to share with family and friends? Here is your chance!
  • If you have a kick-butt senior picture you want to give to friends now that you have graduated and you are all going your separate ways. They are great little additions to “just because” cards.
  • Thank you card inserts!

This sale will last through this week only. We can make it super simple. Give us a call, we will help you find that image and we will do the rest! Please note that we will ask for payment during your phonecall, so have a credit card ready, or be prepared to bring a check or cash by that same day.

Thanks and we look forward to talking to you! If you have any questions – you can always call us at 435-452-1952

This is a special only being advertised here on our blog and on our Facebook page. Please let your friends know about this sale if they have done business with us in the past! Thank you!


Time for some one-on-one education on the subject of professional photography! Here’s some good information to sink your teeth into. Are you ready?

One of the biggest fallacies that bothers Steve the most would be the comment, ‘But Steve is so expensive…” Now, I don’t want this to sound like we are turning on the defensive, more-so I want to type out a few points for those who may react too quickly. The fact that we hear the above comment from people who have never even been to us, leaves a big assumption on their part. Now granted, we aren’t for everyone. If we were for everyone, we’d be really busy doing a lot of work for nothing. A wise man once told me, “If they aren’t complaining about prices, your not charging enough…”

This is what we do for a living… and we also know our marketing area. Residing in Northern Utah is a great place to be! And even better is our small town living that we love so much! If we were to price ourselves out of this region completely, we would not be doing this for full-time for very long. We have no doubt we could move to a larger town to demand higher prices, but the payoff of small town living (and a great community and good friends) keeps us grounded. Part of being a professional photographer is knowing your market limitations and strengths. We have found the level playing ground where we can be more “exclusive” without breaking the bank and keeping our clients 100% satisfied. It’s our guarantee. A good guarantee goes hand-in-hand with a working as a professional. Ethical business practices should be a no-brainer as well.

We love being exclusive to those who appreciate our work, we also invite a larger audience in with sales on a constant basis to those who like our work but may not feel they can afford us. Although we know we aren’t for everyone, we still like to try to make everyone happy! But you also can’t expect cheap (or shoddy) work from an award winning photographer who also happens to speak on this subject nationally. So take advantage of our giveaways and discounts when you can!

If you want to know how we really operate, ask a client of ours, not an assuming bystander. We tend to build life long relationships with clients. We are 100% confident that our clients ‘have our back.’ That speaks volumes as a professional photographer, don’t you think?

Have questions? Call us! We can answer you, talk to you about our job, our business, and your requests! Our studio is by appointment only, feel free to call and come in and look through our samples. We love what we do!

Thanks for reading and keep coming back to our blog!!

-Shelley Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography

What is a “Magical Forest Session?”  You can read all about it here! MAGICAL FOREST SESSIONS We only do these a few times a year, so don’t miss out on a great portrait and a great deal!

The date will be Wednesday, July 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm


Thursday, July 28th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

$20.00 prepayment required to secure a spot, have a credit card ready when you call!*

We know you love a sale! The catch is, you may have to do some work for it!

We will start out with our regular monthly pricing of $49.99 for the session, which includes a 5×7 print from your choice of 5 previews.  That same 5×7 print will be made into a Facebook image too!

Once we book 10 appointments for those 2 days, we will drop the price to $39.99 per session.

If we book 20 appointments, we will drop the price again to $29.99 per session.

So you can see this would be beneficial to tell your friends about. You have the power to drive the price down!  We anticipate the prime appointment times will be filled first, so don’t delay! Here’s what you need to do –   Call us to prepay*, book your time, and then call or text all of your friends and/or family!

This will only be advertised here on our blog and on our Facebook Page.  Again, to help yourself save some money, spread the word and share this link on Facebook and blogs. *We will let you know the day of your appointment if we have reached our goal and saved you some money!



Thanks and we will see you on July 27th – 28th.


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