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It’s always great to have the Color Guard from Bear River High School come in for their team and individual portraits. These girls get better and better with each year! We have enjoyed watching them grow with their great coaches, Melissa and Kristy. Keep up the great work girls!  Thank you to the family members who brought over their fun car and spit shined it, thank you to the parents who hauled the girls around. And mostly, thanks to the girls for spending your time with us, it’s usually an adventure of some sort. Last year it was a skunk, this year it was an unexpected locked gate along with a broken car… but hey! We made it through it and everything turned out great! Stay happy and go git’em! You are doing a great job of representing!

garland utah bear river high school colorguard



Here is one of our superstars, Hayley H. She contacted us early in the 2011 year about being our senior model and she’s been busy for us ever since! Among other goodies, she earned herself a trip to be our senior workshop model in June – at which she did an amazing job for us! We couldn’t have asked for more! She has really helped us with referrals … (not to mention all of her cute cousins.. how can one family have so many cute girls?) We thank her for that! She’s also earned herself one of our dance composites, which we will be photographing here in September. It’s exclusively for a studio display we want to do, and we can’t wait to show it off!

Hayley is a senior at Box Elder High School . She is on the dance team. She loves her family, her boyfriend, and brown cows.

So, thanks again Hayley. It was really easy to get some amazing senior portraits after doing all this work with you. Thanks for all you do!

I think that’s one of the perks of being a model for us, by the time it’s time for the ‘real thing’ – these girls are relaxed, know us too well, and just make pretty pictures! I’m supery happy with these pictures, I know Steve is too.

Here is a sampling of our and her favorites.

Keep smiling and have a great senior year!


Time flies by! It seems like just the other day we were talking to Rebecca about being our Class of 2012 senior model. Now, here we are, already doing her official senior portraits! They are done and she turned out an amazing session! We’ve probably mentioned it before when we announced her as a model, but we’ve also had the pleasure in the past of photographing her older sister and brother for their senior portraits. We’ve also done bridals for her older sister, Lisa. This family creates some good looking kids, that’s for sure!

So now Rebecca is entering her senior school year at Bear River High School. I would imagine she’ll have the time of her life and we wish her a great school season! We appreciate her representing us this year. She’s done a great job!

Thanks again! Here are a few of our favorites.

Bridal portraits probably rank right up there with some of our favorite portraits to shoot! Take a pretty girl in a beautiful dress and shape her with light, you can watch the magic happen. Tiery is such a stunning bride, we are glad she came to use for her bridal portraits. We always figure bridal portraits are a big deal, after the big event and the dress is tucked away, it’s important to be able to have these images to look back on for years to come! We work on creating a timeless memory.

Thanks Tiery and have a great wedding day!


A Recent Fairy Session

August 18, 2011



Our Magical forest sessions always create the best children’s portraits. Every time we do them, we get really excited about how they turn out. Kate’s is no exception! She brought in her favorite outfit and we created some magic!

Keep an eye out for our magical forest sessions We only do them every other month or so. We like to fill the day with fairies and fishermen, if you like your boys to get in on the magic! A good way to get a reminder right to your phone is to text our mobile club SHPVIP at 77007 – leave your name and also mention the magical forest sessions and we’ll send you a text next time we are ready to schedule one.

We often have group specials in order to book up the day. Get together with your friends and plan a date, we will reward you!


We photographed these massage professionals for their graduation announcements. They belong to class #28 of the Ogden Institute of Massage Therapy. We are extra proud to have our daughter in this group. Morgan has been burning the midnight oil, driving to Ogden several times a week, on top of working her full-time job for a year now to become licensed as a massage therapist. We are so happy to see her meet her goal! We are even more excited to be able to offer to set her up in the studio once or twice a month to be offering massages here in our area! It will be super convenient for those interested as we will have the studio closed and empty for her to offer her clients the peace and quiet they deserve while getting the best massage of your life! Be watching. We will offer up details once she gets her business practice underway.

Congratulations to all the ladies here! We feel like we know you after hearing Morgan talk about school for the past year! Best of luck to your future!

Coming Soon….

August 11, 2011

Little baby Macie is coming soon. Brittany and Gary came in for some maternity portraits before her arrival. They made great portraits and Brittany is definitely glowing as an expectant mother. We are happy to have gotten pictures of her special time. Maternity portraits are something that people don’t do much around here in the Northern Utah area, but we’d sure love to make it a habit to do more. They turn out very classy and make a great memory. We always end of overshooting and spending tons of time on them. I’m pretty sure we wore Brittany out. She did a great job and brought perfect clothing.

Thanks for coming in. We can’t wait to meet Macie! Congratulations!


We are happy to help Tiery and Fernando with their engagement portraits as well as their wedding announcements. They came in for a studio session with their two best friends. I’m a dog lover and we fell in love with these boys quickly! They were so good and fun to shoot! I hope we get the chance to see them again soon.

Congratulations to you all and we are looking forward to photographing Tiery’s bridals soon too.

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