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Baby Macie and Family!

September 22, 2011

Macie and family came in for their first official family portrait and baby session. Her newborn session turned out so well. We are happy they brought the family pet, Captain, as well. As a pet lover, I know that your pets are very much part of the family too.

Thanks for everything. We are happy to get to know your cute  little family.


We have great local clients, and for that we are offering an exclusive sale for a week to show them we appreciate their efforts in keeping the “love” locally. Here’s the story for you – We’ve been approached by parents before about putting a bid in for the ‘school pictures’ for elementary students.  We’ve always been appreciative for being thought of, but always politely declined as we cannot compete with the big chain businesses who come into our area and do them for next to nothing. We just can’t compete with the pricing, hopefully our quality and our standards need no explanation as to why this is.

So this spring, a lovely and courageous group of ladies got together and asked us to put a bid in at Garland Elementary because they were campaigning for better images of their kids, as well as supporting the local economy. Although our first reaction was ‘it won’t happen,’ we decided, ‘what the heck, might as well try!’  Steve and I spent a few days putting together a bid based on the number of students and what we could offer as reasonably as possible. Our proposal also included  retouched and color enhanced images at no extra cost, which is part of our business practice.  Steve then went to the school and stood in front of the committee and the principal and gave his proposal. To our understanding, the committee then voted between us and the big chain store.. and.. we won the majority vote. And then someone ‘in power’ proceeded to veto the committee’s decision… and we lost.

As our way of showing our gratefulness for their efforts, we are having a “thanks for trying” sale for school student portraits. We are going to offer the same prices for a week that we offered to do for the school. We will have our studio open the last week in September to any school students and any preschool students. We base all the packages on 1 pose, completely retouched, edited and color enhanced.  We also have plenty of backgrounds available so that we can match clothing easily. If you want each of your kids to have a different background, that is totally doable. We will also have discounted prices for families with more than 1 child. See the attached price list for details!

*We will also put your name in a drawing ‘for each paying child’ for a complimentary family session fee valued at approximately $100. If you win, a minimum order still applies. Refer your friends! When they call to book, we will ask who referred them and this will put an extra drawing into the free family session!

This will be by appointment at our studio in Garland. You will need to call in to make an appointment to 435-452-1952 and the package payments are due the day of the shoot. Please let a friend know, this is a great deal that we offered to one school, and now we are offering it to all students. Thank you to the ladies who put up a fight for us, you know who you are. We really appreciate the effort to keep the business opportunities local.

The dates will be the week of September 26th through the 30th. Monday thru Friday. Evening and morning appointments are available.  First come first serve, so make your appointment today! 435-452-1952







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