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Class of 2013 models

January 31, 2012

We’ve been having a great time this week working with our new class of 2013 Models. Let me put these on the blog right now before I work on more. This was a perk for early sign ups, a makeup and hair crew came in and we played around with color and light. Check out some of these stunning images! To Kimmie, Jorie, Sarah, Jandie, Tiffany, Shanna and Angelica – Great job, girls!! We look forward to working with you and delivering the best professional images your ever have!


More Class of 2013 models will be posted and recognized here as we get them done!





A huge thanks for Tricia Buchanan and our great business relationship with the BATC.

Let Them Eat Cake

January 26, 2012

Isn’t that the obvious title? I had to.

We love working with businesses to network and do commercial work. It’s all about that big circle of love that brings us into new client’s views. We know the joys and pains of being our own boss, so we invent ideas every day about how to be commercialized!

We’ve done a call-out for wedding cake artists, Doree connected with us from the Salt Lake City area. She makes beautiful cakes and is much like us, very picky about her finished product. So we arranged a photo shoot with cakes. It was a great affair with fondant galore!

Doree now has great studio images for her cakes to display and we have great cake images to use as well! You can see Doree’s talent and business at her website: Ladybug Cakes You’ll see she offers wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, and treats..

Let her know we sent you!

Business owners read this: If you are looking for professional images regarding your business ventures, please give us a call and let’s see what we can work out. We are all about making our local economy stronger. It’s important to us to support each other while we are working throughout this sluggish economy. We can pluck along together and make a difference. 

Thank you Doree for your time. It was great to make a new friend. Here’s to a new business relationship!


Thank you on behalf of Steve Harrington Photography,




Autumn’s Senior Portraits

January 25, 2012

We had Autumn in for her Class of 2012 senior portraits. She came to us from Farmington. Her older brother also came to us a few years back. We were excited to have her in and take some great images of her.We did our popular indoor/outdoor session with Autumn. She brought along a dress or two and her 4 wheeler. Good times! It’s always nice when people travel out of their way for your services, we hope we made everything worth the drive! Thanks Ladies, we hope to see you back in Garland soon so you can come say hi!



It’s time for a model call out!!! Clients present and past, if you have been to us, we are looking for a few models to participate in photo shoots with us the eve of Jan 30 and Feb 1. We are bringing in a group of hair and make-up artists, and we shall play! We are looking for the age range of ladies 15-25. Mostly head-shot sessions.
Our favorites will be posted on our website and here on Facebook. Limited spots, put your name in the hat. Class of 2013 we are looking for you too! 435-452-1952

Check out our website/blog post from the last time we did this.



Class of 2013 – We are looking for some aspiring Harrington models. We know it seems early, but read on!

If you plan to get your senior portraits done with us, send us a text 435-452-1952 or email Let’s get warmed up with a session, bring a friend! Our model program isn’t free.. the best things in life aren’t free!  But we have great and easy incentives. $50 will get you started,  like today! With fast access to images for Facebook and for your phone. Who wants to come in and model? Find out how you get a bonus for bringing your friends, we can do a session with your group. We are always needing models!

If you are interested in being a model:

The clock is ticking. We are looking for 2013 senior models, specifically in neighboring schools like Box Elder High in Brigham, Ogden, Logan, Malad and other areas. Being a senior model is a fun experience. We have a fun, fresh program that will get you perks, or if you just want to get in early for some spring bonuses, we’ve got something for everyone. This is not a free modeling experience, we do require minimum orders from our models. This does not mean you have to  have your senior portraits taken this early, we will just have mini-sessions until you are ready for your senior portraits in your senior year. We are constantly looking for models for various projects, our senior models get first dibs when something comes our way. One of the biggest perks we have is our annual Utah workshop in June where you are the model!  We are taking our hardest working senior models with us. We start to prepare for this in the early spring, this is one of the reasons we start looking for 2013 seniors early. We also like to use the incoming seniors on our marketing materials. Come early and this will be you! Promise!

You can be a model, help a friend be a model, or join in with your friends to work towards sharing our Utah Senior Workshop experience together! Our lowest possible pricing is right now, we will be moving the prices up as the year progresses. Don’t let the early deadlines scare you, if you plan to get your senior portraits taken with us during your senior year anyway, this is a program for you! Right now, $50 will get you started with a mini session, and every cent goes back into your senior portraits!!

Click on our Model Application to start the process if you’d like to be a model! We are going to have a great year! OR , if you are only interested in early savings, read the next deal below. Again, talk to your parents, they are welcome to call with questions. Call us or text us, there is no pressure here, we are happy to answer questions. 435-452-1952

Class of 2013 Seniors – Early Senior Lock-in Pricing

If you are simply looking for the best pricing for your 2013 senior portraits, read below. Please read carefully then call with questions, we hopefully have everything spelled out right here.

If you are interested in early senior savings for your senior portraits:

Right now we are offering a sale like nothing you will see any other time of year, so we urge you to take advantage of it!  Talk to your parents, they will appreciate the savings. Trust us. If it is your plan to have your senior portraits taken by us, you can lock in an early savings price by buying-in with a $50 deposit. This will give you a free session fee and the $50 will directly be applied to your order. This does not mean you have to have your senior portraits taken right now. This will lock in your price and we can have your official senior portrait session later in the summer.  You do not have to worry about paying anything else until it’s time for your senior portraits! You may want to book in time to get a unique yearbook shot if your school allows it. Again, this is an exclusive offer that will expire soon. After that time, we will go back to our regular session fees and pricing.

You will need to have your session booked no later than the early Fall of 2012. This is part of the “free session” deal we have set up for you. Plus if you are paying attention to the weather, you will see that wanting to wait for your senior portraits in the spring of your senior year is a large gamble. We have been doing this long enough to know we do not see steady weather until later in May and at that point, it’s crunch time if you want to hire a quality photographer.  This free session offer will expire soon.  You can contact us directly about it at 435-452-1952. Again, no pressure – we are happy to answer questions! We do have minimum orders set in place, but we have something that should fit everyone that is interested in getting senior portraits through us. We love what we do, we are good at it and we’d love to have you as a client!


Sadie has been a great addition to our class of 2012 model pool! She’s done us a great job! We’ll be taking her with us to Vegas to model for us during our masterclass at WPPI. It’s been a fabulous time getting to know the Smoot girls and their family! Here are a couple of our favorites from Sadies senior shoot this past Fall. Keep checking back as I’m sure you’ll see more images fromof Sadie as we whisk her away to Vegas for the time of her life!! This is why it’s great to be a client of ours, we try to take care of those who take care of us, we make one big happy circle of love!

Xoxo to Sadie and Sharon




Munns Family Portraits

January 11, 2012

Oh the cuteness of this family. We love the Munns family! They needed an updated family portrait since their family is growing so fast these days.  This turned out great and made an amazing wall portrait print. I think I need to go over there and see it sometime. That’s always good to be able to go see our finished product in the home environment.

Thanks Munns family! We enjoy your faces!

That’s probably an overused term anymore, but it’s true, I love Facebook. It’s done a lot for connecting us with family, clients and friends. I love the creators at Facebook and how they seem to have just enough OCD in them that they are continually making changes. Once the two weeks goes by and people stop crying about change, you see that they are really working on things for the better! My newest love is the timeline on the personal pages. The business pages don’t reflect this change, I’m not sure if it ever will. I think it’s a great step, because in a glance you can define whether you are looking at a personal users page, or if you’ve came across a business page. Along with this new Facebook Timeline – you get to display an awesome image banner on the top of your page. With this comes the fact that many people will be putting up images that are WAY too small for this, and they’ll see their photos promptly look like warm photo death. That’s where my divine expertise (ok, that’s a stretch) comes in! I know the size needed, I have a ton of great stock images and graphic work because I am a digital hoarder (I knew it would come in handy sooner or later…) and I can put these together fairly quickly and efficiently. I’m here to share these! Our website and © are on the photo, we just ask that you don’t remove that. A little recognition for a cool image you can use is all we ask.

So if you love Facebook like I love Facebook, you’ll know that there is talk they will be merging everyone over to the new Facebook Timeline pages soon enough. You’ve probably already seen plenty. I have had mine set up for awhile. Once they make the change, you won’t have to do a thing, you’ll just log in one day and see the new changes. (This is the information I am seeing, it may or may not be accurate.)

The first thing you will want to do is find a cool new Facebook Cover Photo! Go to our Facebook Business Page and “like” us, then look for our Facebook album markedFacebook Cover Photos – Free! Use as many as you want and use often! Check back, we will add to this as we come across things we like. There is something for everyone in there already! Below is a gallery of samples. In Facebook, you will be able to click on your favorite, right click on it, save to your computer and then load it to your personal page, easy as can be! Enjoy!


Sorensen Family Portraits

January 5, 2012

Some of our favorite people came in just before the holidays to get family portraits done. Derek is heading out on his LDS mission, it was time! Now they have a great wall collection hanging so that they can keep him close. I know as a mom with a son far away, it’s so nice to be able to see his portrait displayed in my home.

Thanks to the Sorensen family for their continued support with us. They have rallied for a us a few times, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Santa is cool, but we decided to change it up a bit this year and have our first Annual “Winter Wonderland” Session. This is a concept we’ve been wanting to try for years, but never quite followed through. So, here she goes!

We will have our own little Winter Wonderland set in the studio. This special will run for 2 days only.

We have a “Gap shoot” in our heads. Bring your hats, mittens, gloves, scarfs – any winter gear! We are also ok with skis, snowboards, goggles etc!Think “Gap” and think “Winter”!

Our set will be neutral grays set in a classy and simple winter scene, so it will be ideal for kids, adults, teens, boy and girls. Trust us, this will rock!

The 20 minute shoot will get you one pose in an 8×10, 2 5x7s and a digital web image for Facebook, blog or phone image.

Price is $29.99 per person plus tax!

The price is set per person. Adding on people will cost you a little more. We will have enough room on the set for approx 4-5 people. Give us a call to work something out, we always have room for ideas.

Limited sessions are available. We will be booking sessions for:

Weds: 4-7 pm

Thursday: 3-5 pm

Sessions will need to be paid upon booking, so have your credit card ready or drop a check off the day you book. Give us a call, we are easy to work with and we have a blast doing these mini sessions. Join us! These are perfect gifts for Valentines Day!


*Refer 3 friends to this session and get yourself $10 off YOUR session! Make sure they tell us who referred them when they call to book.


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