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Yes, a family of 94, and that’s actually missing a few family members who couldn’t make it to their annual family portrait shoot. This group was actually easier than some of the smaller families we have shot! The little ones were happy, everyone was on time and organized. We couldn’t have asked for a better group for this size. Thank you for bringing us in! We had a great time!


Hayley’s Dance Composite

February 16, 2012

Hayley has been a great Class of 2012 senior model for us.During the year we had a little contest and Hayley was the winner, which entitled her to a dance composite session and a 16×20 of the results, as well as being displayed in our studio. So she came to the studio one afternoon with her basket full of feathers, props, tights and gear and away we went!

We do reward our seniors that work well for us. Hayley is a good example! Thanks Hayley and Jenny – it was a great day!

It was a mild winter, we just happened to find ourselves out on a day that it snowed the day before! This family portrait turned out beautiful and we were happy to do it! A big thanks to Dani for contacting us about family portraits!


Steve Harrington Photography


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