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Shooting Stockton’s senior portraits was a great time as he knew exactly what he wanted for his pictures. He told us his ideas and we helped bring them to life.

The outdoor session turned out to be a cry weather day, it just goes to show that you never know what to expect until the minute you start the shoot. 20 mintues before it was snowing and blowing. The skies opened up for us and gave us a great opportunity to shine!

Here are a couple of our favorites. Thanks to Stockton and mom for calling us, we appreciate the trust!

-Shelley Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography


We are happy to have these girls on our Class of 2013 modeling team this year. Allow us to introduce you to these terrific girls!

In no particular order we have Lacey, Chelsea, Moki and Katelyn


Click on this link if you are interested in being a model before the deadline, or if you are just interested in having an early buy in opportunity for your best pricing in senior portraits.

A recent group image comes from our neighboring school in Brigham City, Box Elder High School. The girls came in for team and individual portraits.

It’s always a good time. A big shout out to our 2012 senior models, Whitney J and Makenzie R. We’ve sure liked working with you girls this year and we are happy to have your team here as well!



Steve Harrington Photography
Garland, Utah



Say hello and congrats to the cute Idaho couple that came to us for engagement portraits. Tessa and Marc will be getting married soon. They make a great pair. We also recently shot Tessa’s Bridal portraits. Overall wonderful images! They did a good job of not making it look cold! These outdoor images got a little chilly and we were seeing blue lips by the end of the shoot! Who’s ready for warmer weather?

Thanks Tessa and Marc, we hope you have a great day!

Here are a couple favorite images.


Bench Couple

March 16, 2012

Cute couple with quite the story! Newlyweds. She is in the Navy, he is in the Air Force. Kansas is in San Diego, Jordan was stationed in Italy at the time we took these portraits. Jordan is from here so I assume they were home visiting family and they called in to get portraits done while they are together.

We thank them both for coming. It’s probably a great memento to have when you are so far apart from each other.


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We see our fair share of LDS missionary’s come in for their portraits. Of course we’d always love to see more! Definitely a great memento for the family to have as they are called to serve for the next two years.

Good luck to Logan Porritt and thanks for bringing him our way, Teri. He’s a handsome guy!




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