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Class of 2013 – Book your session with us in July and we will include make-up and hair in the low $59 session fee! Best deal you will find this year!

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Our annual Utah Photography Workshop wrapped up Sunday at 5 pm. My heart is always full after these from watching a successful event come to an end. We appreciate all the hard work in front of the camera and behind the scenes. We have a pretty incredible group to make this one of the best kept secrets out there. A heartfelt thanks to all those who make this possible! Models, Parents, Photographers, Hair and Makeup people and family.

We always have a story or two to tell about the event so I will condense it into a keyword blurb: Slowest elevator in the world; melt your face off heat; blow your eyelashes off wind; detour to the potash plant; hope my key works; lost my keys; wind took my Disney stickers; only lost 2 phones; Saw the cute fireman; $20 hairspray does indeed work in a tornado; 1 year wiser; woke up the vampire bat; Zombies are scary; that’s a nice camera; waddle waddle; Possessed TVs; can you just photoshop that?; magicians moonlight as flight attendants; do that again!; WHAT?!; beds with dents are comfortable too; waddle waddle; isn’t that a song?; …

See you next year. – Shelley

Oh yeah – let the kick BUTT images commence!!

Check back often as images will be updated.


Class of 2012 has graduated and here I am posting about the last few seniors we got in. Hope from Malad, Idaho came in to work with us and it was a great session! Her mother also told me recently she will be at Boise State University as well.

Hope is an all around athelete. She does a little bit of everything as well as captained the cheer team for the Malad Dragons.

Thank you lovely Hope and lovely mom, Trisa for finding us and dropping our way. It was a pleasure working with you and much success to your future!

Here are a couple of our favorite images from her.

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