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Katelyn’s Senior Portraits

September 28, 2012

I don’t like saying this out loud because you read it on every blog out there – but here I go anyway – lol – I need to catch up on my blogging! We actually have some cool software coming our way that I want to use, so that’s the main reason I put it off, but I’ll just have to keep blogging and quit using that one as an excuse! We have many cool images to share, so here we go – back to the subject title! …

Beautiful Katelyn is one of our senior models for the class of 2013. Katelyn is at Bear River High school She came in for her full blown senior, indoor, outdoor portrait session. Stellar images came from this session of course! She did a great job, we had fun and her entourage kept everyone under control. Her album and composite along with other prints just came in and they look super! These are great keepsakes for a senior!

A huge thanks to Heather and Al for letting Katelyn come join us this season. We may just have some new fire-pittin’ friends, so that’s a bonus. (grin)

Here are a couple of my favorites. – Shelley


Utah Family Portraits 2012

September 20, 2012

Family portrait season is coming in. It’s time for nice family portraits if you want them outdoors before the cool and unstable weather gets here. If you prefer a studio setting, we have that too! It makes fighting the weather plans a little easier.

The Nicholas family contacted us for a family picture while everyone was in town.  Steve found the perfect spot for this pretty family. I love this shot. – Shelley

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Every year we look forward to the BRHS Color Guard with their team, class in individual sessions. This year was great and we have so many cute girls and images! Here is the Team Shot for the year of 2012.

To all the color guard girls who see this, your previews are ready to come look at and chose from.

It’s always a pleasure to work with you and your coaches and parents. Have a great season and good luck!


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