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Our Sweethearts Valentine Sessions are going to be extended due to this weather. It’s put people back a couple of days, including us I guess! “grin” We are going to book more sessions throughout the next couple of weeks. You just let us know when you want to do it and we’ll book in clusters starting with the first person who calls in to book! Make yourself a date and get an image taken with someone you love.

Read about the original details below.

Paparazzi Jewelry will be displayed in an open house at our Studio on Friday, January 25th afternoon/eve while we are working on a photoshoot with our Class of 2014 models. Kellie Creager will be there to help with that, please come in! She will be set up starting at 4:30pm. If you’ve never seen this jewelry, come check it out, no pressure. It’s fun, trendy and affordable. This is a great Valentines gift too! Call or text for additional information 435-452-1952. You can see some of their products here. They usually run $5.00 each with our local rep. This is such a great price on stylish jewelry !

Mark your calendars for a date night on February 1st! One day special will get you a discounted portrait session with your sweetheart. Because everyone needs a picture with their honey. Images are color-corrected and enhanced which the ladies love,
in a brief 20 minute session that the men will love too!




Have you ever wanted ‘just one’ really nice portrait of you and your sweetheart? We are here to create the perfect, painless Valentines gift for you. If you are a couple, you qualify!  So if needed, find a babysitter and come create a great studio image.

UPDATE 1/4/2013 – We have sold 1 wedding package and 2 engagement packages. That means total = 3 down, 5 left. Thanks for the interest! We are going to have fun and make awesome portraits!

If you are getting married or engaged in the year 2013, you may be interested to read this. We are giving 3 couples the chance to get an exclusive wedding package and 5 couples the chance to get an exclusive engagement package. We’ve come up with a compromise to meet a few people half way who want nice images but don’t have a big budget. It’s been a rough couple of years for most around here. We understand that. We are pretty picky about our wedding  and engagement packages, maybe to a fault!  It’s a big deal for you, so it’s a big deal for us. We are offering a bare bones package to 3 couples but we are also going to encourage those 3 couples to come back to us within the year and follow through with a wedding album. We feel it’s so important to get your images in print form. Digital can turn obsolete and get lost or deleted.

Now having said that, here is the deal. $500 is all inclusive. It will include 3 hours at 1 location. This can be the wedding day, or Groomals. (Groomals: The popular new trend of taking your images in your gown and tux before the wedding day to get them out of the way. We love these!)

Those are the basics, if this is something you are interested in, you will need to call and discuss the few other details and get your day booked. We will only be doing 3 of these this year. Our regular pricing applies after they are sold.

utah wedding sale 2014

Engagements for 2013. Limited to 5 couples and then regular rates apply

$150 for 1 hour and 10 retouched digital images. Optional guest book add-on. We encourage you to get these into prints as well.

utah engagement 2014


Give us a call, we expect these to go quickly, but you never know! Call today and Steve can tell you all about it.  435-452-1952


Its time to get out of holiday mode and get down to business! We will be calling and gathering our first group of class of 2014 models starting this week. We will be having a fun night of makeup and hair stylists and portraits. 435-452-1952 Let us link you to samples from last year.

We need models from all over the area, including Logan, Brigham, Ogden and all of Northern Utah. We also love our Southern Idaho girls from Malad, Preston.. etc.

We do this in January for a few reasons.

#1 – It’s cold, we are bored and have cabin fever and want to play! What better place to play than in a warm studio? We are hoping this is a fun break for you too!

#2 – We like to start with fresh images of the incoming seniors! You are our stars and we like to start early!

#3- We are already planning for our destination photoshoot in June. We need models, the models with the most referrals get to go. Ask any of our past models who have went on our destination shoot with us, we have a great time! (even if we do run into crappy weather on a regular basis! lol) We turn out amazing pictures!

#4- We like to play and experiment with new ideas. We need models for this!

Here is the model application. Class of 2014 model application Make sure you read it, and understand it before you fill it out. Remember we are in Garland, Utah. We put that on the application but get a good number of girls who fill it out that live nowhere near us! We’d love to take your senior portraits, but I’m guessing the trip would be a deal breaker for some! :)

So anyway, Bring on 2013! Bring on the Class of 2014. We are excited and grateful to be doing this job we love. Our favorite thing is to make you look good and make you feel good about yourself.  Let’s get started!

Questions and comments can always be texted or called to 435-452-1952


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