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March 7th is the date planned for our fun night shoot. Our Class of 2015 models will be highlighted thru the summer with this shoot. Join us and have a great time, along with the best in senior portraits.

Family Portraits

February 18, 2014

Here is a recent family portrai project. We love the look of these portraits as well as the convenience it open up to when families may not be able to get together for one session. This family was on the ball and did call all in one session, so we were able to save them some cots of multi sessions.

The timeless look here is something any family will treasure for a long time. Call us if you are interested in a family portrait! Our warm studio makes it so we don’t have to gamble on the weather.


We, the Harrington’s, now broker for business and social services we all use daily. Internet, cellphone plans, cable and satellite programming, as well as merchant services and more! You can call Steve for questions and when you are ready for updates to these plans you use every day! 435-452-1952 Chances are we can save you some money too. All from home. We work with companies like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, DirecTV, Dish, Vivint, Comcast, HughesNet… etc.

We pride ourselves on integrity¬† as small business owners. It’s what keeps people coming back to us in all of our business ventures. If you’ve dealt with us before, chances are you know this. :) Thanks and call us if you need any help.

Thank you for having us at the Valentine’s all. The images will be emailed this week, possibly into next week. We took a lot of pictures! We will announce when we have them all emailed. Chances are some will end up in your spam filter, so check there first before contacting us about where your image is.


Thanks again! It was a great evening. We would recommend going next year if you missed out. The music was great!

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