January 7, 2013

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Steve and Shelley Harrington
87 N 200 E
Garland, Utah 84312
Business Cell: 435.452.1952 (text available)

We are by appointment only.


After several years of working out of our humble basement, August of 2008 we were able to build our studio next to our house. This allows us to accommodate larger groups as well as gives us room to expand our imaginations even more. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be in a job that we love. We appreciate each and every client that graces us with their presence and we hope that reflects in our work. We want every client to be 100% satisfied with our work .

Steve Harrington Photography is a full service photography studio. We offer in-house framing. We have recently hooked up with a current trendy frame company that the seniors will love. We also have plenty of traditional styles for your formal side!  We also create custom graphics for your events, such as wedding announcements, graduation cards, birth announcements and composites. Each piece we create is truly unique for you and will fit your style. We do it all, so you don’t have to!

Steve’s Start:

My wife and I have owned and operated Steve Harrington Photography since 2002.

My fascination with photography was rewarded by my grandfather with a loan of his fully-manual SLR camera when I was 16 years old. In my junior year of high school, I took a photography class and couldn’t wait to develop my first roll of film and make my first print with my own two hands. I must have gone through hundreds of rolls of film that year — shooting everything I could — especially old farm buildings in my Midwest surroundings to add to my collection of prints.

When my senior year came, I took my second photography class and went through even more film and photo paper. Eventually, I started selling prints from my old farm building collection — my hobby was actually starting to pay-off in new and better gear. I purchased new lenses, and began shopping for a camera so I could return my ‘loaner’ to its rightful owner.

When I graduated from high school, I framed a few of my favorite prints and presented them to my grandpa as a ‘thank you’ for letting me borrow his camera. A huge smile came across my grandpa’s face as he stared at his gifts, and then he admitted he was surprised the ‘old thing’ had still worked. Then he surprised me. He told me to keep that old camera and continue pursuing my little hobby. My grandpa was a tough old bird, and it struck me deeply to see the effect my images had on him. I knew then that photography would always have a place in my life at some level. Although it doesn’t come out of my camera bag any more, Grandpa’s camera serves as a gentle reminder of how I got my start.

There is just something special about capturing that perfectly lit portrait in the studio, or an action shot that looks like it was a nearly impossible feat. Even more rewarding is handing my clients their finished prints. Be it a bride and groom, a young new mother or a high school senior, seeing the expressions on their faces as they take their first looks at their newly made images, makes it all worth while. It still strikes me deeply today — just like it did years ago that day I gave my grandpa his prints. My goal, with every client is to hand over images that strike the viewer. I want to give my clients ‘Images with Impact’.



  • WPPI Accodales of Photographic Mastery  – Achieved 2008
  • SPA Fashion Shooter – 2009, 2010, 2011
  • WPPI Masterclass Presenters for 2010
  • WPPI Accolades of Outstanding Photographic Achievement – Achieved 2010
  • WPPI Masterclass Presenters for 2012


  • 1st Place -Seniors – Shelise H
  • 3rd Place -Seniors – Shelise H
  • 3rd Place -Seniors – Jake M
  • Accolades of Excellence – Children -Harrison B
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors – Lisa P
  • Accolades of Excellence – Group – Bear River Football Seniors


  • 1st place – Group – BRHS Softball
  • 3rd place – Seniors – Will H
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors – Chantel K
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors -Maddie K
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors -Brennan W
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors -Brennan W
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors -Jessie K
  • Accolades of Excellence – Bride -Sarah W
  • Accolades of Excellence – Children – Brighton W
  • Accolades of Excellence -Seniors – Devin Y
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors -Tara H
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors -Tara H


  • 2nd Place – Group – BR Baseball Senior Boys
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors – Mckinsey
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors – Annie
  • Accolades of Excellence – Children – Gehrig


  • 2nd Place – Seniors – Brailee
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors – Tysen
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors – Chyanne


  • spa artists portfolio competition – 3rd place – senior boys
  • —First half WPPI 2011 senior SWEEP! —-
  • 1st Place – Seniors – Sadie
  • 2nd Place – Seniors – Emily
  • 3rd Place – Seniors – Sam
  • Accolades of Excellence – Seniors – Jordan Z


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