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What is a “Magical Forest Session?”  You can read all about it here! MAGICAL FOREST SESSIONS We only do these a few times a year, so don’t miss out on a great portrait and a great deal!

The date will be Wednesday, July 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm


Thursday, July 28th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

$20.00 prepayment required to secure a spot, have a credit card ready when you call!*

We know you love a sale! The catch is, you may have to do some work for it!

We will start out with our regular monthly pricing of $49.99 for the session, which includes a 5×7 print from your choice of 5 previews.  That same 5×7 print will be made into a Facebook image too!

Once we book 10 appointments for those 2 days, we will drop the price to $39.99 per session.

If we book 20 appointments, we will drop the price again to $29.99 per session.

So you can see this would be beneficial to tell your friends about. You have the power to drive the price down!  We anticipate the prime appointment times will be filled first, so don’t delay! Here’s what you need to do –   Call us to prepay*, book your time, and then call or text all of your friends and/or family!

This will only be advertised here on our blog and on our Facebook Page.  Again, to help yourself save some money, spread the word and share this link on Facebook and blogs. *We will let you know the day of your appointment if we have reached our goal and saved you some money!



Thanks and we will see you on July 27th – 28th.


A favorite session for Steve without a doubt. He was able to go play in the snow on a fast machine while taking images of unique session. Jordan’s senior portraits are here for you to look at! Enjoy!



We will be drawing the winner from our fair drawing for our second annual Autumn Magical Forest session.

These are perfect sessions for kids ideally ages 3 to 10 but we can, and do, make exceptions!  Once every 6 to 8 weeks we turn our studio into a magical forest for fairies and fishermen. You may have seen our image that won a blue ribbon at the fair, of the two fishermen boys. Yep, that’s our Magical Forest! It’s too much fun! The kids love it, the parents love it and we love it!

Stay tuned to see who the lucky winner is. And as a bonus, we will be offering the $19.99 fair special to those who entered in the drawing as long as you book by Sept 10th. After that we will be offering the session for our regular price of $49.99. This sale price does include a 5×7, so this is a steal! We will not be offering this price again anytime soon, so don’t miss out! You can call us at 435-452-1952 to book your appointment. Come and Join us!

Last week we had the opportunity to photograph a team of extra cute girls, the Ogden High School Cheerleaders. We had a great time and the new addition to the school is looking pretty amazing! Thanks to Tory for giving us a call to bring our gear over and spend the morning/afternoon in Ogden. It was a great day and there are some killer images to come!

A reminder that Magical Forest Sessions are booking for July 1 between 2 and 5pm. Time to get some adorable images of your fairies or fishermen. Parents and grandparents love these! Call us 435-452-1952.
Next Magical Forest sessions will are tentatively slated for September, so get in before it’s too late so experience your very own Magical Forest!

Winning the War

April 20, 2010

I usually don’t post a whole lot of miscellaneous writings on our blog other than client samples and business specials, but this is something that I’d like to share. I’m thinking in this day and age, this is hitting home for a lot of us, especially small business owners. I was sending out some emails yesterday, and it struck me, again, how very fortunate we are to be shown the support of our community and county, even in the roughest of times. We’ve heard plenty of stories of clients coming in, wanting to get their portraits done before they “get laid off” or “close the business.” That sludge rolls downhill and effects us all at some point.

I happened along the 3/50 project back in November and I stumbled across it again today on Facebook. Let me share! It’s a project designed to bring awareness to how we can save our own communities. So few acts can mean so much to our local businesses. Steve and I have always been sensitive to shopping local, because we know we’d hope locals would do the same for us, given the choice. Since last November and becoming a supporter of this project, we’ve visited at least 3 local stores a week to “share the love”. Read below, get involved, talk about where you went on Facebook ( I love that!) Give us ideas of where we should be shopping. We’ll win this war sooner than later!

Comment on our post and leave your business website here, spread the word. We’ll help! We’re only 2 people, but we can help.


The  season has ended for this Box Elder Cheerleader team. The seniors are prepping for Graduation and the new team is being formed. We were happy to take their team portrait for the 2009-2010 year. Cute and fun girls!  We always enjoy seeing them come to town. As a bonus, we have photographed senior portraits for Amber, Mary – and Cjani was a senior model for us. She happened to win the trip to Park City last summer! So we know her and mom Tammy fairly well by now!

Have a great spring, we will have your prints to you sooner than later!


Today marks a big day and a huge milestone for many of our clients here in the Bear River Valley. We have other clients in other areas who have also recently graduated or will see that stage next week! We wanted to shout out a heartfelt thanks to all of you! Each year we get to know some of you so well, that it’s like watching our own graduate, grow up and go away. We are extremely proud of all of you. Thanks again and have a wonderfully successful life!

Steve and Shelley Harrington

Today marks the day – there is one month left before our senior modeling campaign comes to a close. April 15th, 2009. Our workshop only has 4 spots left for photographers! We have a bunch of excited photographers from around the country (and Canada!) ready to work with us and our models in June. Will it be you?

The information is posted on the link to the right of this page, or let me make it easy on you and link you!  We will be taking 2 girls and 1 guy to our workshop in Park City in June. All other early entrants will be our models as well and entitled to our lowest pricing available. This is the perk of entering early!If you know you want your senior portraits taken by us, take advantage of the early savings and the additional exposure you’ll get on our website and materials by booking early. Call us or text us at (435)452.1952

We look forward to working with all of our early 2010 seniors! Here is a highlight video from last year’s workshop.

Update April 16th

The deadline has come and gone! Thanks for your interest, and participation! Our Park City Models will be announced within the next few weeks. If you are reading this and realized you missed our deadline, we will have other Class of 2010 modeling offers available soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks again!

Shelley and Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography


May 7 2009 – {Read me!} We are still looking for models for the class of 2010, even though the contest is over. All you have to do is prepay for your senior session, and you will get exclusive deals through us that aren’t available through the year. Please contact us for details! 452.1952

All seniors of 2010 that enter before the deadline will be our Class of 2010 models – only 3 will come with us to the workshop. The rest will reap the benefits of being early clients by being highlighted on our website and campaigns for the class of 2010.

While you’re here, browse around! Check out our past blog posts as well as our website gallery. You’ll see how we proudly excel at our senior portraits. Here is a slide-show of highlights from our workshop from last year. Is it your turn?


UPDATE: The Deadline for our model contest has been set for April 15th, 2009


It may seem early, but we’ve started the ball rolling and we are beginning our search for class of 2010 senior models. We are putting on our yearly workshop for photographers and we definitely need us some models for June! This year we are hosting it in Park City.

The basics on what you need to do to enter – (You can call, email, or text us 435.452.1952 for further information.)

  •  Be a senior for the class of 2010.
  •  Prepay your senior session with us to qualify.
  •  Be available for the weekend of June 12th, 2009.
  •  Have an available parent to come with you if under 18.

The deadline to enter is still pending, but it will most likely be in Mid April. We will need enough time to bring in each contestant for an interview, have a quick test shot session, and then send the entries into the judges for them to pick our winners.  Keep in mind that this is indeed a contest, and although we wish we could take all of the entrants, there will only be room for 2 girls and 1 guy during our workshop. We leave the final say to our judges.

Spread the word, tell a friend! Last year we know that Kylee and Brittany had an experience they will never forget. This year we plan on giving 3 winners the same experience! And yes! We are looking for a senior guy this year! One of the big requests we had last year was to bring a guy and show how we can make senior guys look “bad-a*s”  Well, that’s what we want – to bring a senior guy and take some “bad-a*s” images of him in Park City. We’re pretty good at that.

I will come back and update this post as information becomes available. Keep checking back, and call us immediately if you are interested!



Feb 10, 2009

We have model applications for you to fill out. Email or text us to request this application.

Steve’s cell for texting: 435.452.1952



 March 5, 2009

We just sent out an email to everyone on our mailing list. Didn’t get it? That means you aren’t on our mailing list! Join it right now! CLICK HERE  All information is kept private, of course.



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