This is our daughter Morgan’s favorite holiday. She’s crazy, and so are we!

In honor of Columbus Day, we have came up with a fun special that will last 1 day only! This is a killer price so you are going to want to call and reserve your spot right now! Steve coined the phrase “My Face” – in regards to facebook and myspace images. For all of our Myspace and Facebook followers – Come in and get a professional portrait to display on your Myspace and/or Facebook or personal blog,  as well as a 5×7 ANd 4 wallets of the image for yourself. Your image will be treated with our special love: color enhanced and blemish removal, etc. You will look your hottest, guaranteed! All for just $14.92!* That’s all. No hidden costs! What’s the catch for such a small price? Not much, your “My Face” file for your page will have our logo in the corner. That’s all we ask! This is a potential savings of over $70.00! Don’t miss out on this! Call and reserve your spot for October 12th and our My Face Special. 435.452.1952. Spots must be prepaid to guarantee a reservation on this day. We will also accept walk-ins, but it’s at your own risk!  We expect to fill this day up at insane pricing like this!

*Prices are based per person, but call if you have any questions or special requests. Any age welcome. But our main focus on this campaign is to get your perfect face on your Myspace/Facebook/blog!  The appointments will range 15 minutes. It is strongly recommended that you consider this if you want to bring in small children. This may not be the best situation for young ones, as time is limited.
Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent with them to sign a release since we will be letting you use an image on myspace and/or facebook or your personal blog.

Monday, October 12th – 10am to 9 pm –  15 minute sessions.

Come have some fun. Spoil yourself at such a small price. It’s been a weird year for all of us and you deserve a little pampering! This is our way of showing some appreciation to our past and future clients.  Thanks for having us!
Steve and Shelley Harrington

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