Tia and Chris are good friends of ours, and along with that friendship, we have gained 4 new children that we always wanted. *teehee* Only we have the choice to go play dodge-ball with them on the trampoline, thump on them for awhile (Steve always makes one cry by the end of the game ..! It’s true!) …and then we can feed them some sugar and go home so Tia can deal with the sugar high. :) THATs what friends are for! All of our kids are grown and gone, so Steve has no one left to pick on. Thank heavens for the Christian kids! LOL

So we had some fairies and fishermen in the studio recently and they did so well! We got some awesome images of them. The family picture will have to be updated soon as one more fairy is on the way here in a few weeks. Our Magical Forest Sessions are turning out some great stuff! I will share more later.

Thank you to the Christian fam! You’re awesome!

fishing buddies

fairy portraits

kids portrait

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