February 1, 2013

Frequently asked questions reside here! If you cannot find the answer, please contact us:  steve@steveharrington.net Studio cell:(435)452.1952

We happily guarantee our work 100%. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We want each and every client to leave with a smile. We pride ourselves on impeccable client service and perfect imagery! Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you to make your visit a memorable one!

What is a sitting fee? 

A sitting fee is basically our wage for the time we spend in front of your taking images in our studio and on location. It also includes the time you don’t see while we work up and edit images. The amount we charge for a sitting fee depends on the job we are hired to do for you. We can explain all of that when you call.

When do I pay my sitting fee?

Sitting fees can be paid over the phone when you book your session. Previews will not be viewable until it has been paid.

How do I see my previews?

We do studio sales sessions to answer any questions you may have. We also are able to do online galleries as a second option.

How long before I can see my previews?

Depending on the season, it typically takes two weeks to edit and finalize your images for previewing. *Wedding proofs take 8-12 weeks.

When should I order?

With our in-studio sales session appointment, plan on ordering during that time!

How long does it take to get my portraits?

Again, this depends on the time of year. We usually require two weeks for your order to be finalized, printed and sent back to us. We will call you the day they arrive and are available for pick up. *Holiday seasons may require more time.

Do you do your own printing?

No. We leave that to the professionals. Every order we receive is sent to a professional lab to be printed. An image is only as good as the printed version, and we take pride in giving our clients only perfectly printed portraits.

Do you sell digital files?

Yes we do. Understand that digital files may not be the cheapest way for you to go. Talk to us about your needs and we can find out what works best for you.

You took our images last year. Do you still have them?

We will have your original images for up to 1 year. The edited previews have been erased from our system though, and reproofing will incur a fee. We also require a minimum reorder cost. Call us for details. 435-452-1952

What should I wear?

Clothing is important! It can make or break an image. Anything that competes with your face, is going to make a difference in your final portrait. We won’t send you home if you show up in stripes, but we highly suggest you follow these tips to get the most from your portrait experience.

Flattering portraits are better created with:

  • Solids Solids Solids!
  • Solid color clothing.
  • Long sleeves.

Slimming secrets:

  • Short sleeves will add weight, so wear long sleeves!
  • Low necks on shirts will add weight.
  • Light colors will add weight.
  • Darker clothing is slimming.
  • Couple, group or family shots look so much better when you pre-plan your clothing. We always suggest dark earth tones. You don’t have to wear identical shirts, but wearing similar, solid colors will draw the attention to your faces, and not your clothing.

What to avoid:

  • Shirts with logos
  • Plaid Shirts
  • Striped Shirts
  • Wrist watches
  • Be conservative on your jewelry too. (*High school seniors, read below!)
  • Eye glasses cause glare, they reflect, there’s no way around that. We will do our best to prevent this during your session but can’t guarantee to be 100% successful in preventing reflections. We understand if your glasses are a part of who you are, but to get the best portraits possible, we suggest you either have your optometrist remove your lenses for your portrait session, or find out if they have a spare set of frames without lenses that you can borrow for the day. We can also digitally remove the glare from your glasses, but it’s time consuming and may incur extra charges.

High School Seniors: Now with all that said above, we are more lenient with our Seniors! You may have a cool rock band t-shirt you like, so bring it! Your Letterman’s jacket is multi-colored and loud, that’s OK, bring it! *We know you ladies have large earrings and big bobbly necklaces that match certain outfits, bring them too! Just remember that moving around and different posing will shift your jewelry around, large earrings may rest on your shoulder funny with various head-poses. So be mindful to check your jewelry during your session. Between all of us keeping an eye on this, we should be OK.

As always, if you have any questions, please call or email us and we can help you! -Steve and Shelley

When should I get my Senior Portraits taken?

Ideally, from the minute you complete your Junior year, you should begin planning for your Senior Portraits. Why? Several reasons!

  1. Time flies!!
  2. Once your Senior school year starts, you will be busy with school activities and work.
  3. Senior Yearbook deadlines are the end of August.
  4. Summer and Fall are the best seasons for classy outdoor portraits. If you’re thinking of waiting until Spring, you will be sadly disappointed when it’s the end of March and the grass is brown, the trees are bare, and snow is still on the ground. Springtime is also unpredictable and it’s too late to reschedule if it’s raining the day of your appointment.
  5. All of our special Senior prices are for Early Birds! The deadlines for our modeling contests also end in the spring/summer. We seldom run specials after school has started.
  6. We have more time to be creative with your portraits! When you call us in a rush, then we are in a rush and the overall experience will suffer for it.

Below is the perfect example of why we tell you NOT to wait until the last minute if you are wanting outdoor portraits.  Spring is evil!! This is April 18th, 2007!! Yuck!!! It’s snowing and the skies are gray. The trees are just beginning to to sprout leaves, they look really sad. And, unless you want to make snow angels, you aren’t getting images on the grass. (And if you look back upon Spring of 2008, it was even worse. We didn’t have decent weather until the end of May.)

We had an outdoor session scheduled this day. It had to be rescheduled for 2 weeks later (we are busy this time of year!) and now they won’t be getting images to pass out with invitations. Bad deal! So don’t procrastinate!


You can open your eyes again. But you’ve been warned, book EARLY!

How much should I plan on spending?

Our minimum senior pricing starts at $200.00 and increases the closer graduation day arrives. You will have more than enough unique images from which to choose. You will need to pay for your sitting fee at the time of booking, so have your credit or debit card ready. We also require a minimum of $75.00 towards print credit on the day of your session. We will not proof your images until the minimum deposit and sitting fee has been paid. Come prepared!

We do offer seasonal specials and incentives based on the amount you spend with us. Please feel free to call for a more comprehensive explanation of pricing detail.

How long will my senior session take?

Please plan on at least three hours. It’s easier on us if you don’t have plans for that day. This is a once in a lifetime event! We take our senior sessions seriously, and hopefully it shows! Come refreshed and please arrive on time!

Should I bring a parent?

Yes! Bring an adult and warn them it might take a while. We do ask that parents allow us to stay in control of the session as we know what we are aiming for and we’re pretty good at what we do! To parents: Sit back, enjoy the experience and trust our judgment. That’s what you’re paying us for!!

What should I bring?

BRING IT ALL — extra clothing, your favorite coat or jacket, letterman’s jackets, sportsgear, rings, your favorite hat, sunglasses, any prop you have in your collection that defines your personality. Bring along your car or your motorcycle! You can also arrange portraits with your pet or your horse. The sky is the limit here! Girls, bring your make-up and lipgloss for touch ups. Take time to think about all the things you want to have with you, we are constantly hearing “ohhh! I should have brought this or that with me!” So bring it!

We usually allow time for 4 or 5 different clothing changes. If you are torn on what you want to wear, bring it along and we can help decide. Bring a good variety of your favorite clothes so we have a choice. We do ask that you bring at least one dark, solid, long sleeved shirt for us to photograph you in.

We also offer exclusive Cap and Gown Portraits as an add-on to your Senior Portraits! No more waiting last minute to pick up your rented gowns to get a few snapshots, we’ve got the caps and gowns here at our studio! Remember this special event with some creative style!

Great, I broke out in zits two days before my session, now what!!??

Bring ’em with you! Zits happen! We retouch every image we proof, which includes zit-removal at no extra charge. Who wants to remember their Senior Session as the “Attack of the Zits Day?” No way! The only time there may be additional fee is if you want work beyond basic retouching (e.g. erasing braces, etc.)

What should I wear?

This topic is covered above!

Do you do Senior Announcements?

Yes! These have to be one of our favorite items! We can custom design your invitation with your name and images. We have a ton of samples in our studio. Come in and get inspired!


Girls: Check your fingernails! Either put a fresh coat on or remove leftover polish! Don’t think you can hide it, it will show.

Do NOT dye your hair OR cut your hair less than a week before your senior appointment. You need a week to get use to it. I can’t tell you how many seniors have came in upset because they had their hair fried or chopped the day before. Give yourself a week, please. It will make us all breathe a little easier.

Do NOT decide a week before your appt that you need to start tanning. Burned skin looks really bad under studio lights. If you plan on being tan for your senior session, get a good base tan! Start 3 months before your session. Not 3 weeks or 3 days.

Avoid spray-on tans for your session. We have yet to see a spray-on tan that looked good under studio lights. They look orange. And if we have to fix an orange glow, we’ll be forced to charge extra.

And again, come prepared! Sit down and really think out what you want to bring and wear. Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions before your session. We are here to help you make this a great time and a terrific session! When you look good, *we* look good.


I’d really like some images for Facebook, what can I do?

With all portrait sessions, we offer 1 complimentary websized image that you will see on our Facebook page. We do have digital file options now. You can add your images to Facebook if you bought the digital version.


Posting Comments on our Blog:

We always enjoy comments on our blog. We have set up a few basic rules – We moderate and approve all comments before we post them on our blog. We have to do this to weed out spam because this is a family show! You won’t see your comment on our blog until we approve it. In order for us to approve it, you have to leave your first name and at least your last name initial. You also need to provide an email address. Your  email won’t be displayed on your post, we just use it to verify valid comments.

Do you do fundraisers?

We surely do! We believe that local support is imperative and we are happy to help where we can.

Are you in charge of a fundraisers for your group or team? Give us a call – we have fun and unique ideas that are also affordable. The most affordable ones, we will only ‘donate’ so many per year, so it’s first come, first serve. Give us a call and we can talk!



Do you offer passport photos? Yes


Do you offer custom framing?

Yes! Finish it with a Frame!

We believe every product should leave our hands ready to hang on the wall! Make sure you complete and compliment your portrait session by ordering your custom frames with us. We will do all the ordering and assembly so you can enjoy your portrait art immediately. Let us help you pick out the perfect display.

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