Hello from Sunny Palm Springs!

February 21, 2011

We are actually back now, but I’ve always wanted to say that. It should still apply, considering we were viewing palm trees and the ocean yesterday at this time. Yes, you Utah people, there really is a warm place this time of year. If you ever want to get away, I loved LOVED Palm Springs and would go there again in a heartbeat. We stayed at the Riviera for the convention and it was an incredible retro resort full of amazing scenery. I just stood around and looked at all the pretty colors. If you ever want to get your senior pictures taken there, we’d be happy to do it! …Just sayin…

We were able to hook up with friends we only see during photography conventions, which is a great highlight for us. But I have to tell you, we came home with so many great ideas to implement in our photography business and studio for Steve Harrington Photography. I truly believe this is what helps us stay active as a full-time business and keeps us fresh and effective. We work really hard to keep improving our skills. One of the greatest achievements while we were there was entering the portfolio print competition where we took home a third place award with Drake Walker’s images from a Fall session. There was some stiff competition there and we weren’t expecting such a great win, so of course we were thrilled and Steve did his best dance on the way off the stage to gather his award. (Don’t tell him I said that.)

For now here is the portfolio competition entry that earned Steve an award. I have a bunch of great images to share and we will gather them together for posting. We also have more new senior 2012 models that have joined us we have yet to announce because we shot them and left the next day! :)

Thanks for reading our blog. We love your photography job!

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