March 12th seems to be the day for prom here in Northern Utah.

We are here and ready for you. We love Prom, we’d love to shoot them more. We’ll be in our studio on March 12th offering Prom Portraits to those who want to drop in!  Girls, it’s time to tell those dates of yours where you really want to go for prom portraits. Once  the dinner is gone, the night is over, and the flowers die, you only have your prom portraits to remember this night. Why would you settle for cheap photography for this? I’m not sure either!  Every image that goes through our hands is edited to it’s finest, blemishes removed, eyes open and both pointing our way (why that should even be an option is beyond me.) We don’t green screen in bulk, so we know you won’t be eaten by the green screen if you happen to match it. (Sad thing is is some of you probably know what we’re talking about here.)

Here’s the dealio and pricing.

We will make appointments for this day. You can call and prepay and that’s one less thing you have to worry about spending money on while you are on your date. A prepaid appointment will ensure you will get in and out without waiting in line all night long.

We have 3 couple packages – and then we have the option to add on a group shot.

The couples packages are as follows:

Collection One – 2 5×7’s  &  8 wallets= $30.00

Collection Two – 2 8×10’s & 8 wallets = $35.00

Collection Three – 2 8x10s – 2 5x7s and 8 wallets = $45.00

This also includes a free facebook image!

If you come with a group and want a group shot included, these are Added-on:

2 8×10’s of the group for $15.00

Free Facebook image too! SCORE!

This is dirt cheap for our 8x10s so we do require that if you are in the group shot, you have to pay to be in the picture.

If you come in and only want a group shot, you will have to pay the price of the regular collections. The $15 is only as an add-on price.

Make sense?  Hopefully we covered it all. If you have any questions, you can surely call us.

Call today to get the best appointments first. 435-452-1952  Please don’t hesitate to give us a holler if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you here!

P/S – for a special bonus, you can tag yourself on our facebook ad to help spread the word and we’ll throw in a free and fun facebook goof-shot with your friends

*Proudly serving the Northern Utah area in a cheese-free environment.

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