So you didn’t pull the trigger on our crazy 12 hour sale? That’s ok, we can still save you some money for being on top of things. Thru July, we are offering 50% off session fees for the class of 2011! ( I’m going to type with a lot of exclamation points here because I’m excited!!!)

Why do we do this?  Let us explain. We love to reward early birds! The more time you give us to produce most excellent images, the easier it is for us to spread out the love. Bottle-necking seniors in August, can turn mildly crazy while we get images together for the early yearbook deadlines.  We also do this because of the weather! Spring in Utah is way too unpredictable. This happens every year! Seniors may not realize this, but you are taking a big chance when you wait for spring and then we hope for good weather. It’s not an easy prediction. This year is a good example! It’s the middle of June and we have yet to see a stretch of warm, non-windy, non-rainy days!

If you are thinking,  “But, I may change before the Spring of my senior year..”  a) You ‘probably’ won’t.  We’ve been doing this awhile and have yet to see anyone drastically change through their senior year. b) If you do, we will happily add on a mini-session for your spring year that will cost you $75.00.

We also love July and August for many reasons, the weather is fairly predictable, you’ve been outside all summer, you’re active,  you don’t have to worry about ‘winter-weight” (we all know that story) and you have than awesome tan that you love to show off. AND we have plenty of time to give you the most amazing images possible! That’s what we love to do! (Plus, we like to show off your faces on our website all year long… that’s our favorite part.)

Our senior session fees will be 50% off through July. This is the best savings you will get from this point forward, so don’t delay! The more money you save, the more images you get! If you book your June or July session before June 30th, we will also include a special offer. You will need to deposit the 1/2 off session fee when you book, have your credit card ready and give us a call.

Our 12 hour sale went great, appointments are booking, and days are limited. We’d love to see you here. We have a lot of new ideas, styles and products that we can’t wait to try out! We are SO ready to photograph the Class of 2011, it’s going to be a great year!



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