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March 26, 2008

We are at the beginning edge of our spring busy season. (Is Spring actually here? YAY!) We are busy working on wedding books, engagement sessions, and bridal sessions. Our wedding book list is longer than usual, but rest assured we have all of our newlyweds covered.

BRHS boys baseball images have been taken and ordered. We will post the team shot soon!

We have most the of senior announcements ready for print. If by some chance you are a senior client of ours and haven’t got in touch with us, or we haven’t gotten in touch with you – that means your name wasn’t on our list. Call us ASAP if you are planning on us creating your senior announcements so we have them back in plenty of time for graduation.

Dani Boren – You are my hero. You know why!! *smile*

Junior Prom images are turning out spectacular! We could not believe how many beautiful people we saw that night! You guys and gals are awesome and you looked terrific! The guys looked like they were doing a good job of spoiling their dates with all the beautiful flowers we saw pass through. Good job! We have had a couple of emails asking when we will post Junior Prom images, or when they will be ready to pass out. We won’t post any images until the guys have had a chance to give their lovely dates their packages. And we expect delivery sometime the first week or so of April. We usually ask for 2 or 3 weeks to deliver- it is our first priority right now. Everything is on schedule.

A big shout-out to our prom staff – Abby, Devin, and Morgan. You girls rawk! Thank you so much! And another huge thank you to the BRHS prom committee for allowing us the opportunity to take the Junior Prom portraits. You put together a great prom! It was so much fun to be a part of it!

Our modeling contest expires on May 1st. We also have 2 other modeling contests in the works. We will be taking models with us for at least 2 speaking engagements and entering local girls in a national contest as well. Don’t be shy! You’ll never know unless you try!  We are constantly being told by other photographers around the nation about how we have such beautiful senior girls here. We agree! We have no doubt that several of you have a huge chance at winning a spot in a national competition!

And last but not least- as the Class of 2008 prepares to graduate- a special, sincere thank you goes out to Makel Archibald for being a great senior representative. We enjoyed getting to know you and your fam. This will be an end of an era for us as we change up our senior representative program for next year. We are going to share the love and reward our early seniors. We are already booking for the class of 2009! Makel came in the other day for another session. Ain’t she cute? Thanks again, Makel!

Talk to the rest of you later!


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