It’s Becca’s turn! We’ve seen her older sister for senior portraits and bridals, we’ve also seen her older brother for senior portraits, not to mention we’ve seen her younger sisters during Halloween… and now we are so excited to see Becca! Their family has turned out some of my favorite portraits yet!

Becca is going to represent us through the graduation of the Class of 2012! Her talent in front of the camera definitely runs in the family. It’s going to be a great year! We are working with more models through February, watch for more images of Becca and her Class of 2012 peers. Along with Joslyn and Abby, they are our first models and we are having a blast getting them in front of the camera.

Our online application for class of 2012 is HERE – We do have some emails we haven’t answered yet, we will get to them this week, promise! -Shelley

P/S – Good to have you Becca! Next time I’ll try not to be in bed sick when you come over. :)

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