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Our first SHP crew came in for their beginning mini shoot.  Once a year we network with our friends from the BATC. A big thank you to these girls and their talents. I have a list of them here, (please let me know if someone didn’t leave their name.)

Tricia Buchanan • Kayla Bingham • Bethany Roholt • Jessica Ratliff • Michelle AuFrance • Brooke Adams • Heidi Henrie • Brooke Adams • Cheyanne Scott • Halsey Russell • McKenzie Larson • McKenna Martin • Brooke Adams • Alexa Stewart • Schauna Austin

We also networked with local Paparazzi Jewelry representative, Kellie Creager to bring you some fun and awesome images of our Class of 2014 girls. Find her on Facebook. She is great to work with and this jewelry is affordable and trendy. She has options for you so have “basket parties,” open houses, or boutiques. I’m not much into parties like this but I love love love the Paprazzi ones… so that should convince you right there! :)  Trust me, call her and get your collection started!

Back to our 2014 incoming models. There is plenty of time to have normal shots, we like to get a little creative and just play, usually during the last weekend in January since we are all freezer burnt and have a good case of cabin fever. It’s fun to just see what we can come up with. We only do this once a year as a “freebie” for our models because it takes quite the production to bring it together with a team of girls, models and any other local friends who participate. If you are wanting to be a class of 2014 model and are sad you missed the “fun night” there are ways that we can help you get a fun mini session like this, but there is a small cost involved and travel time to our friends at the BATC if you want the themed look. Other than that, we are still booking regular mini sessions with our models. Those are just as fun too so please fill out an application today if you are still wanting to get your senior portraits done with us as well as add some extra camera time as a model. Either way we have early savings for all! Call us if you have any questions on that, we answer questions with no pressure. If you just want the information, we are happy to explain it on the phone. It’s much easier that way. 435-452-1952

Our Model Application for Class of 2014 is still active.  Fill it out today!

We need models from all over the area, including Logan, Brigham, Ogden and all of Northern Utah. We also love our Southern Idaho girls from Malad, Preston.. etc.

Please read our earlier post about how our model program works. Again, any questions are welcomed with a phone call!

So anyway! Let us show you some amazing pictures. We love to do our studio work this time of year.

Talk to any of these girls and they can give you the scoop on being an SHP model for the Class of 2014, or if you are just looking for an exclusive early discount on senior portraits.


  • Shayna M
  • Ryann T
  • Jasmine B
  • Shaylynn G
  • Keltsee A
  • Josie C

Thanks for another great yearly collaboration. The next one we have planned is for the June gathering where our qualifying models will be coming with us. They know all the details. :)

Who’s next? 435-452-1952

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