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Celebrating Sweet Sixteen!

December 1, 2009

Devanne Marsh turned 16 recently.  Along with the celebration, we had 10 of her favorite people in for a Sweet Sixteen Fashion Shoot! This is a Steve Harrington Photography exclusive.  We are offering these as party packages now.  If you have a girl turning 16 soon and this sounds like exactly what you want to do, give us a call. What a great memory to share with friends as well as have a keepsake to remember it by!


Devanne and her besties were great fun, and full of energy – just what we expect out of a group of 15-16 year-olds! Thank you girls! And thank you to Jeannie for bringing them in and thanks for Shauni’s pants. I’m still disturbed about that a little. :)


Utah Sweet Sixteen Pictures

Utah Sweet Sixteen Pictures

Utah Sweet Sixteen Pictures

Utah Sweet Sixteen Pictures

Utah Sweet Sixteen Pictures

Behold, the Marsh Sibs!

October 14, 2009

I mentioned it once, I’ll mention it twice – Them Marsh kids are some of our favorite people. They have really cool names too! Devanne doesn’t have a chance with these two little brothers, I know. But we have some fun things in store for her this November, that should make up for it! She (and her parents) will be going with us to model at a workshop, maybe we’ll make Shane model too since he’s there, you never know.  Devanne also has a birthday around the corner and we have some fun things planned with that.

Here’s to Jeannie for cutting our hair well enough that we still consider her a great friend, with great kids. Only one child lost a thumb while they were here. Themz pretty good odds!

So here’s some of my favorite stuff. Expect to see Devanne on here quite a bit more. She’s a great sport! She’s helped us quite a bit this year already!

utah portrait pictures 03

utah portrait pictures 04

utah portrait pictures 01

utah portrait pictures 02

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